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Is it just me or is this forum really slowing down? A few months ago it was high central with new wips coming and going and now its just like really slow. Does it get better in the summer?

You can’t have a place always bustling with people. You gotta calm down eventually.

And as for the WIP thing, this is better. The last thing we need is some pretentious fuck coming here, starting a WiP that’s somewhat interesting and then completely proceeding to abandon it.

Not all of them are like this (obviously) but I’ve seen a vast of them over the course.



Posts made in the forum over the last two years in all topics. (I think it’s per week.) Nope seems like it’s per day.

And posts just made in the WIP category.


Wow what happened in April 2016. It was getting 800 odd posts at one point!


Aha good question! What happened in April to get so many posts in one day!

Don’t know! Was it LordIrish’s contest? Was it Easter holidays? Was it a game that was released? Was it something else?


I suspect we get activity spikes whenever a game is released, particularly if it’s an extremely popular game.

And I hope the graphs answer the “Is the forum slowing down” question.


Thank you for the graphics.


Writing seems to thrive on cycles; many in our community are in school and just starting in their professional careers and others have recently experienced life changes such as a new house, getting married or moving to a new location.

Since many of our WiP are written by those in school, the winter would be logically a slower time in the cycle.

Anyways, that is my take on it.


School, you dastardly thing. I’ve got so much work I can only write on weekends. That also applies to my friends and gaming group(I’ve known them for 5 years) and we all play FF14 and stuff together, so when I’m at home on my gaming PC that’s all I do. That means every other odd weekend, when I go to my moms, is when I write.


@Eiwynn hit the nail on the head. I remember saying the exact thing last year at this time of month.

Also I’ve noticed various video games releases impact site activity. Ei) we had a dip when the new final fantasy was released. March is a big month for games releases too ghost recon call of duty hit man nier. Mass effect will be the biggest on the 21st (I know what I’m doing that day :smiley:


I remember April had a lot of new WIP like Children of the gods and other ones I can’t exactly remember the name of. It was a big month.

And you all might not see me much since mass effect has my soul so…


In your awesomeness (with permission) Will make a Sarah Ryder ala First XD…<3

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WIPs might have slowed down as people may be working toward the COG contest instead of an earlier publishing date perhaps?