Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


Heyy, I’m a new memberrr! Well, I’ve been around the site for years but only made an account recently so I can participate in TWC discussions. This game is too awesome for me not to be involved with the community lol. XD I also wanna share some of mah fanaaart. All of the ones posted here are so awesome, so I got inspired to do some of my own. Here’s one I made of Adam just a few hours ago:

Adam du Mortain

And then here’s a quick draw of my MC Neiana Strom and Ava. Guess which scene from book 1! XD

Neiana and Ava

*throws this doodle on the thread then walks out*


Ahem, so… Remember when I announced that it is my headcanon that M’s spirit animal is a (swag) red panda?

Yeah… I made a drawing to show my honest and pure belief in that theory.

Behold the not-so-perfection of imperfectly drawn red pandas!

Background? What are backgrounds?

This is the reference I used for the pose.

For those who do not know, I am referring to this comment and the fantastic discussion that came afterwards.


I’m not screaming, you are.

Yo, that one growling, it reflects the moods of M. Angry or chill it would also need horny but not with cute pandas


Abosolute perfection :sparkles: M is Best Red Panda and you drew them so well!! They look adorable!! And of course Morgan also looks amazing as always

Me whilst I try, but fail, to hug you.




Absolutely adorable. Lovely work as always, @L_M.

It’s great to see Morgan with such a peaceful expression for once. Also, the freckles on her arms and legs are so cuteee :black_heart:

Why of why can I not seem to hug you utterly lovely people?!

I could not choose between one or the other so have both (๑꒪̇⌄꒪̇๑)


Here you are the snow and somehow I still seem to miss you… I am a clutz after all.



Amazing. I love this so much.

That is so cute.

I’m sorry

The rest of Male!UB and then Fem!UB will be done also. Brace yourselves, I guess.


T h i c c juicy lips~ 10/10 would smooch.


Happy Halloween

Enjoy this not Halloween-ie comic because I didn’t remember what day it was…



Oh my god.

This is absolutely perfect.

Funnily it perfectly sums up my MC’s relationship with Morgan… who she is romancing.

It is a strange relationship.

There are literally 30 minutes left of Halloween where I live so have this doodle I threw together

Happy Halloween, Everyone~ :jack_o_lantern:


Sorry for the double posting but ITS N’S BITHDAY WHERE I’M AT SOOOOOO

Happy Birthday to Nat!

Happy Birthday to Nate!


Nat is such a cutie, hoboy. :relaxed:


:drooling_face: Sigh… very well indeed… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A comic featuring Felix, Mason, and my detective Willa.

Original caption from Tumblr.


Now, whenever is see Red Pandas I think of M… It is too late to save me, I am a lost cause, don’t even try.

Morgan is a Red Panda

They are identical!?! Right?!?

Stop me, I am procastinating sooo hard (((( ;°Д°))))


I’m sorry but this is never happening. You have awaken the monsters thirsty of Morgan Panda and nothing but more fanart can take us back to rest.