New Heart's Choice Game! Love Undying: A Kiss Before Dawn

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We’re proud to announce that Love Undying: A Kiss Before Dawn, the latest in our “Heart’s Choice” line of multiple-choice interactive romance novels, is now available for iOS and Android in the “Heart’s Choice” app. You can also download it on Steam, or enjoy it on our website.

It’s 33% off until May 30th!

Hunt your prey as a vampire on windswept Victorian moors! Who will capture your unbeating heart?

Love Undying: A Kiss Before Dawn is a 190,000-word interactive romance novel by Lauren O’Donoghue. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

After an angry mob forced you from your European home, you fled to England in search of a fresh start. The Cornish village of Boscawen is bleak and beautiful, quiet enough to hide in—or so it seems. Danger lurks everywhere on these clifftops, from the vampire hunter who has followed you across continents to the local coven of vampires to the suspicious local nobles. When a young village man is murdered, tensions rise even higher and allegations begin to fly: if you are not careful, you may be accused of the crime yourself.

And yet even here, you may find potential friends—or perhaps someone closer. For a century you have walked the earth alone, but now your solitude may come to an end. Who will capture your immortal heart?

Will it be your familiar, Adrian Florescu, who has attended you for years? He is slender, chestnut-haired, bespectacled, intellectual and loyal and unfailingly polite. Feeding upon someone is an intimate act—will you deepen that intimacy even further? Or perhaps silver-haired Father Alvarez, the village priest with dark determined eyes, dedicated to improving the lives of those in his care. A vampire and a priest: can such a match ever succeed? Then there is Jowanet Reed, with flaming red curls and a lush figure. She is the leader of the local coven, with more than a hundred vampires at her command. What would it feel like to submit to someone even more powerful than yourself? Or Nathalie Sylvain, bold and dangerous, small and proud, with close-cropped hair and strong arms. She is a vampire hunter whose family has pursued you for generations—will the heat of your rivalry kindle a different kind of spark?

From elegant society soirées to humble village meetings, you must navigate your new environment, choose sides in simmering feuds, and define your future. Will you try to blend in peacefully with your mortal neighbors, or conspire with your fellow vampires to overthrow the established order and rule openly as creatures of the night? Do you wish to atone for a century’s worth of vampiric deeds, or will you revel in the hunt for the rest of your long unlife? Your actions will decide whether you have found a place of safety, or merely another viper’s nest.

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, bi, or asexual.
  • Romance your devoted familiar, an altruistic priest, a powerful vampire leader, or even your sworn enemy.
  • Exercise self-restraint, or give in to your vampiric urges and go on a bloodthirsty rampage.
  • Renovate your new home, investing in a library, game room, or an occult chamber full of magical equipment.
  • Solve a murder—or try to frame one of your enemies for the crime.
  • Create new vampires to join you in eternal unlife; or spend the rest of your days trying to escape the creature that you have become.

Find passion that will last an eternity!

Since 2009, the team behind Choice of Games has created high-quality interactive novels in all genres. Now, our new Heart’s Choice label puts romance at the center of the story, and you at the center of the romance. Heart’s Choice games contain no graphics or sound effects, so we can focus on the story. Every game is filled with vivid, fully developed characters and complex narratives that respond to your choices.

How will you find your happily ever after?


Congrats go to Lauren O’Donoghue!

The demo was fun and I look forward to reading the complete game :revolving_hearts:


I’m really pleased to play this one, it looks very atmospheric and I like the take on vampires a lot!


Congrats on the new release, Lauren! Sounds like a fun, immersive story with an appealing setting. I’m looking forward to checking it out!

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Congratulations to the author! There is a lot to like about this one- from the intro, the influences from Belle de Nuit, Choice of the Vampire and others are strong with this one. Now to check out the complete thing!

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Yesssss… I’ve been waiting for this one!!! Congrats, cant wait to read it!

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Just bought it. I’ve been excited for this one!


Congratulations to the author. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was really looking forward to this game coming out.
So far, two pages in, it’s quite atmospheric and as it’s in my budget it was an instant buy.
I think I will have fun picking the romance too.
Not an easy choice sometimes.
(I often do have to angonise over it at least a little in HC.)

It feels like Heart’s Choice is growing into itself and that each author can build a bit on the games and feedback that came before.
It’s a great thing to watch this label and those who work on it (the authors) find out what works and kind of find their feet, you know?
It feels like we are getting a lot of cool games lately and that is nice when there is so much going on that can be depressing in the world.
Sometimes it’s nice to have a break and a good read.
Thanks for the title to sink my teeth into. :woman_vampire:


Oooh looks interesting. What’s the spice level on this one?

It has two peppers in the app.

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I just finished - I enjoyed it a bunch! I liked all the characters a lot, and the way there were a lot of different ways of engaging with them and their goals. And it was lovely to build friendships* with some of them as well as the main romance I picked (which was Florescu on this playthrough).

I did not achieve an… entirely successful ending, and maybe would have liked more opportunity to mitigate where I went wrong during the climactic bits, but I appreciated that it at least for me, it wasn’t all bad and I still got to make choices about how I dealt with how things were in the village after my moderate incompetence happened.

I enjoyed the tone of the game a lot; it was atmospheric and I found it quite domestic sometimes along with the violent side of things - there was a sense of having settled into vampire life over a very long time which was fun. I have a lot of fondness for Cornwall and the Westcountry generally, and it felt grounded in its location and landscape.

It’s clear that there are many other routes through the game, partly via different kinds of relationships and plot actions, but also via how the PC feels about and behaves regarding their vampiric nature. I’d definitely recommend it!

*admittedly I did have a brief affair with Alvarez as well. I was fickle :laughing:


Finished the game and I have to say I really liked it! Heart of Battle is my favorite game from Heart’s Choice and now Love Undying is right up there with it for me.

My MC pretty much got everything he wanted and got to live happily ever after with Sylvain while at the same time having the nobles, village, and even the coven loving him.…except Jowanet who wants him dead for making her own people abandon her in the name of peace…but who cares! :rofl:

I agree! Though the funny thing is, I specialized in the Tough and Occult stats and had them at 74% and 81% by the end but feel like I only used the Tough stat only once since I was able to solve everything with magic or my compassionate, honest, sensible, and control traits and stop most of the conflicts before they even started. So not really much violence in my playthrough which definately made it feel even more domestic which was nice.

Overall I really enjoyed the game and and plan to try some more playthroughs later!


I will buy

Although I’m not super in vampires I always feel compelled to play games set in the Victorian time period. Also, I dated Florescu who was a sweet and reliable RO during my route so that’s always nice.

Yeah, I usually get things to settle down with peace and non-violence for the main conflicts too. My main focus was reading and magic so I did manage to befriend the townsfolk over time too.

I liked the abbey and how we improved on it and now I really want my own giant gothic library to drink tea during rainy days.


This was a pleasure to play through!

Both the plot and romances felt well paced and I never felt at odds with the stat system. I especially enjoyed not having to commit to a particular romance early in the story, before I really got a chance to know the characters. Looking forward to revisiting this and seeing the different ways this story can go.


Congratulations on the release. I haven’t touched this before now but let’s see how it goes.

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I’m a huge fan of original Bram Stocker’s novel, so I’m very exited to play the game there you, well, basically Dracula! Planning your new life in England far away from familiar shores.Though game clearly has some other sourses of inspiration, such as Ann Rice novels.

I’m just started it, but it’s very atmospheric!


Congratulations on the release and thank you for the wonderful little game!

I enjoyed this one. It is not the lengthiest of games within COG/HG/HC world, but never once did I feel like it was too short - the pacing was well done and romance proceeded at appropriate speed. I became very invested in MC and the story, and it felt so satisfying to reach the ending where I basically achieved everything I wanted :heart_eyes:


Had a lot of fun with this one! I’ve romanced Florescu and Sylvain and I love them both. I appreciate that the spicier scenes let you either lean into or subvert the preexisting dynamics you have with their characters.


Congratulations :confetti_ball: I simply adore this book, amazing characters, phenomenal story. Sadly without steamy scenes, that doesn’t mean it was dull, I loved to read the budding romance between Florescu and MC. 10/10