Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


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their faces, i loooove


His expression.


Honestly, if I could have a series of webcomics about UB I would chose without a doubt @Mewsly as the author.

I would follow that so hard lol


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Someone tell M that wolves are pack animals though


She has her pack, Unit Bravo.
She is after Sera completly loyal to her teammates. That does not mean she has to be nice to anyone.


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Mason Christmas Fluff fic

I’m sorry it’s terrible. :cry:

Warning: This is an extremely self-indulgent doodle


Tried to make Ava😢


You know I don’t think I expressed (publish) my love before with this game so here it is: A short fanfic:

After the revelation…

Warning: Terrible Writing Ahead

“They’re vampires.”

“Leave” The agents in the room went silent, shifting uncomfortably at my words.

“I know it’s a lot to take-in, but I’m here for you” Rebecca gives a faint smile sitting on the bed next to mine. I shift away, slapping her hand away before she could comfort me with her ‘motherly affection’, or at least that’s what she thought.

“I thought I made it clear to leave me alone ” She nodded in understanding, but, I didn’t miss the hardness in her eyes then straightens herself as she left.

Nate looked at me with sympathy. “Sothenes, please, it’s not your mother’s fault—”

“Mother? Is that what old people call it?” He seemed to flinch at the word old. “Well, I’ll be damned.”

“At least, your mother still has your attention, even if it’s hate with burning passion. Hey it rhymes!” Felix finds the situation entertaining.

“That’s enough” Adam said with unreadable expression, directing to Felix specifically. “We’ll leave you alone for now, rest well detective.” He closed the door behind, along with rest of the team, while Nate gave a sympathetic look before he left the room.

[>>> Few Hours Later- Midnight<<<]

“Finally I’m out, it felt like a prison in there” The detective stretched out her legs, the cold breeze made her hugged herself, the hospital gown wasn’t enough to keep her warm. The dirt keep sticking to her feet, every stone that her bare feet stumbled upon made her wince but not enough to make her bleed. It all stopped until she reached a house, in the outskirts of town. Without waiting for permission, she went inside.

A sound was heard from the other side of the room, out of instinct she grabbed her gun. “Crap! The agency must have it” In silence, she observes the figure with a lamp that is only source of light in the place. The figure kept facing at a particular picture with a soft expression, it almost seem like the figure was reminiscing—realization hit the detective as the words fell out of her mouth.

“Bobby” Without haste, Bobby immediately returned the picture to its place, like a criminal caught-on-act. Meeting the detective’s gaze, he cleared his throat, wearing the usual confident smirk on his face, snapping back to reality.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you here”

“You come here often?”

“Will you be pleased if I said yes?” She looked away from his gaze, though the conflicted expression doesn’t go unnoticed. He held her soft hand to his rough ones, noticing the handkerchief wrapped around her hand is painted with blood. The long silence was nerve wrecking, letting a heavy sighed.

“Never mind, If can’t answer that, then just tell me what happened to your hand? ‘Sides, I don’t think you’ll be here if you’re not in some sort of trouble.” He paused. “After all, this is our safe house.”

“Our safe house? You mean I’m still welcome, here?”

“Yes, or else, I wouldn’t have said anything otherwise. Now, I answered yours, it’s only fair to answer mine.” It wasn’t the usual intrusive reporter, who likes to coax the information out of people, more like it’s out of concern masked through intimidation.

“Hound dogs are on the hunt” He exactly knows this kind of talk. “I know they could sniff out the shit out of me in a heartbeat, but hopefully they’ll give me some space.”

“Hound dogs? I’m a hound dog as well. I could probably sniff you out right now, shouldn’t you be running away?” She glared. “All right, sheesh, so ah…what did these hounds do to offend you so much?”

“Lying” She began.

“Hound dogs could lie? That’s news to me. Do you think, you could get me an interview?”

“You’re not being a professional reporter”

“Fair enough”

“They messed-up with…everything. They don’t seem sorry apparently because I’m an extra baggage for them. ” Uncharacteristically he didn’t pry any further. The information was tempting and vague that gave few ideas popping out in his mind but he decided to focus on the girl in front of him.

“Look at me” He cupped her face with his hands. “Angel, those hound dogs don’t what they’re missing because you’re the kind of baggage I want to carry.” The intensity of his gaze lingers, the longer it lasts made her drown.

“Thank you” A softest expression shows in her features.

“Heh, don’t know why decided to blabber it to me” The moment almost dissolves in his mouth until—“but I’m glad”

“Compared to them…you’re no stranger. I know how you operate, whether its job or personal life.”

*“Good to know” The thought made him grin, pleased by her answer. “Before I break down in happiness, I’m going to get a first aid kit.”

I wrote this a long time then edit just now and realize how much I ship it XD ( never finished it, so… ). Now I feel shy, why did I post this again???

*drops this off on the thread like it hasn't been nearly 3 months*

Sometimes you just gotta draw a Mason.


I’m just glad to have found out I am not the only one who keeps picturing his male detective as David Tennant in Broadchurch only few years younger…

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Happy OC Kiss Week Wayhaven buds! Have a doodle starring love of my life Nate Suavewell and BFF Felix Hauville based on this prompt

(colors coming maybe)

bonus image ^____^