Can we talk about how wild the WIPs are recently?

I took a long break from this site for like a year or something. Beside other stuff I didnt have time to read much and there was for me like a dry period where nothing new realy came up. Even stuff that was getting updated was slow (of course it takes time to write but I just mean that I didnt see much stuff I could read). For like 3 months Im active again. At first it didnt seem like in all the time much new stuff came out. I was kinda disappointed but that’s sometimes just how it is. But for a few weeks now there are so many WIPs out of nowhere (at least for me). All of them are written amazing and interesting with a nice cast of characters. Not to talk about their length. I dont know HOW but there are so many fricking long WIPs out there with amazing quality.

The point of my post is just to appreciate all the writers who take the time to write so many amazing stories and to take a moment to thank them for all the content they provide for free. I really just wanted to say the WIPs and the people who write them have been wild the past few weeks


Well put. This year saw the increase of new works influx. The pandemic probably had a hand on it, but I’d still give a loud shoutout to CJW and dashingdon with their CS-IDE and hosting site.

But next time, for you and anyone reading this, you can put topics like this in #general. #meta is used for discussions on the forum’s technical working and feature requests/suggestions. Gotta keep things in place, you know (especially when I can’t change the category even using Leader account, for some reason).


ah oh ok I wasnt sure where to put it. I thought Meta was more like talking about the forum in general or something

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Can confirm that CSIDE is the biggest tipping point for me personally. It took me 2 years on-and-off to write the first 40k words of my project on notepad…and 2 months to write the next 40k on CSIDE. That I missed it for so long will forever be one of my biggest regrets in IF development :sweat_smile:


I agree the last 3 or 4 months have been pretty good. Lots of new well written WIPs.

All I can say is, keep’em coming



I can’t speak for anyone else, but I honestly wouldn’t be able to write choice script without CSIDE. That, for me, is the game changer.


Same here. My eyes could never cope with using notepad.