Valor of the Blood Hunt (W.I.P)

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Valor of the Blood Hunt is a vampire hunter story. A blood hunt is about to be declared. A night when vampires openly feast on the living. Rumors of the upcoming blood hunt has carved fear into the hearts of many across the world. Which town will be targeted? What city will be left in ruin? Will the children be spared? A blood hunt means decimation if not annihilation.

To prevent the blood hunt, the Seventh Council of Venice has been called. The vampire hunting orders will have their hands full as they try to figure out how to stop the coming blood hunt.

Can you rise up to the challenge and defeat the lords of the night?

-Male or Female
-12 Vampire Hunting Orders
-Currently available orders(Brothers of St. Domingo, Brothers of Bartholomew, Sisterhood of Rome[Miss only])
-Each order has specific backgrounds, specific companions, specific weapons
-Romance Options
-Currently over 50,000 words(Expected over 250,000 words)

General Romance Options

-Faustina, a happy go lucky traveler who is in pursuit of something or someone. She is an interesting character that is first encountered on the road to Budapest.

-Sebastian, a mysterious fellow that is encountered several times throughout the story. He appears and disappears several times before his name is even known.

Boss Fights

-Count Andrei Kynev

The cultured Ekur count of Wallachia known for his extravagent tastes in foreign wares, foreign food, and foreign literature. The Ekur count is a member of the Wallachia clan lead by Vlad the Impaler and his children. The Wallachia count styles himself as a man of great sophisticated tastes compared to his four siblings. Count Kynev in recent history has been known to wear a periwig and French garments. He stands out from most of his country men with his well traveled visits to Western Europe. Recently, there are suspicions that his travels are of a peculiar nature. There are whispers that Count Kynev maybe conspiring with powerful Ekur forces. His trips to Paris and Wetzlar have attracted the attention of his blood brethren in the Wallachia clan. Rumors of these travels have attracted the attention of someone important, his sire in Transylvania.

-Baroness Zora Illieva

The sadistic Ekur baroness of Bucharest that is highly skilled at the art of deception. She appears as an innocent maiden unaware of her surroundings to the naive mind. To her fellow vampires, they know this is a well planned trap to lure people into her seductive machinations. The baroness is the blood child of Count Kynev and the sister of Drobroslav, making her a member of the Wallachia clan. Baroness Illieva has built up a reputation for taking pleasure in drinking the blood of humans. It is said that she likes her prey to squirm in fear while she takes her time sucking the blood out of her victims. Unlike most of her blood brethren she sucks all of the blood out of her victims entirely to turn them into her praels. She has built up a small army of these brainless shuffling praels that follow her every command.

-Drobroslav the Leper

The steadfast Ekur warrior obedient to his sire, Count Kynev. A hideous looking vampire with blisters and boils covering his entire body. Drobroslav finds himself to be content with his undead life even though he dreams of his past life. He enjoys living in his home in Craiova and follows the call of his leige when necessary. An honorable vampire that does his best avoid drinking blood, if there is such a vampire. Drobroslav finds himself drinking beer every night trying to go to sleep, reminiscing about his deceased family from his past life as a man.

-The Grey Wolf

A great werewolf from Hungary that has been seen in the Interregnum lands. He is in search of something but no one knows what. The only thing that is known is his intense fighting with vampires which seems to be a routine habit. The Grey Wolf is a fearsome foe that can even give the vampire nobility difficulty.

The Demo:

The furthest you can go in the demo currently is by playing as Regina(Miss), Felipe, or as Maximilien. If you chose, a unique name you can select the Sisterhood of Rome(Miss), Brothers of St. Domingo, or the Brothers of Bartholomew.

The Next Update:


NOTE: Any grammar or errors, please post them below. Also, I know that the stats doesn’t show on Dashing Don. It works for me and my beta testers so I’ll look into it.


too short…to really get a grasp . I mean sure…the description is up there…and let me just say…as a proud whiner with whiny poweh…I’m dissapointed I’m not on the fangy side nom noming on the fools and nobles on this incredible night . But instead gonna be like Van Helsing with a pike…yuuuuuurk…

we’ll see where it goes though…

are these ‘Hunters’’ all only humans? and what kind of romance we talking here ?


It is short, but despite that I liked what I read. I really like the idea of playing a vampire hunter, having different backgrounds for each name, and the overall mood of gothic horror present throughout the story.

A few things –

At first I was only was able to see up to “1668, Papal States” despite choosing the name Regina – it looks like it’s because I chose the title of Mistress instead of Miss. You might want to warn that you have to choose “Miss” to see the MC’s backstory for now.

I also noticed that there’s only three female names and ten male names – will you be adding more names to balance that out?

Finally, watch out for your descriptions – it feels somewhat scattered and cluttered. (To give an example, on the first page with the merchant, it bounces from the vase, to the quiet of the shop, back to the vase, back to the quiet, and then describes the merchant.)

Looking forward to reading more. :relaxed::vampire:


I enjoyed what you had despite the short length, but I see @E_RedMark’s concern about being a vampire hunter instead of being a child of the night. I don’t think being a vampire hunter will bother me personally provided the reasoning behind it isn’t the typical “oh Vampires killed my parents now I must do everything in my power to avenge them and make sure no one else suffers what I did.”(I understand other people like this but I think it’s played out) Also can you give us background information on the different orders ? Like what’s unique about them, their history, what they do differently instead of just picking one at random without knowing what’s cool about them? Also what’s our raison d’etre to becoming Vampire Hunters as apposed to being the Predators. ( I completely understand if you’re not that far ahead since you just released this, these are just questions I have because, I’m intrigued to see where this goes.)


Thanks for pointing that out. I mentioned it in my original post, I have figure out how to fix it. I will fix it tomorrow evening, I want to add a few more vampire hunting orders when I do it.

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Thanks for your response. I will have to fix my OP and add more details. The story is name specific and title specific. If you chose a different title for Maximilien or the Brothers of Bartholomew, you get a different origin story. If you play as a master, you meet Claude. If you play as a Lord, you meet Pierre,

In the future update, if you play as a no vampire hunting order, you play as a dhampir (half human half vampire creature). Honestly, I do have a list of romance options but I haven’t put too much thought into the scenes yet.

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Yes, there are seven more female names. I have yet to fully finish putting together their vampire hunting order backgrounds. So I excluded them temporarily until I think I have enough done.

Thanks for mentioning the description, one of my beta readers mentioned it too. I will probably change something there.


Playing a vampire hunter sounds interesting.

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Are we a vampire


No, you can’t play as a vampire. However, you can play as no vampire hunting order, you play as a dhampir (half human, half vampire creature). Also, depending on which order you choose, you may have a vampire companion.


Will you put a description of the orders before we join


If we are half human half vampire would it be possible to join forces with the vampires?


So in order to be a dhampir, we can’t join a vampire hunting order ? or am I reading what you said incorrectly ?


Aren’t Dhamphirs half vampires without any weaknesses?

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@ Damean_WightFlame In game there will be a glossary, a book of vampire hunting orders, and more information listed on the show stats page. The book of vampire hunting orders gives a general description of each order. The stats page will be fixed in the next update so you will see it.

@ JordanQuimby The Ekur vampires are the primary antagonists in Valor of the Blood Hunt. It would be morally questionable if I allowed the vampire hunting protagonist to partake in the genocide of Budapest.

@ CreoleGuy519 Correct, the dhampir is stronger than the regular vampire hunters. The regular vampire hunters are dependent on companions to fight against a vampire.

@ DontJudge Yes, that’s exactly right. Therefore the most powerful choice will be a dhampir.


True, but it would be an interesting choice and would add more possible routes into the game. Though I do completely understand if you are against it. That or you could have the game start screen ask you to pick vampire half vampire or human, and depending on what you choice affects the ability to choice to join the massacre.


So if we play a dhampir we don’t get a companion and are locked into a type of lone wolf mode ? Or we do get a companion but we just don’t have to rely on them as heavily as we would being a human ?


Not quite…I was trying to wait a while before I explained this but since you asked. There are general romance options and general companions. Then there are specific romance options and specific companions that are exclusive to an order. The dhampir will have the opportunity to receive their romance options and companions after the Council of Venice. However, those options are not exclusive to the dhampir.


I reread it and am a bit confused, do you mean it would be a morally questionable choice in terms of the story or it would be morally questionable if you added it into the story?