Warriors: A Darkness Within WIP

@freeki_Milliu She actually started believing in Starclan after the events of Omen of the Stars (she revealed her belief in the Vision of Shadows arc)

So to prepare for the deputy randomizer, I have added apprentices! You can have a total of four apprentices throughout the game; the name will be determined according to the choices available when the time comes for you to be offered one, as sometimes there’s only one choice, sometimes there might be up to three.

First apprentice will come anywhere between 15-19 moons, depending on the clan, & you can choose not to take an apprentice if you wish.

Pros to taking an apprentice:

  • Automatically fills the first requirement for becoming deputy
  • Train a cat to your specific style of being a warrior (more brutal, more caring, ect)
  • If apprentice is future mate choice, chance to impress them early on
  • Learn leadership skills (& if Thunderclan, possibly increase your cskill & learn Natural Leader)

Cons to taking an apprentice:

  • Less time to lead patrols (impress clanmates & earn more respect by showing off leadership skills)
  • Less free time to spend with specific cats
  • If wanting to have kits with mate, less likely to have kits early on (more about that below)
  • Less time to spend one-on-one with mate (if you have one)

About having kits: yes, you can have kits in the game, but only at certain parts (this is mainly because the problems plaguing the clans make it a difficult time to start a family). When you’re 20 moons old, 28 moons, 32, & 37 moons. You can only have 2 litters; the first litter can be 1-4 kits, the 2nd litter can be 1-2 kits

The climb skill is beginning to make an appearance, but will only be a common occurrence for Skyclan & possibly Thunderclan (Riverclan has very few trees, mostly willow. Shadowclan has pines with branches very high up. & Windclan only has a narrow strip of woodland on their territory.)


I have a suggestion though I don’t know if this fits for the story.

Maybe have an option where you can defect to another clan? If you have high enough reputation for another clan you can possibly choose to betray your former or they can take you in once you are exiled. It will lower your relationship with your previous clan however, and you will break one of the codes.

Cats who take a mate from a different clan are expected to join their mates clan and perform a task to prove their loyalty; cats who pass are accepted into the clan, while cats who fail are banished from talking to their mate (but returning to their birthclan) or can choose to leave the clans with their mate *****
This is my edition to the warrior code, additional rules.
I am making some mate choices avaliable to cats outside their clan, & this rule is a bit like what your suggesting

Edit: forgot to add this (will do later)

  • if kits are involved, the queen may stay with her kits in their birth clan until they are weaned, but kits must stay in their birth clan *

Doing some more planning ahead while I work on Windclan (yes, actually working on Windclan!)

Apprentice Days:
On the first day of each week, your mentor will let you know what they are going to do that week. Below is the choices for the first 2 weeks.
The choices of how you react to training are made on that day (listed below, very basic version, similar to ADsL shelter scene):

1st-2nd week choices:

  • Focus completely (earns a lot of respect, 1-2 points in either your Hunt or Battle skill (depending on week), leaves only time for apprentice chores afterwards)
  • Focus normally (earns some respect, earns a bit of time for yourself to do whatever (alongside apprentice chores), earns 1 point in Hunt or Battle)
  • Focus barely (decreases either clans respect or mentors, lots of time to yourself (including apprentice chores), earns 1 point in Hunt or Battle)

3rd week choices:

  • Focus on hunting practice (earns a point in Hunt skill)
  • Focus on fighting practice (earns a point in Battle skill)
  • Balance between both (earns strength, agility, dexterity, stealth, or swim)
  • Spend time doing extra chores (earns respect with clan & various cats, can earn charisma or intelligence)
  • Wander territory (possibly lose respect with clan, but chance to encounter deed point, secret event, & other random encounters)

4th week choices:

  • Listen to mentor (earns respect with mentor & clan, possible increase in intelligence or other non-physical stats)
  • Pay attention to clanmate(s) (other apprentices are getting ready for their end-of-moon assessment, you can chose to pay attention to them instead of your mentor, but this decreases your mentors respect, may be unavailable to Thunderclan during the first moon)
  • Do your own thing (this could make you fail the assessment if not the first moon; you will become a warrior when you turn 12 moons regardless, but if you fail at least 3 of 5 assessments, you do not earn a deed point for becoming a warrior & do not earn nearly as much respect from your clan for completing your apprenticeship)

Warrior Days (very basic view, this will most likely change quite a bit):

  • Do patrols (this is automatic, but you can respond various ways)
    • Listen to patrol leader
    • Talk with clanmates
    • Keep to yourself
  • Hunt alone or with specific cat (they may agree, may not)
  • Spend time with specific cat in camp
  • Help strengthen camp walls (this will come into play around 15-20 moons, this is a response to the prophecy)

THE PROPHECY HAS A ROOT!!! A specific cat in the clans is the main root of the prophecy, but you have to figure out who started the rumors & is making them worse.

Possible endings planned! (listed below)

  • Kill the root cat
  • Exile the root cat
  • Manage to convince all 5 (or 4 if leader) leaders that going to war is a bad idea
  • Stay in the mountains (during tribe event, goes into epilogue)
  • Death (will list various ways at another point)
  • If survive game until 46 moons, & clans not destroyed or war stopped, will go into epilogue (age may change)
  • As an exile (this only happens at one point) or warrior (not for deputies, leaders, or medicine cats), form a temporary 6th clan (PeaceClan) alongside various warriors who do not believe in going to war & end the war in various ways
    • Kill the root cat
    • Corner the leaders & force them to stop (if the leaders are pinned or cornered, their warriors will stop fighting to their protect their leader or wait to see whats happening)
    • Save cats staying in their camps & leave for the Small Lake (this goes into a unique epilogue where the clans actually kill themselves off except for any cats with you, this will lead to a cat from the remains of each clan being chosen as leader, and each clan returns to the lake to round up survivors, bury the dead, and start fresh with any remaining warriors & any rogues/loners/kittypets willing to join the clans)

Oooh I like the prospect of starting a clan. Idea: Maybe for an evil cat, maybe let them be able to start a clan where instead of Peace, they attempt to take over the other clans? I’d love to go all out Darktail! Lol

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News about randomized sections:
Now the randomized sections are being set to the start of the scene, not the page. This will make it to your family, clan, & everything else will be selected first & the only way to change it is by restarting.

Medicine Cat Apprentice scenes are now being written to reflect hearing about the prophecy!


I know this scene isn’t done, but they kept calling my MC, “1”. Just a head up.

I noticed after I uploaded XD I’m fixing it before the next update


So my laptops keyboard is no longer working correctly, which is severely limiting how much I can do. I am looking into getting a new one (this one is over 4 years old & been having issues for awhile, this is just the final nail n the coffin) but will work when i can.
Custom laptop build: just over $4k (built for gaming, includes new mouse & touch screen, that’s y it’s so expensieve)


Awwww, this makes me so nostalgic for the books.

So my old laptop finally quit on me. The keyboard completely died & when I brought it to Best Buy, they were unable to fix it (it had originally gotten water on it really bad, but I guess it was worse than I thought). They are however keeping my old laptop & sending it in so they can retrieve my documents (including the game files for all my other games, including this one) and any other sensitive information.

However, to keep myself busy in the meantime, I am starting yet another game on a very cheap (seriously paid just under $100 for it) laptop I bought so I can have something to do my schoolwork & important online stuff on.
I am aware this makes the 5th game I have started, but that is because the files on my old laptop and the ones on Dashingdon are very different. My laptops files had far more written in them than the Dashingdon versions, enough that it is not worth trying to rewrite a good amount (for warriors I actually had the apprenticeships started in all but Skyclan, and even had Skyclans kit scene finished).
But since I have no idea when I can begin working on my main games, I am asking mods to close down this post until I can start work again.