Upcoming Games by Lucid

Yup. But think more resource management game. Although there’s a pretty cool, high-fantasy story, it’s not a book. It’s not like any other games I’ve seen yet.

It has elements of several strategy games from the past 30 years where gathering and processing resources was done. It also has a modern feel with parts similar to crafting and even idle games.

I think it’ll be a lot of fun when it’s done, and it’s almost complete. Life got hectic. I still can’t believe it was four years since my last release, meaning my other seven games were done in the first five years.

Here it is: Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (Releasing Early 2024)

I think about it too. When I was finishing school some friends and I made a MUD called Eye of the Storm. It got surprisingly popular.

I still worry that Heroes of Daria would be too big of a project to be done properly, but I still think about it. Who knows? It won’t be soon, but some of those games in my WIP folder crawl out unexpectedly and get finished. :slight_smile:


That’s a really good question.