Highest Red Stat?


What Is the highest Red stat you’ve ever gotten in Way Walkers: University and how did you get it?


I’ve gotten it up to the 40s, I think. Just be mean to Jun. For the more subtle Red increases try being more frightened of the visions, be arrogant at the interview and choose those options where it seems like fun = breaking the rules.


The highest I’ve ever gotten my Red stat to be in the first game was 60 exactly. Basically by doing everything mean and terrible in the book to Jun.


Sem actually mentions what the Red once governed before he went mad in the beginning of 2. :wink:


i only 63 lol i want more my angel not fading


My highest ever was 66. TBH I wasn’t that interested in how you got the stat, that was just there to flesh out the question.


i need a high red stat to the next game but i can’t more 63 and no i don’t want be bad with Sem
[-X could i have more 63? . I like how red its using in the story


Well, I’m beta testing part two and obviously I can’t reveal anything about it on the forums but by the end of one play through I had a Red stat of 80.


im betatesting too lol that’s why i need high red to spoiler spoiler i need a high red walkthough soon


lol 80?! That’s crazy, you’re basically cackling evil at that point, aren’t you? Man, what are teachers doing, letting evil kids run around tormenting their classmates?


@Jackrabbit Pretty much. In the first game I had Red 22%, but Anagi 10%.


The highest Red stat at the end of #1 is a 69. At the end of #2 80 is the highest you can hit if you aren’t killed (or kill someone else *cough cough no spoilers*) before that XD

As i’ve warned you guys in the past-- if yr Red is high, it does open up some more fun dialogs, as well as opportunities for more ‘cutthroat’ choices, and the ‘angel flickering’ ‘quest’ in part 3, but it can also get you killed. So tread carefully in 3. If you little red followers survive that long…muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah!


I know it probably won’t happen, but I’d love to have some sort of power associated with the Red…


Isn’t the Red Path associated with a form of magic?


I just checked and my Red stat at the end of 2 was actually 83 but you said max was 80? Just checking to see if that’s a coding glitch or a typing error.


What @mocktheweek6 can u message me nd tell me how u got 80 red


Hurm. Will check. What Red did u start with from 1?


I got 59 on my largest run- I have no idea how to get it higher.


Red stat @ beginning of part 2 = 61


my highest red ever was 68 I believe.