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They both share immense chaotic-cute energy


Rough sketch of my mc and the love triangle.


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The detective’s pulse continues to spike as her fingers hold Nat’s, maneuvering the bandage around her hand. The gentle touch is enough to make Nat’s heart jump a little too, and the reaction makes her lips curl into a smile.

When the task is complete, the detective glances up. Nat’s smile grows, finding she is keeping hold of her hand.

“It, uh, should be enough until you can get stitches,” she says, a faint blush of heat over her skin.

“Thank you,” Nat replies, truly meaning it, and holding the detective’s gaze for as long as she’ll allow. She absentmindedly rubs her thumb over the detective’s hand, and she swallows hard in response. (x)

a kiss in a rush of adrenaline
nat/f!detective (oc)

The final confrontation between Unit Bravo and the latest threat to Wayhaven is over, the supernatural out for her blood passed out cold. The forest around them is silent, not even the sound of crickets filling the air. Her heartbeat thunders in her ears as she pushes herself up on an elbow, groaning in pain.

She jumps when Nat suddenly appears before her. Her eyes are wide with concern. “Priya,” she breathes, cupping her cheeks with her palms. “Are you alright?”

"you are very endearing when you are half-asleep."

“Are you tired?” The question startles the Detective out of her reverie. “You don’t have to fall asleep in such an uncomfortable position. We have extra bedrooms here, if you’d like to use one.”

The Detective blinks her eyes open, which have been half-lidded for the past half hour. “No, I’m fine. Really,” she insists. The yawn she tries and fails to suppress, however, says otherwise.

"i want to stay up with you."
ava/nat/gn!detective (poly)

“This is ridiculous,” Ava says, exasperated. “Detective, go to sleep.

“Hm? What?” The Detective lifts their head, not having realized they were moments away from napping on their living room table.

Nat smiles softly at them from the couch. “Ava is right,” she says. “It is late. You require at least eight hours of sleep to be well-rested tomorrow.”

I Have Some Thoughts

idk why the physical metaphor for feels looks like a ditto


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Fitting that the feels monster behind Ava is massive.


Truer pictures have never been drawn.

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I just wanted an excuse to doodle Adam AND Ava


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