War Party: Kingdom Of Jewels

So War Party is about a you the main character alongside their sister in Cephra’s army “The Current Demon Queen”. Your character will explore the Forbidden territory in search for your missing Father while also going to battle with different countries. Fight Necromancers/ powerful organizations. Conquer major cities/Trade. Learn Martial Arts from beast-man War Brigade Learn The Ancient’s secrets.In this you will either gain allies or enemies from the six kingdoms Elf’s, Beast-man,Ogre,Humans and from your fellow demons.

As of right now I don’t want to give to much away. Right now any feedback would be very much appreciated.For example any idea’s for Romance, Story Progression and Character Development. I’ll release the Demo once I get to 20,000 word count.I’m looking at long term so I really want to write an immersive plot and setting.

Word Count So Far (including code): 12,787
Ro’s: Cephra, Six, Jerall


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