Want your name in Slammed! ? (#authorsforthePhilippines charity auction)

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure how many of you know/remember this, but I’m Filipino, and my country has been in the news recently for bad, bad reasons. I’m based in Manila so me and mine barely felt the storm, but the accounts of devastation that you’re likely to have heard/read are not exaggerated. All of us are doing what we can to help, personally and professionally, and part of my contribution is putting an item up for auction at the Authors for the Philippines website, where people can bid on a wide variety of literary items, from critiques, to signed books, to school visits, etc., with all proceeds going to the Red Cross for use in relief efforts. (The British Red Cross, since this is a British initiative, but the funds will be used for Yolanda / Haiyan relief.)

What I’m offering is a chance to get a name of your choice in Slammed! Here are the details:

* I can add your real first name and surname to the list of possible options for player characters in Chapter 1.
* I can add a wrestling name of your choice to the list of possible options for player characters in Chapter 1 (just don’t ask me to put in a real pro wrestler’s name).
* I can change the name of one of the supporting characters (if you’ve played the game, the man or woman who are tormented with your former wrestling coach in one of the branches of the game) to your name.

If you’re interested, please do bid – no amount is too small (or too big!) – bidding ends Wednesday, 8PM GMT. If not, but you want to help, just spreading the word is enough. (And check out the other items for bidding – there are over 400 now, from names like Patrick Ness and Neil Gaiman.) Thanks for your support, everyone, and to the great people at CoG for allowing me to do this and helping promote it.

Item Link: http://authorsforphilippines.wordpress.com/2013/11/17/439-a-name-of-your-choice-in-slammed-the-pro-wrestling-interactive-fiction-game/