"Werewolf: The Apocalypse — The Book of Hungry Names"—Unleash Rage and wield spirit to heal the land and rebuild your fallen pack

I restored the Falcon as a Silver Fang philodox.

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Make sure you call Lucinda to pick the dogs in the hotel.

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Also, what is the best way to maintains and increases Litany Has Failed? I want to get Katherine’s Gift.

This is not necessary. I didn’t do it.

Besides the obvious options that go “screw the Litany it sucks”, sassing your elders. I dropped two whole Litany dots just meeting Eyes-of-Clays’s shade in the barrows.

Maybe it HELPS, and I had enough “Lucinda lives” points from other sources to be able to skip that? :thinking:

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Somehow, whenever I didn’t do this, Lucinda dies.

Also, ah, okay. Thanks!

Maybe you should successfully save Rosemary Street, and do Lucinda trainings?


I’m currently on my spiritually aware ahroun run and going to romance Elton (he’s actually pretty easy to romance tbh) and there’s a thing I belatedly noticed. Yes ahroun are the most aggressive and with the highest Rage, but because I tend to play as the rational descalating sort to avoid Frenzy, I will say that when you get injured or take damage, if it’s at 3-4 points of Rage, it’s better to heal when offered. That definitely helps. I also play on Iron Mode to make it more challenging so there’s that too…


hi can anyone help me to get the cheetah´s claw achievement and in which missions i can find them? and also how do i make an alliance with giselle? thanks in advance

Perfect, I was correct at was I said in a post before then.

Now, in more genral terms.
About the Lucinda talk, edit for clarification what is the flag to make her Awaken? I think I got this in a buggy sort of mess, because mine not only survived to the end(I think I avoided all of her death flags) but at the epilogue she awakened wich was… wow, really unexpected and that was weird because I think I didn’t activate any flag about it.

Nice. Got Bubblegum Hurricane Superclear cheevo, which is full pack, all allies and max Renown. Not really sure how, either, but it’s worth it for Nin to perform ‘Konya wa Hurricane.’


T.T Lucinda keeps biting the dust for me. I guess its because I’m more understanding towards humans when using them in the final battle than anything (and when the police are being a nuisance, I go for peaceful solutions). Maybe I need to fully embrace the beast, so to speak lmaooooooooo

I run with full Humanity pretty much from the start, so this isn’t it.


Then it’s a definite stat thing I’ll forever scrounge around, trying to find lmaoooooo. My brain hurts so much.
Also RIP how do we use the Father Bear gift??? Every time I get Clay’s gift early then snatch Nin last, the option never appears…

Do you have Nomi coordinate the humans, or do you leave them out of it?

I normally leave them out of it, because I was worried they’d bite it and just handle it myself because werewolf problems…

I brought them in (and put the Veil through a shredder while doing it), maybe that’s it?

Oooh you mean, letting them know we’re wolves? Both times, I brought them along. I just mean, during the actual battle on Rosemary Street, there’s like police and such. I don’t always do the hottest against them because I never wanna be full on slaughter the humans, arrrrrr! So I get attacked a lot. Especially since I think my stats weren’t updated enough??? Like maybe leadership and charisma? I always focus on getting my chosen skills up and unintentionally neglect the attributes til the last battle which is a mess. T.T

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If you bring Nomi in on the final battle, besides helping you coordinate with the humans, they also SOMEHOW get you a deployment map of the enemy forces, which lets you pick the best direction from which to approach EoN’s compound.

Interesting. I must have skimmed over that unintentionally like twice. :joy::joy::joy: oh well time to play this game again maybe romancing Nomi for once.

Is also I think one of the requierment for the achivement “Sword made of Monkeys” or at least, the easiest way to grab it.


For Lucinda, she survives when I work with her in the protest and passes the check. I don’t bring Nomi in, and I’m high humanity

The only time she



I have seven gifts. I wonder if it’s relevant.