longest WIPS you know of?

Not me trying not to feel bad about my WIP I have had been going on since 2018 which has been on the LONGEST hiatus ever stretching over almost two years now.

I lost great motivation in it but playing with the idea to finally returning and completing this as I was nearing the ending, but feeling a little anxious due to the fact it has been on hold for so long, and at the same game ongoing for SO LONG.

its gonna hit half-a-decade in about a year.

So uh- what are some of the LONGEST WIPs you know of which ended up getting released, still? for the sake of giving me my motivation back c’:


Yours. It had hotties, a catapult, some naggy Hag, and a pro at not-spilling-the-beans-Stan. What is not to like? :grin:


Oh my god, this is a blessing!

I remember reading your wip but couldn’t remember the name so I was so disappointed.

But now I’ve finally found it—and the author of it too!

Now with that aside, I honestly don’t know lol? I just commented here to say how much I love your work and that I’m super grateful I found it again.

Anyways, I hope you get your insipration. Your wip was amazing and I can’t wait to see how it progresses.


we aren’t helping, are we? Btw, you shouldn’t worry about how long your hiatus was. Believe me, it does happen more often than you can imagine. When we get that ‘blank’, we are left with nothing but remorse and fucking Guilt.

Hell, I’m on one myself…

With that said, I would recommend the Golden Rose. Its not a WIP but a game. Loved the story. Just keep in mind that its only book 1.


Most days I pray that one day Guinevere will get Book 2 completed! One of the difficulties with that project is that the writer wanted the second half of the book to have three entirely different stories you could take Guen to deal with the threat and all of that needed coding and their time for writing and health over the years has been unfortunately bad. Last year to two years I am really not sure where things are with it. :sob:

EDIT: Yeah I checked and Jean hasn’t updated her personal account in over a year, hope you are doing well Jean and looking forward to retirement and Guen still. :hugs:


Blood for Poppies was started in 2012 and published in 2021.


Okay that gives me a little more motivation, along with the other messages in this thread ahaha. Before writing my own wip, i always wondered why some wips always took almost half a decade or so to complete, and now I know. I wasnt even aware blood for poppies had released, i remember reading that one when it was a fresh wip

And ;-; yeah, @E_RedMark @MeowMeow422 I feel BAD for the hiatus and almost-ded state of the game, but recently stumbled into someone who indirectly knew about the game, hence this thread and existential crisis ive got going on now. So who knows c’:


Your WIP sounds amazing. I hope you do finish it - it sounds like exactly the kind of thing I’d love to play, and definitely worth waiting for.

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You are not alone, Fireflyy.


Elite Status: Platinum Concierge was written in 2015-2019, then was dormant until 2022, was edited and added-to, and then released in 2023. I think that’s the longest production time I know of. Even with a long hiatus, you can still pick it up and complete it - life happens and everyone works at their own pace.


Yeah if Lawrence Oliver and Vincent Price can appear in movies decades after they died then anything’s possible! :sweat_smile:

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Look. Here is the real deal. Most of the people who buy your book will never even have known there was a WIP, let alone how long time it took to write. That is irrelevant to them! This is mostly in your head, not in anybody elses.

In addition, with the amount of talk of abandoned WIPS people wish would get finished and the cheering when some of the rarer ones finally get an update, I can’t imagine anyone would greet an update with anything but happiness.

Do it!


This one! It was submitted to hosted games very recently. :tada::tada::tada:


Son of Satan is still in hiatus

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I love that one. As much as i love the Keeper series

I started writing my first game also in 2018, and it came out last August. It took much, much longer than I had ever anticipated it would take, but in the end, I did get it done.


I started last year, and who knows when it will be finished? In fact, my ideas may be recycled and reused for future projects. But it’s inching forward, and I’m sure yours is as well!