VERSUS: The Elite Trials — Infiltrate the Elite gods, or turn double agent?

Yes, you need the bug to get the Strenght Apprentice. And the same bug allowed me to get the Strenght Novice.

I didn’t alter the game code to get everything. But can you tell me how to do it?

I figured out, but you shouldn’t tell it here, if you do, the echelon might destroy itself :stuck_out_tongue:

I will tell how to do it later, first I’m going to exploit it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I already got all that the other day, but I cheated by altering the game code to do it.
I didn’t alter the game code to get everything. But can you tell me how to do it?

Do you know how to open up and read the game files? That’s the first step. If you don’t, there’s a thread on the subject here:

I know if I’m on Android, I need the APK file, but where I find the APK file of CoG games?

Piracy and I am totally against it I denounce each link I found. If you want find code is better ask Cog for them lol.

I prefer to read through them on my large screen monitor, so I use an app named AirDroid to download them from my cell phone to my desktop. All of the apks are in the Apps folder on an android cell phone.

This is why I’m reluctant to post anything resembling a cog modding howto. All mods I write are for my own personal enjoyment. I don’t distribute them, and wouldn’t consider distributing them without the permission of the original work’s author. OTOH there’s a thread on reading code on this forum with posts by forum mods and the forum admin, so as long as we stick to code reading, I don’t mind discussing how a legitimate game owner can read the code of games they’ve purchased.

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No i was talking about apks pirate that appear everywhere. Not personal moding.

I will have to make the root on my phone to access the APK files.

Then I use a zip reader to alter the code?

Sounds shifty, comrade. Not that I don’t agree - just not when the game costs so little.

I mean, not just a zip reader.

@jasonstevanhill What is Cog opinion. About mod or apk roots I am against second but see not problem with first if keep private

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Rooting your device is legal, honey. It’s what it’s used for that’s the problem.

For example, I’ve homebrewed my Wii. By itself, all that does is void the warranty since it’s tampering with the original software of the device as it was created.

But homebrewing is often used to play ROMs, or games that you haven’t legally purchased but just downloaded the files. The same can be said for rooting, as it is the smart device version of homebrewing.

When a game is bought the site you bought it from gives you an APK which contains the game files. That is legal. You can play a legal APK file, had you bought it, on a rooted device. But when you have an APK and play it on a rooted device without buying, that’s the moral problem. That’s illegal.

Also, not sure about Choicescript, but hard-modding (changing the code rather than applying a temporary removable patch) of any game, even your own legal copy, is illegal. I’ve done it before, since I hate patches.

I know root is legal what i am talking about is download a modified apk that is shared in some pages.

In my country you could modify whatever code inside something you had bought if not shared and is not use to any comertial value

An apk file is a file tree archived in zip format. It’s a bunch of folders, subfolders, and the files they contain all stuffed into one file for easier transfer. So you need a utility capable of handling zip files to extract the file tree. The files of interest can themselves be read by anything capable of viewing text files. They are located in the scenes subfolder.

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That’s piracy. Changing the code your own APK is technically illegal but looked down on less often than straight-up piracy. I can’t actually prove whether someone is pirating or not, though.

It is legal in my country.

I miss the days when Bioware used to encourage people to mod their code. Neverwinter Nights and the early days of Dragon Age were great fun, and there were countless wonderfully creative mods produced. The ending of that golden age is yet another reason for a lot of gamers to detest EA…


I will need the roto because the only computer I have is a broken notebook, until I buy a new one, my Phoenix is the only option.

This is a bug, so becareful! I recommend to not change your House, your Order, your Path and your romance, unless you want a very bugged game.

First you need a save for Versus 2, so just follow the guide I posted, you will have at the end 5 upgrades. Then start a new game and upload the save from Versus 2, the game will warn you it is invalid, so just cancel and start a new game like a new reader. You will have everything from the previous save, so just keep building Strenght and you will have every upgrade at the end.

Hmm…I’m not certain I’d call it a bug so much as the player being able to do something the author didn’t consider, ie. reloading a save from the completed game back into the beginning of the game. Ironically, that would be one way to break-up with Venuma without replaying Book 1. The game would unset your relationship variable(s) with her and Breeze if you betray her at the end of your first play-through of Book 2, and then you could romance Oli or someone else on your second play-through. lol.

EDIT: I should have checked before assuming the game would unset your relationship variable with Venuma if you betrayed her. It does not.

You can’t break up with Venuma it does not reset any variable, so you still get the scene where she tells you belong to her.