Viam Ferro - the Path of Steel (~18k Words | Updated 06/08/2023)


Recently, I had to ask myself an important question regarding whether or not to include multiple backgrounds that can be selected.

Opting for the Set Background option would save me considerable time. However, this would restrict you, my dear Reader, to follow a specific background and its associated details throughout the later stages of the story, leading to a simpler story in that aspect.

On the other hand, choosing the Multiple Backgrounds option would exponentially increase the time required. Yet, it would provide you with a choice of different cultural groups that would:

a) influence the dialogue options available later on, leading to unique interactions with characters from your or other cultural groups.

b) shape your upbringing before becoming a Sequi Imperfecta, your family, and potentially unveil a particular ending, interaction, or twist in the story.

c) potentially offer bonuses to certain stats depending on the specific traditions, upbringing, and cultural ideas.

Incorporating the cultures into the story and worldbuilding to ensure relevance would also become necessary. In the end, the decision rests with you, dear Reader.

Pros & Cons Summary

Set Background Option:

➛ Pros:

  • Saves time and resources for me
  • Offers a simpler and more streamlined approach to character creation
  • Avoids potential confusion or decision paralysis that may arise with multiple options

➛ Cons:

  • Limits player choice and agency in shaping their character and their story
  • May feel restrictive or unsatisfying for players who do not identify the pre-set background
  • May lack the depth and diversity of experience that multiple background options could provide

Multiple Backgrounds Option:

➛ Pros:

  • Provides a greater sense of player agency and choice in shaping their character and their story
  • Offers a more diverse range of experiences and perspectives, allowing for greater immersion and engagement with the game world
  • Encourages replayability as players may choose to explore different cultural backgrounds on subsequent playthroughs

➛ Cons:

  • Requires significantly more time, and effort to write and implement
  • May lead to potential inconsistencies or contradictions in the story if not properly integrated
  • May create additional complexity and potential confusion for players who may struggle to navigate the various background options
Multiple Gender
  • The addition of a female character option has been long overdue, and I fully recognize that the reasons for not including this option earlier were rooted in a desire to simplify coding and streamline development. However, as my knowledge and capabilities have grown, I can no longer justify neglecting the importance of inclusivity and allowing all readers to select a character that they can truly identify with. It is time to rectify this mistake in the upcoming update or the one after that.

  • I am considering incorporating the theme of gender into my story in a meaningful way. This would involve the character undergoing a prolonged period of denial, self-exploration, and interacting with other characters to determine their true gender identity (if you choose this option).

↳ This plotline would have implications for the character’s relationships with other characters and their own personal growth, as they struggle to challenge their ingrained societal beliefs. Rather than being a token choice with no impact on the story, it would be an authentic and fitting addition.

↳ However, the decision to engage with this plotline would ultimately be up to you as the reader/player. Furthermore, please note that this idea is still in the conceptual stage and subject to change.

  • Set Background
  • Multiple Backgrounds

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Of course everyone want more stuff and more choices, but multiple backgrounds really sound like a headache to write

Is it possible to start out as a set background and change to multiple if there’s more time?

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TDLR; Yes, it might start out with a set background or more likely limited access to any scenes branching or being created by your specific background.

Longer Version

I understand your perspective and it’s highly likely that the temporary progression path will be implemented, as demonstrated in the demo in the final scenes. While coding this game is a complex task because it aims to capture the intricacies of its world, the main challenge isn’t the coding aspect, but rather maintaining a cohesive, immersive story with numerous factors at play. Essentially, creating this game is like writing several novels in one, which is already an incredibly challenging task for a single writer.

To elaborate further, creating a game that is both complex and immersive requires careful consideration of various factors. The world-building, character development & impact, plotlines, and stats mechanics all need to be seamlessly integrated to create a coherent and engaging experience for the reader.

Additionally, the game’s interactive nature means that readers can interact with various characters and factions in different ways, leading to multiple branching paths and potential storylines. Managing all these variables and ensuring that they fit together in a logical and cohesive way is a monumental undertaking that requires extensive planning and testing (I sometimes just sit and think about my story, really only making theoretical progress as I attempt to figure out the next scene, it’s effect and functionality).

Therefore, while implementing a temporary progression path may not be the biggest hurdle, creating and maintaining a rich and immersive narrative that can accommodate the game’s complexity and openness remains a significant challenge that must be carefully managed.

Ultimately, multiple backgrounds are just one of the many problematic cogs that impede the ease of progressing and is part of a bigger problem with writing IFs.


Has this project been cancelled, or is the author just currently busy?


Apologies for the late reply, @SaintArcadius

  • It hasn’t been canceled, however, I am currently busy with school and social life
  • I am unsure if I wish to a) continue writing this (due to my currently low passion) and b) if I am ready to accept the fact this may never be finished

On a merrier note, thank you for reading my work and I hope you liked it!


It’s normal for creative passion to wane over time, don’t beat yourself up over it. Many projects in this life are transient and fleeting in value at any given moment, especially when undertaken by one’s self. Life is a mix of different mediums for us to pour attention into, often some have more precedence than others, so if these personal endeavors have more importance at this point in time, pursue them to the best of your ability, without shame.So to sum it up, when the will to creativity dims in brightness and you feel like setting sights elsewhere, for a time, or even permanently, do so. Regardless all I’ll say is your dialogue was definitely filled with the love that could only be born through care for your craft and it was most immersive, definitely got my imagination stirring. Nothing left to say, but have fun :ok_hand:t4:


well I hope this games was not dead the story was good

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20th July, 2023 - Minor Update

  • Added the second Path, leading to your first encounter with Acacius
    ➥ It should be fairly fleshed out, as I tried to include several nice, if small, decisions. The same will be done with the first Path where you meet Heliodorus

  • Rewrote the POV Change, no major changes, just fixed some errors of format.

While it’s not much, I would like to use it to say that I have decided to not fully abandon the game. I will be doing larger re-writes, and fleshing out the first Chapter soon as I felt some of the scenes were too rushed & random.



Awesome just awesome nun but awesome :raised_hands:t5::100::100::100:

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6th August, 2023 - Major Update

  • Full scene with Heliodorus & Acacius once you arrive in your new home.

  • Removed the fight scene for a more smooth transition into your Domus.

  • Beginning of your first Nightmare.

  • Simplified & Compiled Forum description.

  • Added a planned RO List for Book 1 under 'Forbidden Fruit*.



Additionally, I will be transitioning from providing updates of around 5,000 words to longer ones, ranging from 10,000 to 15,000 words. This change means there might be longer intervals between updates, but it will allow me to upload more substantial content at once.


Ran into this error introduction2 line 403: Tabs and spaces appear on
the same line When trying to proceed

I think it is because you reached the end of current demo

Is it on the decision: “Truth? Why would I need to find or wish to know his truth?” ?

It’s on only the cold stone and the iron

I’ve figured out what is causing the error message and game crash

You our dearest author has set a if command but hasn’t set an else command meaning that if someone doesn’t have more than 0 relationship stat with Acacius the game will crash since there is no variation set to 0 relationship with Acacius

So if anyone is having this problem a way to solve it is to press ctrl, tilde key and I at the same time then write stats.acacius=1 and press enter that should allow you to progress and do this before getting to the page that crashes the game


Apologies for the long wait.

Everything should be fixed and you should be able to access the second part of the Heliodorus interaction properly now!

I appreciate your patience, and for the fixing suggestions in the meantime :slight_smile:.


Found a line break error.

The entire page repeats itself after the underlined.

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That’s strange, I play-tested and inspected the file but there seemed to be no error. I re-uploaded the file to Dashingdon, maybe that fixes the issue.

Otherwise, I have no answer to this, @LadyUmbreon89

Thank you for pointing out the bug!

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