How much time do you think you spend on gaming, just asking?

Well, on a daily basis I spend around 2 hours on gaming, well how much time do you think you spend?

oh boy. definitely more than like 8 hours. i have a pc so usually id play on it until i either get bored or have back pains. then id switch to my phone and play there. but rn i dont have a lot of games on my phone so i usually just spend my time watching yt and reading IFs.


Probably around 5 hours. Which would be difficult if I had a full time job, but I don’t.

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Not as much as I used to, but that’s likely because as I get older and work more passive entertainment like streaming and audio books becomes more preferable. I think just about everyone interested in video games hits their peak in their teens. Gone are the days I could plough through an Animorphs book in a single read or spend entire weekends with Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3… :rofl:


Now it’s around 1,5-2 hours at night on average day. Sunday I can get up till 5 hours total.

Rune Factory 5 is coming out soon, I’ll probably be playing that in all of my spare time - about 40 hours each week. But while the game will be running for all those hours, I often go do other things, I rarely play for more than an hour continuously. Same with other games.


depends on a few things: how busy am i? how much free time do i actually have?
and just what kind of a mood am i in? because i can easily go several weeks without touching a controller to then suddenly playing 40 hours in 3 days :sweat_smile:


Uh… In excess of ten hours a day every day. I have no life.


Definitely an unhealthy amount of time :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: as soon as im free, i go for it and then at night i just go “let me finish this one quest and then ill sleep” doesn’t end up being just one.


On COGs? I dunno, maybe 2-3 hours daily.

Well, I work with games for a living so… Um. Yes?

But seriously, no less than 8 hours a day on weekdays. Though it is quite different than simply playing for fun… I’ve a tendecy to enjoy plot-driven games with strategy or simulation elements whenever playing freely so… That’s easily 40-60 hours per title.

Frankly, by now I would be surprised if the percentage amount of time I’ve spent on games isn’t eerily close the amount I’ve spent sleeping.

I’ve no clue how I’ve somehow managed to juggle all other aspects of life plus a few pets into that, but here we are.


In general like maybe… the entire day unless i’m at work lmao (wow i just realized how sad that is, i have no life T.T)
cause like even if i have to go out i’ll still be playing video games on my mobile or like ds/switch.
at home even if i’m watching a movie i’ll be playing one of those too.

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Only play occasionally during weekends. Can’t even play the other days since I work 2 jobs+ uni. So basically I paid the game that I don’t have time to play because I have to spend my time to work to pay it. Learn it the hard way since I reached ‘the adulthood’ lmfao.

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I.F. like gamebook and hosted games (i’m counting visual novel too)? Depends on my mood, theres day i spent 5 hours more or less If i dont have housework to do.
Now… vídeo games per se… there are days i manage 16 hours, besides the time the game is stoped cause i’m doing something else

On average, 4 hours daily. Sometimes non-stop.

I personally don’t consider choice/hosted novels as games, more like an updated version of the old school choose your own adventure type books. 4-6 hours sometimes binge.


Once or twice per year I have time off where I play video games all day everyday for a week or so, other than that I don’t play at all. However that has gotten difficult recently due to my declining health, I can sit and play for 2-3 hours at most.

TBH… probably way too much… definitely more than I should…

On a day where I don’t have anything else going on (Weekends with no social obligations, so probably four days out of the month) I’d say average 10-12 hours on and off between other chill things and eating.
Rest of the time I’d say it’s somewhere between 2 and 6 hours a day depending on how busy I am at work. I spend a lot of time playing demos on slow work days and on busy ones usually play something whether it’s an IF, console, mobile, or TTRP game every day after work.

Around an hour to 2 xD
I dont usually game, and have homework to finish so it’s quite low