What 2019 Choice of Games Titles Are You Looking Forward To?


A question that might be unrelated. Is there a limit to the amount of WIP to be publishee in a year?
Or is it still the first come, first serve?

I’m sorry


Social service of the Damned (love anything with vampires), drag star, chronicon, and psy high! These look amazing :flushed:


I’m really looking forward to Superlatives 2, Grand Academy 2, and Phy High 2 but I am also super interested in the spy caper 180 Files: The Aegis Project. All I know is I need to buy some new gift cards.

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for me…it be…

Untitled Superlatives Sequel
A Tale of Two Cranes

all the others titles are unknown…though…

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It is unrelated, and I’m guessing you’re talking about Hosted Games rather than Choice of Games. I guess there’s technically not a hard limit, exactly. We typically release up to two Choice of Games titles per month, with the exception of December when we release one a week (leaving off the last week of the year.) Hosted Games are slotted into the other, alternate, non-Choice of Games release weeks, and we might release more than one Hosted Game at a time, depending on what’s ready and what makes sense to release. So it is first come, first serve.


Thank you for that. Sorry if I asked it here.


It’s fine. Maybe take us back on topic by posting which titles you’re interested in for next year.


I honestly didn’t notice that the 2019 list had been released until it was pointed out, I must have just skimmed over it without seeing it. I only just got around to reading Psy High for the first time last weekend so it’s great to hear there’s a sequel coming, especially with a summer camp setting I’ve been dying to play a game in. I better go back and play some more of the first one to get ready.

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I definitely like the sequels of the superhero or villain tropes.

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So many amazing authors! Kyle Marquis, Becky Slitt, Gavin Inglis, Alice Ripley, Paul Gresty…I’ve loved their existing work and am thrilled to see their sequels or new games on the way. I liked Champion of the Gods, and know Emily Short by reputation, so count me intrigued there too. And I imagine once I finally read Broadway 1849 I’ll be excited for Chronicon…


Yes! I don’t have time to be excited about games other than my own when I’ve got my head down in my own slate of work, but I’ll get to code read at least of some those : D. Sequel to Champion will be a milestone for me. We released Champion on my first week of work at COG and I was QA-ing it like mad. Emily is amazing, and what I’ve read of the game is too.

Broadway is great, but I consider it literary stepping stone for @r_davis, moving from his store of knowledge as a theater historian to becoming the action/adventure/fantasy IF writer I believe he truly may be at heart ;), certainly going by how Chronicon came out.


I’m soo excited for Exile of the Gods the sequel to Champion of the Gods. I loved the first one so I am excited to continue the adventure.


Re 2019 sequels: Superlatives, Grand Academy, and Exile will allow for importable saved games. In the case of Superlatives and Grand Academy you’ll also have the option not to import a save, so you can enjoy it as a standalone. Not sure about Exile because I’m not the editor of it, or Psy High.


Don’t forget Werewolves 2! :sweat_smile: I should be done before the end of the year and the save will carry directly into the sequel.

To answer the thread’s question though, I’m super looking forward to Drag Star and Darkling Watchers. They’re the ones I’m really excited to play most!


Astral troopers, imperial guardsman simulator (I hope?) FTW!


I don’t think yours is on the list.

I just want to say that I was surprised by how much I loved the first one and how many times I replayed it. I bought it on a whim during a Steam sale and then I was hooked =)

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I think we’ve only listed things that are more than 50% complete so far, just because vicissitudes are vicissitudes and we would rather underpromise and overdeliver :wink:


Glad you liked the game, @loyallyroyal ! I’m putting a lot of work into the sequel to make sure that tons of choices and consequences carry over. It’s going to be a crazy ride!

That’s totally fair. I’m just under 70 thousand words so far, so it’s definitely not half done yet.


Holy crap! Seeing some of these titles make me so excited for 2019 woohoo!

The ones I’m looking forward to the most are Exile of the Gods, Fools, Superlative Sequel, Heroes of Myth, and Psy High Sequel!

Question, are the current order of the titles correlating to their release date? I know they’re undated but maybe they’re in order of publication idk
Regardless I can’t wait for these games, and the ones that weren’t sequels have cool premises too.

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Hmmm…all of the above?