Wat happened to the new games

im likling how the zombie game is coming along…but wat happened to the age of sail i was looking forward to that…and samuri game that woulda prolly been my new fav game…can i get a update!?

no comments?

Unfortunately, games are big projects, and some may not have the motivation to keep going. School is also starting soon for some of us, so we won’t have much time.

Creating the games take a long time to complete, I’m sure they’re being worked on but might take a little longer.

What @newbie said, and additionally a few of us have had to halt their projects due to real life (or at least have had their progress slowed to a crawl, like I have). Particularly with the heaftier games, these are year+ projects, and that is assuming a constant working speed.

My game had a long pause in production due to real life getting in the way. I had originally hoped for it to be finished in August but due to delays and an increase in the game size, it’s going to take a lot longer. I’m sure this is a common event - writing is never an easy task at the best of times!