Webs.com issues?

I’m working on a quick and easy side game called Scarlet Snake Eyes (it should take me literally a week to finish the whole thing because of how small and simple it is). I have the first vignette ready to go as a demo, uploaded all files in the folder to webs.com and tried to play through the game from the website as a test run…But apparently there was a 404 error while loading game data. I’ve double checked and I’m positive I’ve got all the files loaded (with the exception of some scene files which are not connected to any part of the game and not mentioned in mygame.js), so what might be the problem?

Hm… Well first, you should be getting an error message rather than a 404 for most problems. Did you perhaps change the name of the inner Index file (the one in the same folder as mygame.js without altering the other Index file? (Only thing to come to mind that could cause a 404.)

Aside from that, can you drop a link to your webs.com page?


Although, I didn’t make any folders, just uploaded the files. Maybe that’s it?

I’ve yet to upload one myself but unless I’m very much mistaken I do believe you need to maintain the same directory structure (from /web) with each file in the correct folder just as they are on your own drive–otherwise it’s looking for a non-existent folder / file, hence 404?

Vendetta is right. You need to create files within webs.com the same as they are on your hard drive. If you didn’t make folders then that will be the problem.