Villain: The Catalyst [Minor Update and Poll - 09/08/18 - ]



Got it! Looking forward to finding out!


The second gen comic book Superman from the ‘60’s was fully powered as a baby. He could fly hundreds of thousands of times faster than light and could survive in the heart of the sun. He could move planets with his hands and his powers were practically limitless. The last few decades he has been severly weakened by his writers.


Well I was really talking about both the current and original Superman but I do see the point that you’re trying to make. But even being that super powered at the beginning to the ending of a game can be underwhelming at times.


I’m still stuck on the password in the deans office what is it?


it’s GBRJ_0922Lawrence


Thank you…no idea how I could figure that out


There were a few clues like Golden Boy=GB Romeo and Juliet= RJ, the number 09/22 in the desk etc.


Right, review time.

Noticed that a few problems linger. Killing the 6 guards still doesn’t net you the achievement, and there’s still no list of clues gathered on the screen where you’re typing in the password (it’s on the screen before you start typing, but it would probably be better to put that on the actual screen.)

Now for new stuff.
Serious Review Section:


So, still noticing very little difference between “mysterious, hotheaded, and charmer.” This might just be one of those unnecessary stats.

I’m actually starting to feel really bad for Katrina. Nobody (including Kalissa) is giving her any kind of break and she’s really trying out there!

So, if the point of this school is to turn mutants into peaceful citizens, why do they have us beating the crud out of each other in these ‘sparring matches’ that would almost certainly injure at least half the people participating, and maybe even a few people who aren’t?

After beating up Monroe, Timmi became my favorite person (behind squirrel girl and the one who was getting bullied outside her room, of course. What were their names again?)

Wait, what’s the difference between the Outcasts and the Villains again? I think I missed who was part of what group.

Appreciate the time to get to know people. All these names kind of blur together.

So, do all these heroes and guards just not realize how they are so obviously bullies? Have they just gone their entire lives without watching TV? Or movies? How do you reach this stage in life without having a pretty basic idea of what the tell-tale signs are that you’re the good guy or the bad guy in whatever story you’re in?

Aaaand now I’ve been taken by the secret police. Presumably to that room that a lot of people go into but don’t seem to come out of very often.
You know, exterminating all human life has never felt like such a moral choice up until this game. I feel like I could start pulling some holocaust level genocide on the entire human race (which has kind of been the plan from the start), and it would still be as morally ambiguous as Duck Hunt.

Anyway, seeing the lack of actual serious criticisms in this ‘serious review section’ should probably tell you all you need to know. Only problem I can think of is the way that the majority of names that have been introduced is too much for my tiny little brain to keep track of and remember why I care about any of them.

Story Section:


Sparring day. When the overseers pit the different classes against each other.
Kalissa wanted to be disgusted with them. A school dedicated to creating productive citizens had them fighting each other to the pain? Obvious front, with an even more obvious motivation; divide the prisoners, keep them distracted by fighting each other. That knowledge left a bitter taste in Kalissa’s mouth when the scrimmages were announced.
Despite that, another part of her, a more primal part, was ecstatic for a chance to fight again. Even if it is within the confines of a cage, at least she could feel that power surge again and the satisfying feel of really breaking a person.

That feeling of adrenaline was hurt when she learned the conditions that had been placed on them. Lose on purpose, or lose in a different way later. Rules put in place by people too insecure or too cowardly to face a real opponent.
Kalissa was a patient woman; it took a lot to earn her actual animosity. Throughout this whole experience, she had felt nothing but sorry for the ‘heroes.’ Pawns who were brainwashed into accepting human overlords. They weren’t even allowed to keep their own minds, their own thoughts, their own private visions of freedom. The inner sanctum of the mind had been stolen from them when the humans dug their claws into them and twisted their worldview to something that they approved of.
Still, in that moment, she felt a sliver of actual hatred for this “Monrou.” Too cowardly to accept the possibility of actually losing. Settling for easy wins that softened him and made him more easily malleable. Rejecting risk, and the possibility of growth from his personal cage.
Smart thing to do was to accept the situation and bide her time. But that wasn’t an option for her, not with these rules. Submit, in the faint hope that the abuser wouldn’t hit too hard the next time. Why not just bend over and meekly ask that they be gentle with her? That wasn’t her fate. She wasn’t a victim.
Kalissa was a mutant. And it was time to show these ‘heroes’ what that meant.

The fight was trivial. All she had to do was fall back on everything her father had taught her. "Know your opponent."
Monrou was expecting an easy victory. Kalissa knew this, and also knew that as a result, he wouldn’t have any defenses up. Opening himself up to a powerful first strike. There wouldn’t be a better time to attack, and she took full advantage.
She couldn’t rely on easy openings after that, but it didn’t matter. Her opponent was predictable and fought in patterns, and it was quick work to memorize those patterns and turn them against him. Executing her plan was the easiest part of the entire fight. Whole battle couldn’t have lasted more than a minute and a half.

Her team was much more accepting of her actions than she had honestly been expecting. Throughout the course of her imprisonment they’d been nothing but hostile to her and submissive to the humans. It was pleasant, this time, to see them band together and strike back for a change. Gave her a ray of hope.
If they were ever going to escape, and claim this earth for their own, it would be like this. Together. This day had been a good first step toward that.

She figured that the hiring of the new, more ‘discipline focused’ chief of security was in retaliation to this sudden spark of hope. A big bully, a mess of insecurities who surrounded himself with equally weak grunts so that they could use their superior numbers to fool themselves into thinking they were anything other than a pack of bullies trying to be something they weren’t.
Bullies. The lot of them. Just a pack of playground bullies, placed on a bigger scale. It took far more than that to scare her. Didn’t matter how stern he talked, or how good he was at glaring, or how dismissive he could pretend to be when sending her off to some back room. He’d still be nothing more than a bully.


What achievement is supposed to pop up for killing the guards? For just killing them, there is no achievement. And ahh see I never actually thought to put the clues on the same page you’re typing, I’ll see if I can remember how to do that lol.

So I’m just going to answer the questions that might need more feedback for to fix it. The difference between Outcasts and Villains is that the Outcasts do what they want, more of the anti-heroes and anti-villain category. They belong the Outcast group cos they reject the traditional views of heroes and villains, if that makes sense.

And with the names, yea that was one thing I was afraid about when starting it but I’m planning on adding a few one on one scenes, and other areas to get to know them better. And depending on your allegiance, you’ll know some better than others.

This paragraph, this right here, this made my day lmao!!


I meant the achievement for destroying the canister that you were supposed to get after killing the guards.


I tried the hero investigation and it seems kinda disappointing I think?
Both the villains and the outcasts investigations have a subplot but here they just say the guards behave strange and that’s it? You don’t even get any clue and later on nobody talks about it anymore. I think being a hero and protecting humans doesn’t seem fun in general considering how they treat you anyway, and how the guards punish you for little things like going into someone’s room but don’t care at all if there are actual fights.


The hero investigation hasn’t started yet. It starts in the chapter I’m writing right now. The rest, I agree, is that weird if the writer agrees with you? But yea, I’m actually writing them like that on purpose . . . to a point.

**Also, anyone’s who doing the Outcast investigation and already played before today, I just now truly fixed the issue with some parts not appearing.


If you choose to continue reading up on the law and try to side with Chelsea following the aftermath, you get called a hypocrite (this didn’t happen before this most recent update for some reason)


Just played through it all the way, very cool game.


I tried the password and it didn’t work and I wrote the right password someone help please


I play through it all the way too… It is a well written and character-driven story, i had initially thought the Main Character needs to become a notorious villain , some sort of Anti-hero all the way… but surprisingly the story allows us to define our own character, we can even longing to become a Hero as opposed by our parents and childhood friend, in addition the story doesn’t try to drive us into one direction… we can even choose to side with Chelsea and the Heroes, although i don’t have the heart to really abandon Reese, Reese’s reaction to the Main character when the MC help a lady to return her purse is one of the classic :smile: , i really loves her line " you are lucky i loves you so much that i won’t report this to your parents…but the more we grow up, you do more of this shxx and do you even get a thanks ? "

The variety of characters in the academy is also fun to read and they each has unique personalities …
I definitely interested in the final product :slight_smile:

I also couldn’t solve it yet… we have the clue of AABB_##(fill in), i am guessing AABB is the combination of RJ and GB, ## should be 2209 or 0922, fill in is either Margaret or Lawrence …


Supposedly the answer is GBRJ_0922Lawrenece but it doesn’t work


Did you try alternatives such as RJGB_2209LAWRENCE ? or GBRJ_2209LAWRENCE?

i plan to change some of the things later on and see whether i can get a breakthrough…


Overall this story has been quite the delight to read. Not sure why I haven’t read it sooner, if I’m being honest.

Summary of my Playthrough
  • I’m concerned that the title of this WIP is too similar to Villains. Have you thought of altering the title at all?

  • Choosing to stay in the hiding spot increases our impulsiveness.

And though I want to move you, I know and understand why your mother doesn’t wish to take you out?”
  • This shouldn’t be a question.

  • I find it weird that one of the default names for our character is Reese, and there’s also another character named Reese that shows up a little later. Maybe change the default name to something else?

  • Can the person who can change into anyone’s greatest desires appear as a brand new gaming computer?

“But she warns them first and she never kills them. Most of the time, they go to the hospital simply because of a flesh wound.”

“They go to the hospital because of a flesh wound,” Reese mimicked me, rolling her eyes as she sent me a playful smirk.
At the moment though, it was gazing up at me, a certain look in its eye. I didn’t know much about squirrels, or what they were capable of, but I swore that this one was giving me the death stare.
  • You know you done screwed up when even the squirrels are giving you hateful glares.

  • I’m also having trouble with the password section. Is there something we’re missing?


Oh, I’m loving the idea of this game! Then again I always love the idea of playing a villain that can walk a grey line. Hard lines are well, hard to stay on. XD

Though I swear I think I tried every password combo I could think of for the breaking into the computer! It might be driving me a little crazy