Villain and Hero kids: From The Upper East Side (W.i.P) 18+ demo posted 12/25/ 2016

During the second world war, Germany tried to conquer the entire world. If not for the allied forces and a few major blunders, then Hitler would have succeeded. In a last confrontation with the U.S, Hitler bombarded the whole country with nucleatomic bombs. Sadly for him he did not succeed and the U.S survived.

There were consequences for that event though. Super natural humans with incredible powers started to emerge. The government scared of what might happen, came up with laws and restrictions that made the world of the Super naturals stay hidden from the mortal world.

In present day, you are a teenager living in Brooklyn New York. You have a tight knit family and your community knows each other. You look more like a country bumpkin slash a level away from being a nerd. Although you are not a social butterfly, you are ok with yourself. You don’t mind eating or going to the movies alone. In fact you think its pretty dope. Thanks to a scholarship, you can attend a very prestigious high school named Betelgeuse Private School on the upper east side.

Only the richest and brightest can go there. Your life in school is pretty normal. You don’t get bullied on every occasion and your grades are ok. One day, you wake up like any other. Except that for some reason, you decide to play hooky for the first time not knowing that shit would hit the fan. On that day you come across an illegal transaction on school grounds. The people involve were not to kin on people finding out, so they go after you. You try to escape but they corner you. That’s when for the first time your powers make themselves known. You survive the encounter and go home. Scared out of your mind, you pray so that that was a one time freak accident.

However life is not always nice. A small encounter with the queen be of Betelgeuse Private School introduces you to her hidden world that no one knows exist. The world of villains, full of Sex,Drugs, Crime and corruption.

However when your two best friends hero trainees themselves, find out about your little rendezvous. They quickly get what’s going on and try to steer you into the world of heroes full of Justice,Morals,Love and protection.

Its up to you to decide which world you like more… But remember you only have until graduation to choose.

Notes: the demo is on hold because i’m still coming up with powers to offer as options and I don’t know how long the demo should be.

There are rules to keep the villain and hero world secret but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cross over from time to time. When that happens the government uses the media to cover it up as another type of accident.

There is a difference between Adult villains/heroes and kid villain/heroes. Adults have complete anonymity.

Kid villains and heroes have a bit to none anonymity, that is do to the social media craze of posting and revealing every thing they do.

How does zero anonymity work? Well you’re teenager villains and heroes but you are still kids, so its like you have your own world hidden from the adults, with your own unspoken rules and your own ways.

This is just a starting idea, I wanted to write something that is high school clique base, with drama, I would like to give it a try even if i’m horrible at writing. Also i’m concern, how graphic are you allowed to get?


Alrighty, a demo has been posted. I’m not a very good speller or writer so i’m sorry about that.

The “demo” as i see it, is not meant to be played. It’s just to kinda give an idea of what i’m going for if anything.

Things I need to improve is giving you more control over the M.C and my coding cause right now it sucks and my writing.

There is a third class besides hero or villain and its called renegade, I just didn’t write it in, but basically what this class does is that they are like the volturi from twilight. They are task with keeping the peace/balance by any means necessary.

I’m still working on the powers situation.

Also um I can’t remember who posted something about a dystopian world or what not, but i certainly like the idea of making this story a bit of a dystopian world were you are the cause it, rather then you being born into it.

Final thing i have to say is that if anything Nazi disturbs you or makes you feel uncomfortable please don’t read this, just skip it. I am not trying to step of anyones toes. And just to be sure the story is rated 18+

lol did i mention that the demo sucks hahaha


Great idea can’t wait :grinning:

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If you look at works like the Samurai series in Hosted games, you’ll see you can get quite graphic. Be this as it may be, also be aware that if you want to sell your story in the Apple store, the more difficult it will be to get approved the more graphical you get. The latest Samurai story mentioned had to go through Apple censors multiple times before it was approved.

A demo is usually between 10,000 words and 20,000 … but you can write some of it, then update it with additions later on.

Looks promising, I’ll be keeping an eye on this project.

I have an idea!

Why not have your powers be determined by your choices and stats on the beginning of the game, (like how your godly parent is determined in Children of the Gods), rather than having the powers be determined by a single choice?


The power to copy/take powers? Then you get to add what you want as you go along, and give a special protagonist feel.

Would it make sense to just give the MC a set power at the beginning (and then maybe specialise at a later point)? I always feel that having a power that fits the plot is far more interesting than getting to “choose” a power that’s purely cosmetic. (And if it’s not cosmetic, it will be much harder to write, without horribly imbalancing the power choice.)


heh pretty dope
sounds fun

You might wanna change that part…some people might find it offensive…

You can ask me for help if you are stuck on powers…it is one of my strong points on social media.

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Is it ok if I assign a power instead of giving choices to choose? because I though people would not like it.

I had this idea but though it was pretty stupid.

The power that I wanted to give the m.c as a default, was a power that lets the m.c have a connection to the spirit world. With this power, the m.c can call upon a spirit to cross over and inhabit his body for a period of time.

The kicker is that you do not know what kind or type of spirit you are calling, and also the the power that you get from what ever spirit inhabits you is always random.

Is sort of like in the heat of battle or what ever situation your in. You just have to deal with what ever comes out.

There is more to the power but I don’t want to give it all away.


I think it will work, if you write it to work… most people will go with the flow on customization things as long as the basics are available - if assigning the spirit power is important for your story, then my advise would be to write it as assigned,

Down the road in the story, maybe the protagonist can better influence the type of spirit that is called; a chaotic person can summon a chaotic spirit or a party-child could summon a drunken sailor… you know your story best - have faith in yourself.


Sounds great can’t wait to try it out

How would it be offensive? Though it was happy for pretty much everyone besides Germany that Hitler lost, was it not sad for him?

It’s like the Emperor in Star Wars. The rebels cheered at his demise, but i’m pretty sure that Palpatine wouldn’t have been too happy about that. You know, if he wasn’t dead.


I have a randomizer that my help you out.

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I agree, it was sad for him. But I think the actual offensive bit of Notsofunnys description is omitting the “Nazi” bit of Nazi Germany.

Nazi Germany were seriously incompetent when it came to their nuclear weapons research. The Holocaust meant that they thinned out their pool of able physicists considerably. Jewish physicists were either killed or escaped to help the Americans in their own nuclear research. Between the invasion of Poland and early 1943 scientists and engineers had been conscripted into their freaking army only to be recalled in 1943. They’d been wasting the talents of those men on driving tanks, shooting people, and dying miserably. Japan were more interested in biological warfare and committed hideous war crimes mostly on Chinese peoples.

All while Manhattan project is being manned by 100,000+ people, had billions of dollars invested into it, and eventually had the mutual co-operation of USA, Canada, and Britain (not to equal extents ofc).

So maybe if Hitlers Holocaust “plan” had been different or postponed until he won. Maybe if Japan and Germany (and Italy lol no) had combined their efforts. Maybe if a superspy had stolen all the USA secrets. Maybe if Hitler hadn’t conscripted and scared away his academic citizens.etc then Nazi Germany would have finished developing nuclear weapons.

Lol also Hitler wasted a bunch of time and resources looking for the HOly Grail. Dude was a nutjob… much like a certain new president… hummmmmmmmmmm :upside_down:


Can I just say I love the alternate history spin that this WIP is taking because of the plot potential that it has. I wish @Notsofunny the best of luck to the success of V&HK!

Thank you for expanding on that.

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Ya, it’s bad wording but honestly Hitler was definetly sad about the outcome of the war. As interactive fiction I wonder whether this game if completed would be censored in Germany… Judging solely on what the OP has written it doesn’t seem like he cares about it being grounded in history. I think it will just be a “funny” back story for the superheroes. Correct me if I’m wrong @Notsofunny.

I hope I’m wrong. :frowning:

This idea seems a good one. I will definitely accompany the progress of this promising WIP. I just have une question. You said:

So if we choose to be a villain how dark will we go and how dark will the world be?


Well… that’s hard to say, but as of right now, its really dark.[quote=“deusvult, post:18, topic:21865”]
Judging solely on what the OP has written it doesn’t seem like he cares about it being grounded in history. I think it will just be a “funny” back story for the superheroes. Correct me if I’m wrong @Notsofunny.

I just needed to justify were the villains and heroes got their powers from, so I choose that as the source. That background wont play much into the story except on key events.

I’m never historically accurate when writing.

Why did I choose that? Well I was just revisiting Germany’s history which I love and I guess two and three got together and I came up with that.

Germany is full of history, but the thing I can’t get over it is its darkest time being Nazi Germany, especially the holocaust. I have spent hours reading, watching documentaries and first hand testimonies and I still learn something new each time. Like every time I always ask myself how could that have happened! Who let that man go so far!

Just recently I discovered there are people called holocaust deniers, who deny that the holocaust ever happened. That’s something that I need to investigate cause I’m curious. How can people deny such things when there is an abundance of evidence.