VERSUS: The Elite Trials — Infiltrate the Elite gods, or turn double agent?

I shall do it when I have a day off the work.

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Hmmmm iight im on it​:wink::relaxed:

Be shit and make choices don’t be sure of a side like me, tea. It’s balls

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When I first started playtesting it, that was the only ending you could get.

So I got the first time, the second time, the third time, the fourth time, and after the fifth time I got that ending my feedback response was definitely annoyed. :slight_smile:

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I was so focused in Veruna Forced sex slave romance to bother if the ending was x y or a banana with a pudding raisins hair.


I have to admit,I wasn’t a big fan of being forced into Venuma’s harem…

But what really gets to me is the way she says it.If she just gently broke it to us and maybe gave us a quick little summary on why it was important,I wouldn’t be so mad.Instead,she just says “You’re my bitch,you can’t do anything about it,you won’t get an explanation from me,deal with it.”

The only positive I can give this is that it helps with roleplaying my character.She doesn’t trust Ashe and Venuma is being a cunt,so she’s just gonna go the Secret Abolitionist route and screw over both of them.

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in the beta the scene was way worse, they weaked the forced part a lot. I am totally against it because I didn’t romance her in first place I just banged her once in my Kirk playthrough but my character wasn’t in love or anything so my surprise here Was WTF I have 45 relationship with you What the hell is happening? I don’t wanna bang breeze or the ugly barbarian WHO ARE YOU TO MARK ME!! and all the No choices are fake and that’s a big NO IN MY BOOK. So I will never be pro her group. The rest of game is amazing

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Quite frankly,I was intrigued at the idea of banging a goddess.

But that was only a fling.My MC wanted to be in a serious relationship with Oli.

But apparently that’s not happening anytime soon,so I guess I’ll go with Breeze.They’re a nice person.

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They is nice if you are in their side if not they is an asshole and grumpy And their secret I prefer they killed.

That part actually bummed me out a lot.I REALLY wanted to romance Oli.And,judging by my route,it seems Breeze will eventually hate me like everyone else except MaMaNa.

My MC is doomed to be forever alone.

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Sounds right. You can get 3 of the 4 available ability upgrades at the beginning of book two, and 2 of 5 possible upgrades at the end of book 2. In total there are 7 distinct upgrades available of which you can acquire a maximum of 5 if you choose wisely.

For those who are curious, here’s the full list:

Tech Apprentice: (Able to Access Readouts Remotely) Automatic in Chap 1
Tech Novice: (Able to Redirect Weapons Systems) Available in Chap 1
Energy Apprentice: (Able to Generate Bio-Shock Blast) Available in Chap 1 & 7
Energy Novice: (Able To Unleash Golden Essence) Available in Chap 7
Strength Apprentice: (Able to Access Bio-Enhanced Punches) Available in Chap 1 & 7
Strength Novice: (Acquired Demi-Divine Durability) Available in Chap 7
Command Apprentice: Level Cleared (Able To Access Divine Coercion Skill) Available in Chap 7

Note that while you can get both tech apprentice and tech novice in chapter one, you can’t get both apprentice and novice together at the same time in chapter 7 with either energy or strength.

There aren’t any opportunities to use the powers gained in chapter 7 within this book.

Well if you’re not on their side they die. I can understand them being grumpy about having to die…

If you betray the VS Front at the end of Book 2, you should be in the clear for new romances in Book 3. Be warned, Breeze dies if you betray the VS Front as the Elite Courte still has a big grudge against Breeze and will immediately vote Breeze into a match with the biominate. OTOH, if you want the Oli romance content in Book 2 you can replay Book 1 and simply turn down Venuma when she tries to bed you just before she gives you the full absorb. You’ll still have to betray the VS Front to get the scene at the end of the book with Oli.


I found a way to get all the four upgrades at the beginning. It’s a bug but it’s possible.

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Sorry for the delay @AAO (for this guide to work, you need to have high Abilities stats, instead of weapons) :

I’m behind a waterfall, hidden in a cavern of crystals pulsating distinct emotions.
*set energy +1

Flash-absorb the abilities of one of these foreign strangers.

The racing weaponess.
*set tech +2

After full absorbing OtherBoard
*set tech +6
*set energy +3
*set strength +3

Use my borrowed electrical energy to charge-blast the Bominate.
set energy +3

Use my technical prowess to interface with the ship and eject the Bominate through a newly opened hatch.
*set tech +2

Intercept the Bominate’s sourcing stream to siphon the life and power being routed to it. I know I probably won’t learn anything new about the Bominate’s origins by doing this, but I might slow the Bominate’s healing process and gain valuable resources for my own use.
*set energy +2
*set tech +2
*set agile +2
*set strength +2
*set command +2

Lady Venuma’s gifted goddess glow.
*set energy +1

Or if Breeze will die:

Breeze’s wind energy.
*set energy +1

Use the energy gifted by Lady Venuma to blast off the Bominate’s faceplate.
*set energy +2

Or if Breeze will die:

Use Breeze’s wind energy to blast off the Bominate’s faceplate.
*set energy +2

At the Beginning of the second game, choose the Tech option.[/details]

Edit: can someone tell me, why the details command didn’t work?


That only gets you five strength, is that the bug part you meant?

No, the bug is not included

Or you can get everything :sunglasses:

Teach me your ways,Senpai!

You may well have already figured this out since you posted, but to get 9, in addition to already having 8, you need to get MamaNa to open up to your MC about her plan to betray not just Ashe but also Venuma, and pick the choice that this revelation opens up during the soultest with Queen Ashe. . 10 is pretty much automatic once you have 9. You get asked a question at the end of the game, and if you answer yes, you get 10 and a hidden message.

Totalling up your guide plus the 6 points available in book 2 before the stat wipe, I’m getting:

energy: +1+3+3+2+1+1+2=13
tech: +2+6+2+2 +6 =18
strength: +3+2=5

By my math that gives you energy apprentice (13>10) and the automatic tech apprentice, but still leaves you 2 shy of tech novice and 5 shy of strength apprentice. You can make some different choices and shift 5 of the points in energy to tech or strength, but that still leaves you short of the 2 ability points needed to get the last upgrade. Or is that where your cheat comes in?

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Damn, lucky I really suck, I’ve been none stop trying get it, for the life of me. Do I need to stop always rolling netruel?

I already got all that the other day, but I cheated by altering the game code to do it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: