How many hours/days it takes you to finish a COG/HG novel?


Just out of curiosity, since it usually takes between three to ten hours to get to the end of the story, and most times I restart at least twice before getting to the ending.


That just depends on how long a COG/Hosted game really is. For example, it took me at least 4 or 5 hours to read Choice of Rebels: Uprising in one sitting when it first came out. And I believe I took about 3 and half hours just to finish Samurai of Hyuga 3. But as for 100% completion, then yeah it’d take me at least three days to do it.


1 hour on average
Speed reading is awsome
Let’s you have one after the other like pringles


It depends how much joy I take out of something.
Games like Hero Unmasked! Or choice of the cat i get through at eh… maybe 45 minutes, reading everything.
Other games (hr, daring mermaid) though took me days even with skimming


You all are crazy, it takes me days to get through pretty much any COG for just one playthrough! I’m a little faster if I get really into the game and have a lot of free time but the last game I got really engrossed in was Heart of the House (which I only picked up around Christmas) and even that took me three restarts and two days to read.

I’m really bad about restarting over and over and over, especially in the first few chapters of a game and if I restart too many times I might end up not finishing the game at all.

The fastest I could get through a game is maybe a day if it’s either really engaging for me or I’ve already played it enough for me to know it really well.


We’re the same. It took me ages to finish most of the CoG/HG I bought on release day. :frowning:


Somewhere between 2 and 4 hours (I’m a slow reader, okay?) and I REFUSE to restart a game unless I eff it up in a major way


3 hours seems to be the average for me, 2 hours if the game is on the shorter side or if I’ve already read it once and am skimming, 4/5 hours if it’s on the longer side or I’m re-reading one of my favorite ones and I’m trying to savor it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m usually not a completionist so I don’t have any hard data on how long it takes make to reach 100% completion, but the one game I did get all the achievements for, A Study In Steampunk, took me about three days of intermitten play. Altogether it probably would’ve been a little bit under 18 hours, and that’s because I was trying to savor the writing, lol.


Never more than a day. Actually, I don’t remember it taking me more than 8 hours. And most of the time I don’t replay the game.


I actually finish them slowly and take pleasure from them. Like I finished great tournament in 3 days. Broadsides 2 days. I like feeling moment. But after that if i want to replay, i can finish them like 1-2 hours.


Choice of the Cat had to be at least five or six hours. Others are more in the two to three range. Usually multiple days, but not too many.


In most cases about 1 to 3 hours on the first playthrough, depending on the size. I always finish them on the same day I started.

Once I am very familiar with a game I just power scroll through, reading only the first and last line and my favourite scenes.


For the first playthrough, never more than 4 hours, always in one sitting. Usually I play a little past the three chapter mark to get a “feel” for the game, then restart so I can make the character I want. Unless I’m riveted. Another playthrough or two with marginally different builds and by that point I’ve got most main body text memorized, so I zoom through, stopping only at flavor text and favorite scenes so… 30 minutes. Many times.

Unless it’s Safe Haven which is hard to speed through without killing people, or Tin Star which kills me with a bear when I autopilot.


It really depends on the story for me and how drawn in I am, I like to create a character and play it through once as that character but I like to take my time with a good story, if i’m not captivated then I tend to rush though a little more just to see where the story is going.


Probably about 3,500 hours, though I can’t say I was really keeping track…


I’ll let you know once February 1st arrives. Estimates are about 365 days though.


Heh, the OP meant how many to play them, but I guess making them works too.


I usually take around 4-5 hours depending on the complexity of the CoG or HG. Some that I really like such as the Infinity series or Zombie Exodus or Choice of Rebels would probably stretch that to 6-7 hours since they usually set their stories in a huge open and interesting world that I just have to savor the delicious lore or contemplate my choices carefully (or in the case of Rebels, I had even whipped out a calculator once to do the math to survive winter lol).


Working on stuff? 6 months to 2 years, depending on the size.

Actually playing them? 2 hours, tops, and that is for the large ones. Of course, if it is stuff I like I will replay, and that goes much faster, especially if I start messing with stats on Steam.

And I like to return to favorite ones when my brain is dead, and I just need something enjoyable to read.


I find it a bit sad - if not in a bad way - that authors take so long to make games, and readers finish them in such a short time.