What a Brilliant Existence! (NOW ON TALES!)

I actually really like the way you went about the reactions and the little absentminded habits of the MC. I understand that some people can be constantly haunted by such cruel treatment in youth, but for others, the effects may be more insidious. These people might function seemingly normally until one pays close attention to things like not trusting people, jumping at loud sounds, etc.

I can also say that, personally, I react to trauma by not thinking of it as trauma. The brain normalizes the entire experience and has trouble empathizing with others who had a more “standard” experience. The brain even comes to sympathize with the abuser. I’m glad that (in the beginning of the game at least) you gave us choices that were more neutral in emotional reaction because for many, dealing with trauma is an ambiguous path.

That said, really looking forward to this game and how the character interactions turn out. Already loving Dani!


Thank you. That’s what I was going for, but since trauma is so personal, I believe it’s important to hear everyone’s two cents.

The MC is in a… weird place right now. They’re aware that they did not have a regular, healthy childhood, but, like you said, they’ve still normalized it, because it’s all they’ve ever known. I believe there’s also a good deal of repression going on; the more they think about Celeste, the worse they feel, so they try their best to not think about it. Of course she still comes up often - this type of thing always does -, but the MC reeally doesn’t want to deal with that.

It’ll blow up on their face eventually, since, well, this type of thing always does, and no one’s made of steel. Right now, the MC thinks they’re fine, which is why they behave the way they do in the beginning of the game.

You can’t run from the past, which is something they haven’t quite learned yet.

Thank you. :relaxed: Dani seems to be a popular character, I’ve noticed!


Oh no. A tortured semi-self destructive MC? I’m all in! The Worst the choice… or is it worse? Anyway I’m all about making poor choices! The more problems I can have the better.

Enjoyed the start. Looking forward to more.


The update has arrived!!!

As I’ve said, it’s a short one. You finally get to meet Alex and Max, though, the other two ROs!

It’s about 1 a.m where I am, and I’m very tired. If there’s any weird or dumb mistakes, you already know why. I’ve double checked, but you never know.

Don’t hesitate to tell me your opinions, either here or on Tumblr. I’m curious to see what people will make of these two characters.

Good night, and thank you all for your support so far! :crescent_moon:


Goes back to meeting alex


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I’m in the midst of playing your demo and I just wanna say, I would protect Sydney with my life. I’ll probably be back to give actual feedback lol, good work so far!

Update: I’ve played through all of Chapter 1 now! It was extremely enjoyable and I’m excited to read the rest! You have a style of writing that’s straightforward and smoothly moves the story along without taking away from the emotion the MC and other characters are/may be feeling. Each character I’ve met so far is very distinct in their behavior and dialogue, well done! I’m truly curious about all of them. (Sydney and Max are my faves so far, but Dani’s comments add to my entertainment and Alex needs a protection squad pronto heh :blush: ) Good luck with your WIP’s completion! I look forward to reading more :blush:


I like the rest of chapter one. Didn’t found a bug or another error either. Just the bug in the end bit that already got stated out.

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@Hearts Well, it seems Alex was making such a ruckus it bled over to the end of the chapter!

@LauraSikdar Wow, thank you!!! That is so nice of you to say. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i mean same

@Bizimo Thank you! I’m glad there don’t seem to be any more bugs, despite my sleepiness when I uploaded the update.

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Oh I absolutely loved Alex. At first I was interested in Dani but maybe Alex will steal my heart after all :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Thank you for the update, it was great :heart: I’m excited to see what your game has in store!!

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Liked everyone so far and the little touches in their interactions, like tensing up when alex looked like she was gonna hug us but still willing to shake hands out politeness.

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@forestnymph I mean, you can try to just date them both at once.

Um, not that I’d recommend it. But you could try.

@Bahamuht Thank you! I think it’s the little details like that that really matter.


Date them both? Now that is an idea!! Hey if I didn’t make bad decisions I wouldn’t ever make decisions. :frowning:

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I can totally see Dani trying to have a threeway with us and Max later on when we crack a couple of Max’s walls, since Dani seems pretty interested in us already.

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Don’t think Max will want them to anyway since they’re already closed off and a virgin.

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I have say this do not trust Alex for lot he now to much of us and how he acts call me lot thing but my feeling are sometime right and how is Jade :thinking::face_with_monocle:

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I haven’t finished reading this yet, but i gotta say I love this WIP so far. It’s its own world with its own way of working and its own terminology, which is interesting and also delivered in a very natural way. There’s no long pages of pure exposition, it’s treated as if the reader already knows and yet has enough clues to give the reader, who obviously doesn’t actually know, a general enough idea to not get lost. It’s a very smooth way of bringing the reader into the world and letting them piece it all together themself.

But also I love the MC. The depression, the trauma, the brooding. Ugh, all that really hits the spot for me. I love playing as an MC who’s as messed up as I am and this is written in a rather relatable way for me. :wink:

Like I said, I haven’t finished reading yet (just so eager to get my thoughts down lol) so I’ve not formed a full opinion on characters. But the two I’ve met, very different from each other with their own voices and agency. Well done. Keep up the good work! :grin:


Found a minor bug where Dani (male in my playthrough) was referred to as “she” by Max.


Loved the new characters! I originally thought that Alex would be an Earth Elemental due to their flicking leaves around, but with Max the Earth Elemental, I guess we’ll see! Dani steals the show for me, but I’ve always had a weak spot for the life-of-the-party sort.

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I personally think Sydney is the best RO


Phew! That update was some deliciousness there. Always great meeting a new character (even if I wanna feed them to my ravenous Pigeon friends)

holds up sword
Sydney is the best RO, and I’ll fight whoever tries to say otherwise.


djfbjkfb i mean same

To be fair, who wouldn’t Dani want to have a threeway with, you know?

Thank you! I haaaaaate long expositions. So many games here do them, and I understand why, but it’s such a turnoff to me.

Well, there’s a new game subheading! What a Brilliant Existence!: the depression, the trauma, the brooding.

Oop, thanks for catching that.

I mean, they’d probably be filled with great shame if they weren’t stealing the show.

Sydney’s just like “please don’t fight!! :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive: