Vengeance-Your Revenge (WIP) ( Updated 11th July 2023 Word count-26k) ---Chapter 2 released

Can we go on full genocide killing all father’s men and their families and torture father and brother before we kill them and kill there families if they have one


Yeah you will have that choice but I don’t recommend it. You can kill AJ the MC’s father but if you go on killing everyone then you might not get a good ending to your story by the end of the trilogy

Yeah I made that mistake. I will make the correction soon.
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I am not going to create a patreon account because I don’t want to charge anybody on my first story.



@The_Butcher do you disagree with me .
Do you think I should create a patreon?

I don’t disagree man. It’s up to you. The game is in an early phase right now I think you would get an idea after you have written enough chapters if you want to start patron or not. Starting a Patreon comes with responsibility.

:pleading_face:was like an appreciation for that statement. It looks very different on the forum.

This wip needs a lot of polishing. You need to use some tools (Grammarly etc). Try to use short sentences. You need to design paragraphs in the first chapters too.

Otherwise, it is a fresh concept and I am intrigued.

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@The_Butcher Thanks buddy I have just started writing for 22 days
And I am quite poor to myself afford Patreon so I thought why make others suffer.
And my English grammar is bad because I am Spanish

I can relate cuz I am also working on a project.

@The_Butcher Oh is it here?
Hosted Games

Not yet, I have only written 2500 words so far🥲

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You** (?)

Can’t continue reading chapter 2 :0

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@Lowern I know and I am sorry I will update on 23rd and correct the problems.

It’s Okayy, thanks :))

No male ro route?

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@Nurrahmany_Nurry there is one male RO he will be present in the main story Robert DCosta (Robbie). I have removed the gender customization for now because I was having problems with the startup text(programming problem).

Ah…that okay…XD…im will waiting for you story…

Next update coming up in 12hrs.
About 10k words and spelling and coding mistake corrections.
Thank You


Sorry I am having a family issue. I will try to update the as early as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.


While I deal with my problems I wanted to ask which RO are you wanting to date.

  • Monica
  • Robbie
  • Alexandra

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