Stop asking about dead threads

Guys I know waiting for updates is a long and boring thing. I know that some writers dont get on to give the occasional update on progress. But alot of writers are in school and have other things to do then worry about their game.
So lets all chill, Thanksgiving and Christmas are on their way which will give we students, in college and Highschool, a chance to actually sit down and get things done. When you ask for progress and fill up threads with “Oh no the game is dead!” or “Progress?” you’re not helping your breaking rules and potentially causing the game to die, by they try to please you and decide the game actually should die. So the first quater of school is over. Games will be worked on. If there isnt an update by christmas then its probably dead.
Thank you.

Apart from me not celebrating Thanksgiving, I agree with all of this. Besides, pressure isn’t good for people! We should just be happy for what we 'ave.

Also if someone hasn’t updated their threads in months, then chances are the game is dead.

@hopskotch No not really. As a student myself I know that I have to prioritise. The fact that I spend so much time on here just means that I let my homework load not get done. But there are times where I just dont get on because I have homework, or I am working that day, or I have a date with my girlfriend. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to do CoG because its not crucial to my life.
@Bageltheif Not in the US? well no reason not to have a big meal and a few days off of school right! Do other countries give a fall break then?

Flames of rebellion by rob…

@antitorpiliko Oh I understand that people have busy lives and all, I just meant that people probably shouldn’t resurrect old threads, like four-five months old, just to ask for an update. If an OP wants to update their thread, they will.

That I agree with. But lets say their is a demo on the thread, you can make a comment on the demo. Im just tired of people asking for updates. Its annoying and against the rules [-X

Well, we have a right for every once and a while ask. But I agree partly. I mean they can just look through comments since they last checked and find out…*Checks Mardams comment about flames of rebellion* 0_0 “Mai preciousssssss…Must not let them know about MAI precioussssss…*cough*” I mean… Umm… Oh yes asking for updates… If their has been nothing from the author in months I think you can ask… *Thinks of a way to destroy Mardam*

Id be lying if I say if its been a few months I will post “hows life, are you qworking on anything” but its been 2 weeks constantly posting its dead. annoying.

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Is this thread dead?

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