Versus refresher?


So I just got Versus: The Deathscapes and remember really liking the last two and being excited for this one. But, I feel like I forgot a lot about the story and character developments. I had a near perfect run through in my last save so I don’t wanna mess that up either by starting a new game. Should I replay the first two to get a refresher or should I be good going into the Deathscapes cold? I played the first two in like 2017 lol. Thank you!

Also, does anyone have an achievement list or perfect play through tutorial yet? :eyes:

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would definitely recommend you to replay through the first two. i did it last night so i’m more prepared for today’s release and it’s easier to remember all the characters!

i think there’s also a recap that can be found on the third book if you import your saves, but if you’re definitely looking for the full experience, i’d definitely recommend doing another playthrough!


Yeah. I already did a playthrough a few months ago when I heard Book 3 was in beta just to refresh myself.