What age would you allow kids to play video games?

had an idea, how about at the ageo of 8?


Kids are seriously losing their imagination and with seeing with family and so on I would say at around…10 or so.

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At what age would you let them read books or watch movies?

Same answer. :slight_smile:


It’s not like you could stop them if they really wanted to…
But I would recommend reading them books on a regular basis. It worked for me.

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Agreed, and hmm true enough…

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2 years when i played my first video game with my dad. Video games aren’t problem . The fact most of parents let children alone with whatever tv, videogames … that is problem. I have imagination and creativity. And end a career and start another so videogames dont destroy brain. Let children alone all day yes


I’d say 2, as there are learning games. I wouldn’t let them play anything with MMO/online play until 15-16 though.

I really don’t see a problem with kids playing games as long as that isn’t all they do. Obviously, rules and restrictions should be placed down depending on age. You don’t want a 10 year old playing a game for 17+ so any games not fit for children should be locked up so they can’t get them out and play them(I know this 'cause I’ve been sneaking around and watching scary movies since at least 6 years old).


It’s not a matter of “letting” them, or saying that they shouldn’t until they’re older. I’d recognize that they’re gonna get started and just make sure to read to them at night and leave plenty of bedtime reading, and make sure that they keep their English proficiency up to 20th-century standards (because as we’ve seen, the Internet has come to encourage very lazy spelling and grammar).


2 years old same age when I did.

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Gabe probably said it best;

That being said, the most important thing is you taking time out of your life to spend time with your child. What you do together is rather secondary, be it washing dishes, reading a book or jumping on imaginary pixel turtles. I think it’s pretty funny how people say, oh I wouldn’t let them do that, that’s what I did. :smiley:


My wife and I play Lego Marvel on the PS4 wth our 8 year old and it’s very age appropriate and fun for everyone! Soooo many characters!

And my 4 year old loves learning to play Mario Cart! But then again, who doesn’t?

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@Outrageous, I first started playing resident evil at about five- I’m as normal as the next guy

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Gabe so often says it best.

Depends on what type of game they are going to play. I can’t allow a three year old to play gore or death games yet they can play that Barney or Little Pony games.

I agree Aera…and do note we can’t really judge how we turned out on our own, after all I’m pretty sure everyone sees themself as normal.

Can you look at Minecraft, the amazing creations that some children are making and say that kids are losing their imagination?

I’m firmly of the belief that it’s up to the parents to decide when their children play games, and for them to vet what games they can play.

I’ve always gamed. I love video games, I loved playing them with the family, but also on my own.

Personally I’d much rather play a game than watch a movie. Games are interactive, they require me to think, to participate in the story, they’re engaging in a way that the television and movies just aren’t.


It depends on the games. Some of them are specifically made for small children and help them learn.

When I was in the University, I wrote a few research papers on video games. The predominant opinion is that those with violence should not be played before the child is 7 or 8 years old (at least). I think parents should make sure they follow the recommendations. World of Warcraft is 12+ for a reason.


@Ramidel and @Mara I agree with you. I spend as much time as I can with my kids, be it playing videogames, books, cartoons or just good old hide and seek.

Of course I encourage them to go out and play with other kids as well to develop social skills. It is all about not neglecting them IMO.

And I can’t stand when some jackass on TV says this is right or that is wrong, I didn’t bring my kids in to this world to raze them according to some idiots opinion.

@jcury ‘raze’ them… Well I would hope not. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, couldn’t resist. :O)

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LOL nice catch