Villain: The Catalyst [Minor Update and Poll - 09/08/18 - ]



Will the “heroes” always get away with stuff at the school?


Predominantly, yea because of their status and what not. But I was thinking of adding areas where you can trick them into getting themselves caught and in trouble with the guards and what not.


I have diffrent question - can you befriend them? :slight_smile:


Turning them to the dark side seems like a viable plan there so… :imp:


Not really. They are alredy “dark”. Sometimes you need villian to fix heroes. You know - teach them that people are equal and (maybe) use their “friendship and hero status” to run away… :slight_smile: plus RO “from the other side” is best kind of RO :slight_smile: (Romeo and Juliet, huh?)


Oh yes, I like that!


I’m loving the story, somehow I made the MC very sarcastic and doesn’t care about what people think about them. I can’t wait for chapter five!


My recommendation for this story is that the options to transition from villain to hero should be given more time and work for them to feel more natural. Even if that means forcing the MC to act more hesitant when the readers course of actions lead to an altruistic outcome. So to not make the transition feel rushed or awkward, it should be more gradual as the MC is going against his values and ideals that he was raised with. Think back to the old lady and the mugger scene it’s a small, contained event that has no future outcome other then showing the evolution of the MC.


Hmm I wasn’t planning on making them anything more than recurring characters (depending on your choices anyway) so the RO part might not happen. But I’m pretty sure the friendship might be able to get a work in, though it will probably take a while because of trust and all of that.


Had this been updated today


Yea, I just updated it a few hours ago.


Okay thank I’m a bit dumb I’m going to check it out


How do I become a aclass


At this moment - you cannot :smile:


Oh dam it how come we cannot that’s annoying


Probably because A-Class is "Holy shit, holy shit, this person can blow up goddamn countries with a thought!"
It should require effort to get to the point where you can blow up countries with a thought. That really should not be something that people just casually get the ability to do.

So what’s the change log on this update?


Well I’m just gonna say that even the strongest superheros and villians were pretty weak at first but through time, they improved their abilities and became quite a force to be reckoned with. Even Superman wasn’t that strong as a kid but as he got older, he got stronger and faster. Remember when he first showed up, he couldn’t fly.


Like what @Interestedparty and @MichaelCrank said, you do have to get stronger. The only thing different is here that genetics play a big part and the higher classes can’t really be reached by training. For example, a mutant born Class D could train up and hopefully become a high-Class C. While Class B and Class A mutants usually are born as that class.

Just added the next chapter.


How far can the MC go?


I feel like answering that is a bit of a spoiler . . . :zipper_mouth_face: