Welcome to Camp Selma! (Slasher WiP)

Hello fellow readers, Im new to this whole choice thing but Im like a vulture, always flying around the forums but I finally got the courage to make an account and present my idea of a game. The story is like a Friday the 13 kind of theme. Basically heres the intro:

Welcome counselor/camper (ages 12 to 18) to Camp Selma Summer Camp. You are here to enjoy and provide fun times around you of the great outdoors on a very historical park of Selma. Play outdoor activities such as boating, archery, and other stuff! But whats this! Someone has died in the camp and a creepy masked figure has been spotted wandering around the area, Oh No!

The Jist: is you play a counselor or a camper attending Camp Selma. Later in the story a homicidal maniac shows up and is prowling the camp killing everyone. You then must gather specific objective items around camp in order to escape all the while trying to stay alive. (hoping to add at least 3 different ways to escape) You could also try to figure out what the heck is happening if you have time.I plan the story to have multiple routes to take in the beginning. Like if your a camper and you have a high strength stats, you would be staying in a different cabin with different campers than if you had a high improvise stat. The characters in the story instead of the stereotypical the nerd, jock, and sexual active teen would be all different types of teens like gamers, hipsters or something and a rival will be included. You can also romance the characters but their sexual preference are all lock and would need to change if you really like him or her. (meaning you need to romance the crap out of that person and change their mind.)

The Works: the game would mostly revolve around the choices you made in the first few chapters which are just character backstory setting up your stats on yourself and fellow campers and counselors. The stats are:
Improvise vs Slow Thinker
Ex. can you smash your way out of a window or hide in a closet
Bravery vs Panic
Ex. can you protect those around you or run away
Strength vs Weak
Ex. can you break the door down or ask someone else to
These are just some ideas I have, I also plan to have some of the characters in the story be like perks. For example if you cant break the door down, you can ask the jock who is strong break it down for you. Another idea is that you brought something from home like your dad’s pocket knife then you got an item perk. I also thinking of adding a inventory kind of thing where you can collect items like bandages or an ax to aid you in your crisis and a health bar.

Please Note I DO NOT OWN A COMPUTER so trying to get the game going is really gonna be hard but i will not shy away if people would like to see this come to life. Also I dont have much experience writing but I do have a very imaginative mind. I would also ask the aid of you guys. I dont know much about slasher films (since they scared the crap out of me when i was young) so i could use some help on the Psychopath itself if you dont mind.


Minor nitpick but Bravery vs Cowerdice sounds nicer than “vs panic”. Oh and Strength vs Weakness sounds better too but that’s just personal preference.

Friday the Thirteenth or Until Dawn could help you

You could make your game like until dawn, whitch is a great game by the way if you want to play it.

I want to play Until Dawn but then I would have to buy a PS4…

Besides that the story sounds like fun, lets go camping, what could go wrong? Homicidal maniac could go wrong!

Did you include hipsters and modern in the sames sentence? I may be stuck in the past too, but at least I know when I am. Not to be read in an offensive way.

You should watch the classic slashers like Scream, Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street. They’ll help you with inspiration and ideas.

i hope Camp Selma doesnt turn into Camp Petty.

I’ll admit I’m a little curious as to what inspires you to write this story even though you say slasher films scared you. I agree with the other posters, doing a little research in this area will be very helpful to you, either the films they recommend or even just some psychology reading to better shape the profile and motivations of your killer.
The item perk idea is cool. The concept that sexual preference is definitely “locked” but you can somehow “change their mind” seems…contradictory, at best. Be careful about wading into a potentially sensitive area for your readers that may detract from the actual story you are trying to tell.
Good luck, whatever you decide!


Rather than framing this as “you can change their sexual preferences with enough romance”, perhaps you could frame this more like “The characters have very strong romantic and sexual gender preferences, but those preferences are not exclusive.” It’s less manipulative-sounding and more like how people behave in real life.

I agree. The ‘change the person’s mind about their sexuality’ thing kind weirds me out.

i gonna ignore that.

Sorry about the whole ‘sexuality’ thing. what i was trying to says was that the person you romance will reconsider their feelings for you or something.

And to reply to those who remarked on the monster qoute i said, I meant was what you would want to see the psycho killer to be. Like would the killer be a man or a woman, wearing a mask and if so what would it look like. What would be the main weapon, a chainsaw, axe, knife, machete, rope, ect. I watch plenty of horror films but not the old ones.

I would rather be the psycho killer myself, for a change. It seems like fun killing all the ridiculously good-looking teenagers in sequence, in funny and creative ways, like in those old 80’s and 90’s “horror” movies.

As for my preference, I would like the killer to be a woman, just for the novelty value alone, not wearing a mask and to use whatever “weapon” is handy at the time. Creativity and improvisation are the hallmarks of a good horror movie murderer, after all.

Maybe a plot twist killer like you see a person taking people but that’s not actually the killer just a friend playing a prank and then they get murdered or something like that