"In a world filled with intrigue and uncertainty, familiar voices echo…

‘Did you hope to find what you have lost in me? Silly little Gangster!’ Korry’s words pierce the night.

‘Don’t say crap like that when you can’t back it up!’ Graham’s determination resonates.

‘We should encourage the initiative, yes?’ Javi’s voice seeks unity.

‘Seeing as you don’t have much you haven’t managed not to lose…’ Spider’s snide cynicism lingers.

All know the irrational fear of having it all slip away, suddenly and cruelly, as well as the consequences of choices made.

‘Ladies and gentlemen…this game of ours finally…comes to an end,’ Virgil’s proclamation hangs in the air.

Would you accept your decline and eventual end, or would you, so callously, seek to take all it back, consequences be damned?

‘Little One!’ Mirka’s whisper is a final plea.

That, my friends, is for you to decide."



In the shadow-drenched streets of a city abandoned by divinity, your story unfolds as the mastermind of the underworld in a script game that defies the ordinary. As a formidable crime lord, you navigate a perilous world brimming with horror and the supernatural. The city, a sinister canvas, teems with mutants, demons, mages, mad scientists, killer clowns, shadowy assassins, and enigmatic secret societies.

Your journey is not just about power but survival in an environment where chaos reigns supreme. Collect an array of exotic cars, each a symbol of your growing influence, and amass an arsenal of formidable weapons, constantly upgrading to match the escalating madness of your adversaries.

The city’s narrative is yours to shape. Each decision you make carves a path through a labyrinth of darkness and intrigue. Establish alliances or foster rivalries, but remember, in this city, trust is as elusive as the shadows.

Are you ready to claim your throne in a place even God washed their hands of? Prepare for a thrilling ride through the depths of a city that never sleeps, where every corner hides a new challenge, and every victory brings you closer to becoming the ultimate crime lord. This is not just a game; it’s a journey into the heart of darkness, where only the cunning will thrive. Though in spite of it all you still manage to have those you may call friends and not merely allies, however it also means you still have more that can be taken from you…

Welcome to a realm where the only rule is strength, where you will fight to keep what’s yours and take what’s others.

Interested? Demo here.


To play the demo, go here:

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the demo link is set to private


My bad, Im on it


It’s cool now, looking foward to your thoughts on it so far.


You should probably implement save system, most readers only read demos once save systems are implemented to not restart from the beginning every update.


Noted. Save system 's been implemented.


----- floor. Your lungs burned with exertion, and your sparring kit clung to me, drenched in sweat. You simply couldn’t afford to follow through as you tried to locate ----

— your kit clung to me – is a typo since its second POV it should be “you” – your kit clung to you –

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arriving to garage with Bryson also loops back three times


Fixed the grammatic errors, though I have tested it a few times and can’t find the loop. Could you specify what happens by the time it loops…

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The garage boasts stark white polished concrete floors and a ceiling studded with bright lights, creating an environment reminiscent of the luxurious showrooms you’ve visited with your father. Crushing the now-empty bag of M&M’s, you reluctantly leave the warm comfort and vanilla-scented air of the limo to step into the colder, more industrial atmosphere of the garage, which could easily pass for a high-end parking lot.

As you stand, your clothes compel you to maintain a more upright posture, but your collar remains an ongoing issue. Your small hand reaches up once again, attempting to fix it, but it changes nothing.

Yawning, Bryson stretches, “Maaan! You think the others are here?” He scans the garage for familiar cars. “Maybe we can get them all back here to play some more?”

“Please,” a member of your detail interjects, “We can’t afford to be late.” Bryson dramatically flourishes the somewhat ridiculous trench coat he’s wearing and clenches a gloved hand, attempting to project an air of seriousness. “Let’s go.”

You can’t help but wonder where he even found that glove. Suppressing a laugh, one of Bryson’s escorts lets out a tired sigh, while another rolls her eyes, though her affection for Bryson is apparent.

“Come now. The sooner everything is sorted, the better,” one of the security personnel advises.

You contemplate your next moves, considering the need to inform your family about the upcoming event. After all, you never know what might transpire in Vizgoth.

Your thoughts persist as you and your entourage proceed through the room toward a glass partition at the far end of the garage. You notice an elevator and idly count the fixtures in the ceiling. However, your attention is drawn when a shadow passes over one of the fixtures, and you barely manage to catch it.

“this scene happened two times”

Fixed, thank you.

I picked Karlman King and yet the nex page is this

you settle into the luxurious backseat of your blacked-out Rolls Royce Ghost, the rain begins to fall heavily. Two SUVs escort your vehicle, forming a protective cocoon as you make your

Vizgoth: Report

Update out on Patreon now, to be released publicly on the 30th along with the Virgil character art reveal and more!


Its not public to play it’s private

yea i tried to press the demo link to play the game and this popt up:

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this game is set to private and so it cannot be accessed via the short URL.

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Author the game is on private help


Is this meant to be private?

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its still on private …

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Hey guys, they’re working on regaining access to the account, both for Vizgoth and TGG, though for Vizgoth they had asked me to send this update and an apology…


Finally a cheat menu I don’t have to grovel for

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