Warlock City: Shadow of the Shroudwalker



@Revache I would love a dragon familiar.


really cool concept :slight_smile:
first time I see a superhero/mage/vampire crossover and it looks great


This was actually pretty good I look forward to trying it in the future


Were not allowed to comment after 14 days…are we?


no we can’t comment when it after 2 month


Ah ok thanks for clarifying :ok_hand:


Gotta say, love the premise and the story so far. Didn’t find anything to nitpick, so how about a choice suggestion? ;p

Spoiler, duh!

… let her have her way? :wink: Granted, I don’t know the type of relationship the two have, but maybe it could’ve turn into a favor for a favor kind of deal, with the sister buying the thingy in the end - or if the bet never plays a role further down the chapters, it could be something to tease mc about.
It terms of stat-building perspective of this scene, i imagine it being crafted along the lines of “i could have (one of the 4) but i won’t”


Hey everyone, thanks for all the comments. All this interest is making me feel bad! I got one of those “real” job things ugh — the “suck out your soul” variety. It’s all stress and leaves little will to do anything but de-stress when I get home, but I haven’t forgotten this and I’m plugging away slowly. So thank you for all the interest, it really does mean a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

@KJM Haha, never crossed my mind to let her have her way. I can definitely add that. Just let it roll a 1/3 and you can test your luck. :yum:


Just finished the demo. It’s really cool so far. I like the idea. Keep it up!


My first and last on this is that it’s incredibly fun on all levels. (Not just like “I had fun with the game” but just… The whole thing got me excited) The magic so far is fun, the imagery is fun, the MC’s attitude is fun, and I’m a sucker for the “stage magician uses magic” concept.

I wish you the best with this, wholeheartedly (also with your soul sucking job. I know that feeling well).

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Is this back? Please tell me it’s back, it was one of my favorites wips.


Yes, I feel the same. I sure hope it is back in development.






Awesome style! Love the concept and familiar choice (idk why the raptor was so cute) combat was also written very well. You’re on the right track so far keep it up


Oh I was just thinkin about this the other day
Great to see it opened again


I have read your work you did good job on this


Since this thread has been opened, it’s great to see lots of encouragement and enthusiasm for the WIP! However, let’s be careful not to add pressure for its development, per rule #3. :slight_smile: Thanks!