Viam Ferro - the Path of Steel (~18k Words | Updated 06/08/2023)



For the Antaryon, who blessed me with opportunity.

For my Instructors, who created fire from ash.

While the enemies of the Empereur-Auguste still draw breath, there can be no peace.



You have been chosen.

It is not an exaggeration to declare that fate has deemed you worthy, for you have been chosen. You, my young warrior, have been chosen to fulfill a noble purpose. In this world, there exists but two forces - the Emperor-Auguste and his adversaries. No more, no less. You must accept the reality that you are now an orphan, bereft of family ties, but not without a new family to serve.

Behold, you are now a member of the Sequi Imperfecta, a group of seemingly worthless youths who will soon undergo the Iron Guard’s Induction Trials at the esteemed Academiae. Your present state of worthlessness shall soon be eradicated, for you are destined for greatness. Soon, you shall embark on a journey to The Border, where you shall be tested and tried, so that one day, you may have the honor of joining the illustrious ranks of the Praesidio Ferro.

Make no mistake, you have been selected for a higher calling, and therefore, should rejoice. You have been chosen to serve, to dedicate your life to the noble cause of defending the Emperor-Auguste till your dying breath. Such a purpose is not given to the weak or faint of heart. You, my young warrior, have been deemed strong enough, capable enough, and worthy enough to stand amongst the greatest defenders of the realm. Embrace this truth, and let it fuel your every action as you embark on this journey of service and glory.

Is truth absolute, or is it a fluid concept that can be shaped by one’s subjective interpretation of reality?

Your craft is death

Sharpen your martial arts prowess with a sword or a spear as you endure the notorious Iron Guard’s horrific induction ceremony. Test your martial skills in theory, and practice, to achieve your unique style of fighting. Explore a world where injustice reigns supreme and learn a thing (or two) about the Art of Steel. You must become the Steel of the Empereur-Auguste, or die trying!

Try to survive

Do you have what it takes to make it through the Academiae or even The Border? You must carve a place for yourself in a world where everything is out to get you. An untimely death, losing loved ones, and everything trying to kill you are indeed commonplace. You will be molded anew by hardships and obstacles to reach new heights or experience unimaginable lows. How will you stain the canvas that is this world?

What remains is death

The protagonist is not you. However, you will unquestionably need to embody that which is nearest if you want to survive. Will you succeed in a setting where youth are being raised to become the Steel of the Empereur-Auguste? It is not for the weak of spirit to endure what you will go through if you manage it. The most repulsive aspects of a person emerge when they must struggle to survive. You will be surrounded by a constant, fog-like mist of brutality, betrayal, and absolute desperation. The question is now: Are you able to claw your way out of that desperation and rise with a head held high?

The Forbidden Fruit

Even when desperation grips those around you, will you be able to assemble a trustworthy Squad or find your soulmate? Don’t be deceived; although treachery is widespread, you must maintain bonds with others. No person can conquer the world on their own, no matter how powerful they are. This is reality, where crushing a dream is far easier than achieving it and you are about to get a cruel wake-up call.

Current, planned RO List:

Heliodorus (M)
A mesmerizing vision of beauty. With golden locks that cascade like a sun-kissed waterfall, azure eyes that rival the brilliance of lapis lazuli, and a laugh that seems to be stolen from the very treasure trove of the gods, Heliodorus stands apart from the crowd. Some dismiss him as a mere pretty face, but beneath the surface lies an enigma. Rumors whisper that he carries the weight of a disgraced noble lineage, bound to a fate that demands his life for the Imperium. Yet, his charm, his people-pleasing allure, and the faint glimmer of intensity only hint at the depths of his untold story.

Palaemon (M)
A towering figure amidst mere mortals, Palaemon exudes an uncanny ability to endure both the giving and receiving of powerful blows. His build is not just brawn, but forged for battle itself. Yet, his mindset betrays the warrior’s path he was seemingly born to tread. Often restraining his true potential, never wishing to do any unnecessary harm, he embodies a tumultuous storm of emotions, boundless kindness, and unwavering hope that hopes for a better tomorrow.

Acacius (M)
With a jester’s flair, Acacius effortlessly forges connections with companions, but only a select few are privy to his inner circle. His jokes serve as a veil, concealing an earnest and slightly idealistic spirit. An underdog in a world besieged by the worst challenges, Acacius dauntlessly faces life’s trials with a laugh.

“Valentinus” (F)
Akin to a frosty tempest, “Valentinus” was once known as Renae, casting aside her name that once symbolized rebirth to embrace an ambitious new identity. As the first-born bastard of House Antaryon under Principe-Auguste Amentius, she shatters expectations and defies the shadows of her lineage. Rejecting the fate of anonymity among Valeri’s bastard children, she seeks a path that leads to a throne.

‎She has learned that power can be a double-edged sword, capable of both great good and immense harm, and she seeks a balance between the two. Calculating, ambitious, and utterly ruthless, yet with a frozen heart of gold. In her eyes, the crown glimmers like a distant, unattainable star, but with each move she makes, she comes closer to seizing her destiny.

Theodoric / Brunhild (M/F)
A wild and untamed spirit, they defy captivity and roar with a primal fire that sets them apart from the rest. Born into slavery, his eyes blaze with an intensity that can both mesmerize and terrify. Like a relentless storm, they claw their way from the bonds of servitude to become a recognized warrior among their peers. Brash, ambitious, and stoic, their journey embodies a battle against their oppressors, as they strive to reconcile the shadows of their past with the glimmers of hope in their future.

Princess Anthea (F) :triangular_flag_on_post:
A bewitching flower, veiled in danger. Like a rose coated in poison, she beckons with sweetness, yet harbors a darkness that could ensnare the bravest soul. Behind her beguiling smile lies a sadistic nature, and her heart is tainted with spite. She dares anyone courageous or foolish enough to approach. The allure of her presence is intoxicating, drawing admirers near, but those who delve too deep may find themselves ensnared in the thorns of her treacherous game.

Her velvet glove masking the concealed dagger that she wields with deadly precision. In her presence, one can never be certain if they are walking on a bed of petals or a minefield. Her charm is a double-edged sword, cutting both friend and foe with equal measure. To know Princess Anthea is to dance on the edge of danger, to risk everything for the chance to understand the depths of her heart. But, there are always those that relish the challenge, where the reward may be an unimagined connection or the sting of her thorns.



Greetings, and welcome to my very first ChoiceScript Game!

This will be in a more medieval setting, and without spoiling too much, it will heavily focus on War alongside politics. War, obviously, is far from just fighting battles, it is far… far more. It has many sides to it, both sinister and utterly mesmerizing. This is a low-fantasy, semi-realistic CoG set in a world of grey.

As the saying goes,

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

You will play a Sequi Imperfecta, which are youths about to go through the Academiae to prepare for The Border. There is a lot planned, yet not yet realised. For now, the description will be on the vague side to allow me some room to breath and I won’t list everything you can achieve as I am not yet fully set on what the goals are.



Introductionary Chapter - Incomplete (10-20%) | In Planning

Chapter I - Incomplete (0%) | In Planning

Chapter II - Incomplete (0%) | In Planning




Alpha Phase

6th August, 2023 - Major Update

  • Full scene with Heliodorus & Acacius once you arrive in your new home.
  • Removed the fight scene for a more smooth transition into your Domus.
  • Beginning of your first Nightmare.
  • Simplified & Compiled Forum description.
  • Added a planned RO List for Book 1 under 'Forbidden Fruit*.

20th July, 2023 - Minor Update

  • Added the second Path, leading to your first encounter with Acacius
    ➥ It should be fairly fleshed out, as I tried to include several nice, if small, decisions. The same will be done with the first Path where you meet Heliodorus
  • Rewrote the POV Change, no major changes, just fixed some errors of format.

25th February, 2023 - Major Update

  • Edited Praesidio Ferro Description, hair & eyes description, and Militaris Facultatem description
  • After-edited and flavored some parts of scenes (for better or for worse)
  • Expanded on the story, entering into the first Trial (& fight scene) - only one proper path available for now
  • Partially edited & flavored the newly available scenes
  • Edited the Forum Description to be more befitting and fixed an error

9th February, 2023 - Major Update

  • Added flavor text for the Economy of the Imperium
  • Added 1/2 of the Economy for the Imperium
  • Re-branded the headers of the stats & the introductory chapter
  • Expanded on the story (Currently only one ‘mini-path’ is available, but will be expanded upon)
  • Added Stats Explanation
  • Partially edited the newly available scenes

20th January, 2023 - Minor Update

  • Added flavor text for Historiae Mundi
  • Partially re-wrote the customization scenes (hopefully improved clarity, delivering and expanded upon the choice of words used by me)
  • Partially edited the customization scenes (fewer punctuation errors, still working on those tenses, fixed some sentence structures, …)
  • Added Praesidio Ferro - unedited Description
  • Added Heraldry for Nobilis Familias & general coat of arms for most factions in the Imperium de Valeria

17th January, 2023

  • First Demo release.
  • Stats Screen fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • Customisation scenes finished
  • Hotfixed image issues in the demo

I finished the Demo for now, and you have a good writing ! ^^ I’m eager to play more !


I am delighted to hear that!

I hope the dialogue sounded natural and the transitions into the customisations were smooth :slight_smile:.


Yes it was ! Everything look good and easy to understand ^^


@Xychael i shall look forward to seeing what yiu got coming forbits a interesting start kinda reminds me of the whole skyrim wake up in a cart bit lol

As to the stats looking good so far and it sseemed to move where it needed to based off the little we have so far in the demo.


Now that you mention it… damn, I can’t unsee it. I guess I have a Skyrim reference in my WIP now :wink:

I am glad it’s looking good.


Sounds promising. Hope you keep up the work, but make sure you don’t overwork yourself.

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I’d tweak the title a bit. Since it’s not part of a sentence with a verb, “Via Ferro” sounds a lot more natural. And “path of steel” isn’t really an accurate translation - it’s more like “a path made by iron/steel.”

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@Xychael – Your story has a lot of potential.

I see you change tenses at times though.

Here is an example:

You go from present tense to past tense and then back to present tense.

Good luck in writing your story.


First off, I am delighted you view my story that way and I hope it turns out as good as I imagine it. Though, it will take lots of time, dedication and most likely painstaking hours of brainstorming to get it done. Every bit of criticism helps me improve and every bit of encouragement eases the burden of writing.

On the topic of tenses, they are a bit of a weak spot in my English (I am not a native speaker, but that’s not really an excuse in my case) and one I am aware of. I didn’t have the time to edit the dialogue yet since I’ve been working extensively on fleshing out lore, which takes a lot… LOT OF TIME.

Especially since I am trying to lay out some possible paths in the lore and events of note… etc.

I, nonetheless, thank you for your input and I’ll try to watch my tenses while writing. :grin:


I actually considered Via Ferro, believe it or not, but settled on Viam Ferro.

Also, while path of steel isn’t the direct translation, it’s a paraphrasing.

Path OF steel ≈ a path made of/by iron/steel

The title is, most likely, not yet final and I believe your suggestion is food for thought on my part. On the note of Latin, I try my best to check and verify the translations I provide but I am by far not adept at Latin. I cross reference different translators and look up some words but building extensive word combinations is hard for me and you’ll most likely stumble over more ‘wrong’ Latin words, and word combinations.

And don’t get me started on the Latin sentences. :skull:

Just as with my English, I’ll try my best in that department and will think about changing the title to something more smooth (such as Via Ferro, or Via Laminae/Ensis (Path of the Blade, a path made by the blade))

I thank you for sharing your Latin knowledge and your thoughts on the title with me :+1:


“A path made by the blade” would be “Via Lamina” or “Via Ense.” :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually like “Via Ferro” as a title - the image of literally hacking out a path through the ranks of one’s enemies is a powerful one.

(Also, thank you for listening to me ramble about Latin grammar. Most people roll their eyes and ignore me.) :joy:


The Imperium de Valeria sounds a lot like the Roman Empire also will the soldiers of imperium be wearing Lorica segmentata

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You’re right.

Since I wanted to go with a Latin Theme I have inspired myself by the Roman Empire. More so, I will make use of many structural systems in place as they quite obviously worked (such as the military system, ranks and legion system, …). I can also be sure of their correct translation. :laughing:

While the Lorica Segmentata was a fine piece for it’s time, you’d be surprised to find something far more plain used in my verse: full maille, specifically most professional soldiers in the Imperium wear riveted Chainmail combined with the ‘humble’ Gambeson. Maille was first invented (presumably by Celts) and then adopted by just about everybody. The riveted Chainmail from the 12th to 13th century is what most of them probably wear with the entire body being protected in at least one layer, and sometimes two layers of armor, which was almost entirely cut, stab, and arrow proof (most of the time :wink: )

Prepare to see many combinations of various medieval ages (high, late, …) combined with some ancient world structures, systems and other. I’ll try to do my research to use it correctly and do logical combinations, but that won’t be in the forefront of the project (obviously)

The Segmentata is distinct. That is one of the key features it has when used in writing or otherwise: people know it, recognise it. I might use it, I might not. I’m still indecisive.

I’m happy you are interested in the Roman aspect of the Imperium, and I hope I didn’t write too much. I’ve gotten carried away a bit. :grin:

On the topic of the title

I will probably be uploading a “major” update this weekend or in the middle of next week (alongside some minor updates before that). I will most likely change the title and re-host the game on dashingdon (since you can’t change the title without deleting the game). So expect any change to come into effect around next week. (:sob: F to the 415 view count on the link)

Well, I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I would just let you guys choose, which title you prefer and see as more natural. I am looking forward to seeing the results.

Democracy! :grin:

  • Via Ferro - “the Path of Steel”
  • Via Lamina - “the Path of the Blade”
  • Viam Ferro (Keep it that way) - “the Path of Steel”

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Like the story and what your going the stats too are nice and personally like not seeing the same generic stats I hope you can have more story put out next update I always like the more darker stories for some reason lol

Update on the current situation

I assume most of you already are well aware of the recent post-editing problem. I won’t elaborate further on it, but I will - for the time being - post through replies every time a minor/major update is published.

I hope the issue will be resolved soon, and I am delighted to see the community working together to take some stress off the staff while establishing trust between Authors.

I will not open a wiki thread as the matter of updating my post is not as pressing as it might be for other authors.

Alpha Changelog

20th January, 2023 - Minor Update

  • Added flavor text for Historiae Mundi
  • Partially re-wrote the customization scenes (hopefully improved clarity, delivering and expanded upon the choice of words used by me)
  • Partially edited the customization scenes (fewer punctuation errors, still working on those tenses, fixed some sentence structures, …)
  • Added Praesidio Ferro - unedited Description
  • Added Heraldry for Nobilis Familias & general coat of arms for most factions in the Imperium de Valeria

17th January, 2023 - Major Update

  • First Demo release
  • Stats Screen fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • Customization scenes finished
  • Hotfixed image issues in the demo

I will convert your original post to a forum wiki post.

This allows you to edit the original post once more.

Once you get your user level to user level 2, you should be able to avoid this software bug. For further information, there is a thread on user levels in the Meta category.

Edit: If you need the title changed, DM me, or another moderator and we will be happy to help do that.


Well what can I say I love the unique flavour of this work, it has a dark tint to the story which is more than welcome in my eyes. Since I have an innate predispotion towards life’s more “gritty” aspects. Also there exists an artistic flair to how you describe your characters’ traits which breathes a certain soul into your story, which I like. There’s nothing left to mention on my part, I like what I see and hope for more, of course with minor adjustments here and there you’ll be up an running :ok_hand:

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I like your writing style and the stats look original! Hope to see the game to progress~~ but i was confused with latin names, would like to have some explanation page on stats menu or else

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