Warriors: A Darkness Within WIP

I can’t work on my other games (A Dogs Life & A Dragons Life) due to sending my computor in, so I’ve begun working on another game to pass the time. When enough of it is done, I will possibly contact Victoria Holmes (or whoever i need to in their team) about getting permission to publish this if it continues & is popular enough.

Just after you earn your warrior name (or reach your 13th moon), the medicine cats get a dark prophecy.
When the peace is shattered, darkness shall spring forth from the heart and poison the lake.
Warriors start breaking the code, they start fighting among their own clans, they start unnecessary fights with the other clans, and no one knows where the prophecy came from or how to stop it. Only the cats unaffected by the darkness can band together to fight against it, but can they fight their own clanmates? Or will they try to find and solve the problem peacefully?

This is based off the Warrior cats series by Erin Hunter long after the end of A Vision of Shadows, but can be enjoyed by newcomers to the series as well.

Currently done: Character creation, Thunderclan kit scene

Dashing.com link: https://dashingdon.com/go/4495


Uh oh! Guess someone didn’t know there are four Erins now as well as a team of 10+ editors that write the books.

Also it’s “the Broken Code” not “the Lost Code”, all Clans are spelled like ThunderClan, not Thunderclan. All seasons should be in lowercase. It would be Highledge, not High Ledge, and nothing specifies territory.

I’ve run a Warrior cats rp for years, mostly to indoctrinate people into transgenderism. The best fan warriors game you can get, in my opinion, is Warriors: the Road to Immortality.

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I’m aware there are five authors behind Erin Hunter actually, I just mention Victoria as she seems to be the head of Warriors. My point is, if I decide to publish this I will be contacting the Warriors team.

I have heard it as both The Lost Code & The Broken Code, but The Lost Code is easier for me to say.
As for the spelling & “correct” uppercase, I have seen it Thunderclan & ThunderClan in multiple places, I am just using the first one that I type.


It’s “the Broken Code series, book one, Lost Stars.” Lost Stars is the book, Broken Code is the series. It’s never been “the Lost Code.”

In the books, it is never spelled Thunderclan apart from errors. I have the books. Right here. It’s become a common roleplaying thing to write it “Thunderclan”, but it’s not canon.

I am really happy that you decided to make a Warriors Game! I love your other games, especially A Dogs Life, and I love that we have so many possibilities in making our MC really how we imagine them!
Really curious how this story goes (if you even get permission for it, which I hope)!
Also, I assume the different starts will have an impact on the stats? Or possible later interactions with the Clan Cats?

Yes, each start gives stats according the clan (Thunderclan tends to be stronger, Shadowclan is stealthy, windclan is fast, riverclan has a bonus to swimming, & Skyclan has more dexterity).

There are several things to do the very first day in camp, then it will jump into a choice that will last 2 months, then you will choose what to do for the next 3 months until you become an apprentice.

Thanks for the answer! But also if the MC i a kittypet, loner or rouge? or only what clan we choose?

Also, I got an error when I got the first part by Thunderclan, tried replaying it differently, with no change:

Geez…that error normally plays fine, but give me a bit & I can fix it. It works fine in my IDE, but i guess Dashingdon hates it XD

The MC can be Clanborn, born as a kittypet (birthplace is Twoleg Place), born as a rogue (birthplace is Abandoned Horseplace), or born as a loner (birthplace is Unknown Territory), and being non-clanborn can affect how other cats in your clan can view you, even long after you become a warrior.
The non-clanborn MC’s will be raised in a chosen (or random) clan with a foster mother (like Cloudtail was) & possibly foster father

Edit: Fixes are uploaded!

Here i was thinking this could be a new wip about warriors facing their demons and it’s about the cat books lol.


Im not going to lie i already love this :heart_eyes:

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This’ll be interesting. It’ll be neat to play in a different clan when their expanded upon. I kinda wonder if your heritage would be affected if your character is clanborn but looks too different from one of their parents?

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How do you mean,

Well I’m already super excited for this, I like what you already have!

Here in a bit I’m uploading the entire kit scene for Thunderclan. Since the kitscene is pretty much 3 small parts (the first day, the next 2 moons, then the last 3 moons), it’s not going to take long to complete it.

I’m working on Shadowclan next though! Then it will get a bit harder, since there’s more than 1 mother you could have for the other 4 clans.

Edit: Two more choices & I can upload the new changes!


Like if for example,your character was a white cat while your parents were a cat with a leopard pattern and a red cat,while there’s a cat in another clan with your coat,the explanation would be that you were half-clan or something.

Ah, well in that case the cats just assume that somewhere in your family tree (if they ever think about that) another cat had a similar coat.

Only one cat has an unproven mate, & you might actually be halfclan then, but I’m not sure yet.

Edit: Like Leafpool for example. She was a light brown tabby with a white chest & paws, Crowfeather was dark gray, and their three kits were a pale gray tabby, a black cat, and a ginger tabby. Crowfeathers parents weren’t right colored, and Leafpools were both ginger (as well as her sister). If you cat has an entirely different coat, it’s not all that unusual. Seems like in Warriors itself it was mainly body shape (like how the eyes looked, how the ears were shaped, ect) that gave away the kits heritage

Neat,makes sense!


The final prophecy has been added to the beginning before you start!
When the peace is shattered, darkness shall spring forth from the heart and poison the lake.

Thunderclan Kit scene is now done! (Excluding editing of course…that will be done at a later date)
Multiple names to choose from! But there is no randomizer this time. The names are based of your pelt (more or less), so you actually need to choose them.
You can be a medicine cat apprentice! (Thunderclan only for now of course)

Coming up -
Shadowclan kit scene!
More Shadowclan names! (so things like Crow, Rat, Toad, ect)
Shadowclan medicine cats!

Whats planned -
Riverclan, Windclan, & Skyclan kit scenes (in that order)


Well written though I’ve noticed just a few typos and redundant words. I will read through a few more times and get back to you with screenshots. Overall, however, I love it. Very reminiscent of the books I read as a kid.

Oh wow,that update was fast!