This Week from Heart's Choice: Vampire's Kiss

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Unleash your lust and your thirst in a battle for the soul of London! Will passion lead you back to humanity, or will you embrace the night as a vampire?

Vampire’s Kiss is a 170,000-word interactive erotic vampire novel by Dash Casey. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fuelled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Vampire’s Kiss releases this Thursday, October 19th. You can play the first three chapters for free today.

In life, you were the guardian of a priceless artifact, the Cross of Aguirre. Now you have been murdered and made a vampire; the artifact has been stolen, and you are at the center of a web of bloody conspiracies. 

Navigate a perilous web of secrets as you discover the hidden world of London after dark, staging daring heists and bloody battles across the city’s iconic landscape. As a plot centuries in the making unfolds, choose sides in the battle for control of London’s vampires, and embrace the night that has been thrust upon you…or, chase rumors of a way to restore true life to the undead, and hold out hope that you might see the sun once more.


Congratulations for launch week @Dash! I’m looking forward to Thursday!


Thanks! So am I. Happy to talk about it here if anyone has any questions.


Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to this one!

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Congratulations! Now we can finally get that long-awaited day and night cycle that I was anticipating. Human/robot by day, vampire by night. Keeping the Halloween trend going, this indeed sounds like something I would sink my teeth into (pun intended). Good luck to the author!


It is absolutely hilarious that my having briefly lived in London, Ohio has finally been of some use. Hopefully I get to tell (and confuse) more people than just the museum director.

Hi @Dash, congrats on the release! I do have one question. Just reading about the vampire hunter on the intro to the game (who particularly caught my interest) and it mentions him being dominant in the bedroom. If I were to play a dominant male MC like I’m planning, is it possible to dom him, or would I only be able to be the submissive partner in the sexual side of that relationship?

Hey! The vampire hunter is the only option where he expresses a preference for being dom rather than sub (although you can choose to embrace/just hang out too). You do however get to choose how you are dominated by expressing a desire for certain kinks.

The vampire queen you can choose to be dominated by her, or you can use your vampire powers to be the dom in the relationship (which power you use depends on your stats, and it gets very weird).

The other two options (where you select your partner’s gender) include both dom/sub options.


Ah okay. Thanks for letting me know!

Is this going to release on steam?

Yes. All Choice of Games and Heart’s Choice games release on Steam.


Having played the demo, it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun! It actually makes me want to pop down to London, though obviously I’d prefer a less eventual visit :laughing:

Speaking of which, I’m curious - what made you decide to set the game there? And did you have any characters you especially enjoyed writing?

Edit: Oh! and were there any edits/additions you ended up making during playtesting that you didn’t expect when you started? (If that’s too spoilery, no worries of course!)


I wanted to pick a city I knew, and a city that had notable landmarks that I could feature (and, if your character is from London, you get actual workable road directions rather than generic descriptions). London has also got a lot of amazing features for a vampire story: the Tower of London, the London Underground etc. If you are going to write a city, use that city! If I write about Werewolves in Paris, players must get to howl at the moon from the Eiffel Tower! London spoiled me for choice in that regard.

I had a blast with Marky particularly; the character kept revealing different layers and I felt so awful writing the lines where Marky suffers the negative consequences of your choices (no spoilers as to how and what that might mean). There is also another character who doesn’t appear in the first three chapters, but was delightful and got such a positive reception in beta his role was expanded. If you find him, please do pet his hedgehog.

An addition I really enjoyed but hadn’t included originally was Beans. Originally Klem’s cat was unnamed and unpettable, but a beta request to be able to know how the cat responded to the different love interests inspired a greater role: a name, a personality, multiple petting opportunities and even an epilogue just for the cat. (The name is both down to cat jellybean toes, and a Morbius - It’s More-Beans Time! - reference in the achievements.)


I mean, I was already planning to buy this game on Thursday morning, but now I’m planning to buy the heck out of this game on Thursday morning.


I just played the demo and the scene with Kurt the hunter is great- no spoilers obviously- but there’s a certain line of text which made me laugh out loud :laughing: looking forward to buying this on Thursday! :heart:

Congratulations on the release @Dash

Thanks, nice to see a big chunk of work going out into the wild!


Nice! I spotted some extras when I picked the London hometown, it was fun to see!

Oh. My. Gosh. I do not usually post memes but:



Never read the WIP but I’m intrigued by the story :heart_eyes: Congratulations on the release @Dash

sorry, one last clarifying question, is there still a romantic/sexual option with the hunter that is neither dom nor sub? or is it just dom or platonic