Valor of the Blood Hunt (W.I.P)


It is in the story, therefore it would be morally questionable. I hope that explains things.


Ah so morally questionable because we aren’t playing a villain protagonist and we’re on the side of “good”. I’m guessing.


I like the premise of the story. A word of advice from me at this early point would be to focus on that, and not let yourself drown in overbranching from the get-go :wink:

Two (3) notes concerning the game so far:

~ after being asked about attending council and picking “don’t answer” option, we are referred
to as a man ("A wise man choosing not to answer"), which obviously comes before we get to define ourselves in that regard. A wise choice not to answer perhaps would suffice

~ while proof-reading and all will have their play at later stages, repeating “vase” in 5 consecutive sentences at the very first page is something you want to address

~ good luck


If it is what CreoleGuy519 is saying, then couldn’t there be two paths in the game with two different mc. For example there could be an introduction where you pick if you want to be a vampire (the villain massacre route, the human the completely good vampire hunter route and a half vampire, somewhere in-between the two.) Doing it that way would add some replayability to the game, though I can see why you would not want to do this.


Can i have pull plate armour and sword and shield then i will kick some vampire ass


If @Gentlemensgentleman wants it to simply be dhampirs and humans as playable characters that is his decision and we should respect that. What I can see being possible is the dhampir protagonist infiltrating the ranks of the vampires and doing possible espionage. Or being tempted by the vampires to join them in their slaughter of humanity.


@ CreoleGuy519 Theoretically, you’re on the side of “good.”

@ KJM Too late, I already am overbranching :sweat_smile:. I will correct ‘man,’ I must of missed that. I am aware of the ‘vase’ issue, it will be corrected after the story is completed when I reword the things that need to be reworded.

@ JordanQuimby That would defeat the theme of the story to play as a vampire. Another issue is the amount of words needed would be an entire new game to put that option in. If people like this, I may do a vampire game but that is in the distant future, I have other projects I’m working on that I owe people.

@ Andrew_Stapleton Yes, there will be armor, swords, shields, magical potions too. I just need to figure out how to create an inventory.


I would like to say that one of the reasons why I like the idea of playing as a vampire hunter is that, since there’s so many stories out there where the main character is a vampire or is ‘friendly’ with a vampire, it can be refreshing to go the other way and be the hunter. I loved The Strain, for example, because even though it was a terrible show it ran with the theme of horror and having the vampire hunters as the main characters.

(Although having said all that, I’m glad we can play as a dhampir if we want and can possibly have a vampire companion, too! :smile:)


My MC can’t wait to slay some vampires as a vampire-huntress!


@Gentlemensgentleman is there a vampire hierarchy in your story ? or a progenitor of the vampire species that the other vampires answer to ?


Yes, there is a vampire hierarchy and a progenitor. In my universe(CetoVerse), the vampires originate from a creature named Yam. Yam creates five vampires which eventually make up the original five vampire clans: the Ekur, the Gudea, the Kish, the Shiptu, and the Ziyatum. There should be more information in the glossary…that will be in the show stats section when I update(currently working overdrive to get it done).


Automatically starts to think of tubers & or sweet potatoes :laughing: But in all seriousness, thankyou for answering my questions as quickly as you can.


Yam: I am the one they called Yam.
MC: Pass the sweet potatoes.
(Yam turns red from pure embarrassment)
Yam: Pardon?! I am not a sweet-potato!


LATE! I have been running late with my update. I apologize for the delay, I will upload something later today. In the future, I will make sure to post a delay if one is going to happen.


We get free entertainment, you take as long as you need.

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UPDATED! I try to make sure I hit my deadlines but I have a tendency of thinking I can do more than I actually can do.


Thanks for the update, as a person that’s a sucker for lore and backstory, I appreciate the background info on the different orders. Having said that, will we be able to have rivals/ romance from different orders since it seems not all of the factions get a long ? Also will it be possible for us to choose our reason for joining the order or is that something you yourself are working on?

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Yes, there will be different rivals and romance options for each order. For example, a romance option will be Cecilia for the Sisterhood of Rome. A rival will be Claudio Magdalena who is the brother of Carlo Magdalena who was killed by a vampire in the Magdalena manor.

In terms of your other concern, I hadn’t thought too much about the reasoning behind joining an order. I may do this if the protagonist chooses a unique name. I need to give it some more thought.

Also keep in mind, I am still adding to the lore. There are a lot of gaps that need to be filled.

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I figured I should ask since people would want to know the reason why or what circumstances led them to become a vampire hunter of all things. Also are rivals separate from romance or will there be rival romance hybrids ?

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I have thought about it. According to my outline, there should be a rival romance hybrids for a few of the vampire hunting orders.