(Way Walkers) How do I increase my Turin?


Seriously, how? I am very confused and a discussion of other WW stuff finally prompted me to ask HOW DO I DO THIS? I mean, I get things like I need to be burying a dead bird/say I want to follow Turin in the opening of part 1, but what else do I do? What free-time activity in the opening of 2 boosts my Turin? How can I make my kid into a creepy necromancer?


I was wondering this myself. I chose Way of Turin and made my character a ghost-communicating Medium, but all that happened was that I got thrashed by the dragon-wraith at the end.


Next time tag me, and i’ll answer sooner. ;p

Turin sadly is one of the stats that didn’t get as developed as i’d like in the game, as i sort of bit off more than i could chew with it. :frowning: However, there ARE ways to increase it, though not as many as I’d like.

The most obvious are in the beginning scenes, choosing the dead bird and later overcoming death; later, you can add a bit to it either at the orientation scene or out with Semryu by choosing your Way. Otherwise, there’s a few moments that can raise it a little bit organically, choosing things that ‘defy’ death, or a unusually blunt (but not mean, that’s Red) will give you a boost. In WW:U2, you have the option to raise a stat again in the beginning, but only if you aren’t already over 40 on it.

Hope that helps, and i’ll see about adding some more spots in when i’m working on updates!