A Tinder-esque Romance Game

Has anyone considered using ChoiceScript to create a Tinder-like romance game in which the player gets to choose who they want to romance based on how ROs describe themselves? For example, you can choose to “swipe right” on A and the game then transitions to a short episodic adventure where you get to know A more deeply.

I feel like the premise is versatile enough to work with different settings and that it lends itself well to interesting scenarios. Maybe you choose to go out with a superhero’s secret identity only to find you’ve been catfished by their archnemesis. Any thoughts to share?


It is like asking Macdonalds why don’t make Kentucky chicken instead Hamburgers and all their products or asking Coca-Cola why don’t make Vodka instead.

The engine is not the same and that would limit the choices to barely yes or not. Heart of romances had Romances that are millions of times more detailed and steamy any tinder swipe app can do.

There are already companies that make jewell based time based two choices stories where you pay for the choice


Point taken. I was thinking of using the not!Tinder app as a framing device for episodic romances. The app certainly wouldn’t be the entire game. “Swiping right” would take you to a chapter in which you and your date go to the zoo or something. The dates would be written in a more conventional style, with choices offered to determine your reaction to say, your date making funny faces at the gorillas behind the glass.


I really recommend you check out the Heart of choice app with all the games in one go and Choice of games app with exactly free episodic mini-stories to read. As Cog three games apps do similar stuff with dlcs and free to play games. There are also game bundles and offers

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Good idea, but alas, I am but a poor college student. Even with deals, I still don’t have much cash to spend.

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As I said many of them are free… Let me check some links for you.

For example, This game is free to play and is in heart of choice omnibus 220k free to read with advertising.

Or this one in the same model you even can play it online in Cog page

Haven’t played that one. I have played Never Date Werewolves, though. That one was fun.

The only drawback I can see with this sort of format is if I discover down the line that I’m not at all interested in the RO like I thought I was and now I’m stuck in that route until I finish that particular story.

Otherwise I don’t use Tinder so I really can’t comment otherwise.

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Yeah, I hear you. I imagine each chapter to be a separate first date, so you can decide at the end of each chapter if you’d like to see that person again.


And Remember you always can participate in the betas and help the site in exchange for reading games early.


I think it can work depending on how the author writes it. I might draft something like that for the Valentine jam so keep an eye out.


I’ve played something kind of similar in a WIP before, let me find it…


here it is, I remember having some kind of tinder mechanics in that game, and here is my takeaway from it.

Hope it helps.


I can’t match anyone on the dating app, that’s too realistic

Oof. TFW games are a little too real.

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Search for Legacies. Its a WIP here that has a similar engine to Tinder-esque stuff. See if that is what you are talking about


Interesting premise. Not to sound a little too pessimist, but one of the drawbacks I can already think about is the multitude of branches when it comes to RO compatibility. Presenting a “choice” in the form of a “swipe” will also constitute a kind of freedom, and an idea of “Ah, since I can choose, then I can not choose. Therefore, I’ll keep looking until I am satisfied.” and there aren’t enough ROs and scenes to choose from, it’ll feel a bit restricted and limiting. It’s going to be a huge game, if it ever happens.


Yeah, I figured the sheer scope of the project would be the biggest obstacle. I suppose you could cheat by having the player go on plot-mandated dates through some contrivance.

So why’d you swipe right on this guy again?

  • His smile drew me in.
  • His dog was cute.
  • Have you seen his ABS?!

honestly… it’s not a bad idea depending on how you write it…

hear me out:

maybe not swiping, since, yanno it’s choicescript but what about a cyos that’s heavily romance based, your friend convinced (they say convinced, you say forced) you to go to a speed dating event and you get to meet up to however many ROs the author decides to throw in, and you get to make a conversation with them and have to switch to the next person within (let’s say… 5? 7?) choices and by the end, you can go up to the person you had an interest with and ask for a second date (or they can come up to you) and from there… romance? throw in a bit of drama (oooh one of the people you met at the speed dating sees you with your partner, awkward… or maybe not?) (is it just me or is your partner looking at their phone a bit too much… suspicious? … or maybe not?)

extremely rough idea but maybe this can be something you were thinking of?


Not a bad idea, actually. However, the Odessa Dating Games WIP is doing something similar with a royal dating show, so that might be a problem for originality.

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dang it. thought my brain was coming up with something new. can i at least get points for trying?

also, just thinking… there was this game called Alter Ego where you can actually… click on the icons and play, but it was still… choose your own story. kinda difficult for me to explain, so here’s a picture of what im talking about.

you’d just click on those icons and it would take you to a choice. maybe someone can trying to create a tinder cyos based of that? maybe not sliding, but with icons instead? brain is telling me that maybe… try to take some ideas from Pico Sim Date (or literally… any dating sim game from newsground before 2010) and make a phone outline; where you’d have your messages, calls, dating app, pictures, etc. and then try to build a story around there?

(ex: if i wanted to go on the dating app, i would press the icon and then tada! there would be a description or picture of that person with a bio, where you have the choice to “swipe” right or left (not really swipe, just a choice) and if you swipe right, you get to see if it’s a match or not (maybe… a randomized choice? could be yes or no, so it’s not like ‘every person i like will match with me’ since we wanna be a bit realistic) and if it is a match, it could lead to messages and then where ever the author wanna go?)

honestly, i have no idea WHY i keep thinking of ideas as if i have the patience to actually code.

A Kiss from Death follows this structure, loosely.