Vampire's Kiss—Unleash your lust and your thirst!

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We’re proud to announce that Vampire’s Kiss, the latest in our “Heart’s Choice” line of multiple-choice interactive romance novels, is now available for iOS and Android in the “Heart’s Choice” app. You can also download it on Steam or enjoy it on our website.

It’s 33% off until October 26th!

Unleash your lust and your thirst in a battle for the soul of London! Will passion lead you back to humanity, or will you embrace the night as a vampire?

Vampire’s Kiss is a 170,000-word interactive erotic vampire novel by Dash Casey. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fuelled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

In life, you were the guardian of a priceless artifact, the Cross of Aguirre. Now you have been murdered and made a vampire; the artifact has been stolen, and you are at the center of a web of bloody conspiracies. 

Navigate a perilous web of secrets as you discover the hidden world of London after dark, staging daring heists and bloody battles across the city’s iconic landscape. As a plot centuries in the making unfolds, choose sides in the battle for control of London’s vampires, and embrace the night that has been thrust upon you…or, chase rumors of a way to restore true life to the undead, and hold out hope that you might see the sun once more. 

Your heart no longer beats, but your passion still burns. Will you share a slow dance with Marky, the rogueish vampire with dozens of piercings and a poorly hidden heart of gold? Hold each other tenderly, or fall into bed and discover all of the tricks that Marky has learned in more than a century of unlife.

Will you stalk the night alongside Kurt, a stoic vampire hunter, all muscles and chiseled face, who holds the secrets to ancient lore? He’s as dominant in the bedroom as he is on the battlefield: choose your own safeword and submit to his powerful strength; or explore his gentler side.

Does the lure of London’s mortal aristocracy draw you towards Alex? This fabulously-dressed and surprisingly courageous socialite is thirsty to learn what sex with a vampire is like – bring all of your powers of telepathy and shapeshifting to heighten your pleasure.

Or will you be dominated by the vampire queen Saffron, with her glorious red hair and brilliantly devious schemes? She’s ready for anything, from the kinkiest night of whips and fangs to the vulnerability of using no vampiric powers at all in bed.

• Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, or bi; or asexual.
• Seduce a passionate socialite; the scheming vampire queen; a cheeky vampire rogue; or a stoic hunter.
• Opt in or out of scenes involving graphic violence and blood.
• Embrace your vampiric destiny, or dream of the sunrise in a quest to transform yourself back to humanity—and bring your lover along with you.
• Solve your own murder, and take vengeance on your killer.
• Delve into your vampiric powers; transform yourself into a vicious monster, cast shapeshifting illusions as a creature of shadow, or unlock the hypnotic mysteries of the mind.
• Keep your secrets and preserve the illusion that you have died, or shock the world by revealing the existence of vampires.

In this endless night, how will you quench your thirst?

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I really enjoyed the demo for this - I’m eager to jump in! It’s quite rare that I find more than one romance interest who fits with my and my PC’s tastes, so I’m looking forward to figuring out who I’ll end up with on my first go. Congratulations on the launch @Dash and good luck! I hope you get to do something celebratory - it’s a great achievement.


@HannahPS I was thinking a sloppy pizza. :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the release! I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this one.


I really hope you do!


Now it’s on Steam… right? :sweat_smile:

Edit: It is. Just bought it.

I bought it there, so probably yes. :wink:


“Om nom nom.” - Vampire


I’m only in chapter 2 so far, but I’m loving it. Vampires are often seen as, I don’t know. Cliché? Edgy? Guess we have Twilight and TVDs to thank for that, but I’ll always appreciate a good vampire story.

Obviously it isn’t VtM, but do you mind if I ask if you took inspiration from that? I’ve been seeing more vampire fiction and games with a focus on courts, and city specific covens if you will recently, and it always makes me smile a bit thinking back to when I was a pure pre-teen being introduced to Bloodlines for the first time. Was I too young to realistically play that game? Absolutely, haha. But I can’t deny that it has played a large part in shaping how I feel about and view fiction surrounding vampires. So seeing stories that rely on a similar power structures as VtM, tend to give me that warm sense of nostalgia. And this game definitely gives that nostalgia.

But otherwise, congrats on the launch. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the story you’ve decided to tell.


@Cyphr I used to play VtM (and - I know, I’m awful, VtR, which I prefer!) a lot, as well as homebrew vampire games at university and so on. There’s no question that I got a lot of inspiration from those games in terms of court politicking etc. However, I also tried to avoid things I really didn’t like about VtM, too (the clans defining personality never quite works for me).

I also drew on classic vampire mythology, perhaps a little Anne Rice, and an old PC game called Veil of Darkness. I also love classic vampire films too: Hammer Horror, Lifeforce, and other assorted geeky/gothic references. There’s a lot of in-jokes about vampires or movies hidden away in the game, plus a lot of silly British references to cult comedies, classic horrors, and some incredibly niche shade about different parts of London.


Never apologise for liking VtR! I like VtM but I have so much fondness for VtR, having played in and then run two VtR LARPs for years back in the day… so good.

I like the sense of age that I got from the older vampires I encountered - it made them feel very real (and funny in places!).


@HannahPS Thanks! I wanted to give the older vampires a sense of age, but also play with that a little. Fergus has some of my favourite lines in the game. Just don’t make fun of his name…

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I read the demo yesterday and was sooooo glad I wasnt going to have to wait longer than 24hrs to buy it. I AM SO HOOKED ALREADY!!! :heart::heart::heart: Congrats on your release and awesome story!


Plowed through my first playthrough and I actually can’t help but think of Blood Moon, another offering by Choice of Games. Both take one of the most common supernatural creatures, play them straight, but do it so well that they feel utterly refreshing. I’ve never been particularly interested in vampires, but this game manages to capture all their most interesting aspects really well: political power struggles, eternal unlife, human intellect at war with animalistic instinct and power. The vampires feel complex and interesting without being reduced to shut ins with dietary restrictions.

My playthrough didn’t feel particularly long, but that’s not a bad thing. It felt like it proceeded at a good pace, accurate to a new vampire whose presence is the catalyst for the entire plot, and the epilogue revealed theres plenty of content I never saw in choices un-made, which makes me eager to replay. My only nit is that if you don’t pursue Alex, it feels like they drop out of the plot pretty unceremoniously, and it could have been interesting to see them still have influence in later chapters.

Well, i have one more nit, and it’s that I can’t have sex with Kurt without being a sub. His purely romantic path was very sweet and I enjoyed it, but boy do I wish I could have topped him. Ah well.

Overall a great read! Well written, not too challenging, lots of options I wanna take in future playthroughs. Congrats on the release and the excellent work!


@Igneous glad you enjoyed it! I’ll have to keep the idea of expanding the Kurt angle in the way you suggest for future updates. :wink:


Okay off to buy this now!! :heart:


How spicy is this one? I cant find the rating

@attolia It’s rated at three chili peppers. You can have some very lewd scenes if you choose to. However, no sex scene (or even romance scene) is compulsory and every action is signposted beforehand.


Spicy af. :fire:


Thanks! I’ll be sure to purchase it now