For choice of games we need something so we can tell the age of people


for choice of games we need something so we can tell the age of people. so that people can have games with sexual maner and swering. and in-front of the game it will say WARNING SEXUAL CONTENT IN THIS GAME.


well there is a rule that you can not have too much mature content, it can have violence and swearing but a certain amount of you know what


Personally, I think if your game has any swearing or sexual content, then you should have some kind of disclaimer at the beginning.


Yeah. Beyond the disclaimer that says “this game may include violence, sex, nudity, foul language and people voting Republican,” we can assume that if someone buys a CoG, they’re either old enough to play it, their parents think they’re old enough to play it, or their parents aren’t paying attention and it’s not CoG’s job to police them.


and if you guys cant come up with something i will probley fight for it until it does happen(Not trying to be rude to the staff)


I put a disclaimer in my game post and when the stuff is put there in my own demo


Mine’s certified 18 anyway. Heh.

But yeah, I don’t think there’s any requirement for it and it would be unenforceable anyway.


well its not fair there cant be mature content in it, just because a kids are to young to handle it.


Well, actually… CoG are usually text-based, I don’t see any harm in it… unless people put bunches of pictures with “nude” people in the game. I’m pretty sure most people won’t Besides, I’m pretty sure most kids don’t even play Text-based games.

EDIT: Also doesn’t Google’s Web Store already rated?


I have a big fantasy soooo…
And im a kid (if 12 9/10 years old is still being a kid)


I’m 15 years old and I still consider myself a kid


Just slap a warning on the front and it’s ok. After all, if kids really want to read it, no one can stop them


@Happy - That’s the thing in most places nude pictures (drawn or otherwise) that aren’t pornographic don’t have an age restriction on them. They usually have to be combined with violence or sex in order to get an age limit slapped on it and obviously it varies on the nation, America is very er… ‘scared’ of nipples for some reason whereas in France you can display them for all to see without anyone giving two hoots.


yeah in Spain nipples are showed in publicity spots in children products shampoo … it’s a natural thing in USA is forbidden?


@MaraJade I’m rather surprised that Catholic Spain could be so… liberal in that regard. After all, 'tis not about what is natural or otherwise, - a hazily defined notion, which tends towards an argumentum ad naturam, - but about what is reflective of virtues: Chastity being the relevant virtue in this case.

France’s lack of propriety is understandable, however. Bloody revolutionary libertines.


you have a really old image of my country @Drazen abort is free in first 8 weeks, homosexual legal marriage and they can adopt , free divorce top less in beaches and nudist ones … we aren’t a dictatorial catholical state anymore




Actually, if you go into Antanomy (Even if you read off a book) or Life Science in the US (Or a country ranked at least average for education.) and you can pretty much go into- depending on the book, go to the Reproductive system to the breasts.


@Drazen I don’t know why your last response made me laugh… I’m probably guilty of the same thinking I guess. >.>

@Happy yeah but those are science books there’s a difference between those and books/media for entertainment.


Still, I remember learning about them in Life Science, too.