Until Proven (WIP Update 19 February)

So, third time lucky, am I right?

An important note first:

This game’s MC is locked to a gay male character, and it will stay that way until I complete the game, at which point I will consider opening it up. This is mostly so I can hopefully finish the darn thing.

You’re just a vampire trying to live an ordinary life until one night you wake up in handcuffs with no memory of what happened. You’re not alone in this, you have your fellow clueless suspect, your lawyer, and your colleagues all there to help you figure out the truth, but is the truth really worth knowing?

Now for the most important thing, romance.


Subject to change:
The current planned ROs are Twilight, and (your) Wyrzykowski.

Demo link: https://dashingdon.com/play/shieldkris/until-proven/mygame/index.php?cb=12533

There’s not a whole lot at the moment, but I’ll hopefully be able to add more soon. I’ve been having a rather rough time lately, and I’m just writing this for a bit of fun really. It takes place in the universe of my current series, and I wanted to explore some of the characters that appear in it but either don’t have a main role, or I’ve been neglecting.

Also, Twilight’s name is not a reference or a take-that to the book/film series of the same name. I have no bad opinion of it.

Thanks for taking a look, and fingers crossed that this goes well and I don’t have a break down… again :relaxed:


This is certainly an interesting concept. I like the meshing of modern city life and ancient vampirism (with multiple types?! oooooo…) My only criticism is that character development could be a bit stronger. Namely, the MC has a whole group of friends and only Cerys (did I spell that right?) really stuck out to me. Increasing the amount of dialogue between everyone will help develop the characters more and will help establish their relationship to the MC.

Good luck! :smiley:


I wonder if this place should have a sexuality locked tag :thinking:

Sounds like an average night at the bar :blush:


Thanks! There will definitely be more character development later on, and I might go back and add some more to what’s already been uploaded. And yep, you spelled Cerys right.

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I felt the need to and I loved the first sentence after picking my name.

“His hazel eyes light up. ‘Twilight Twilight? Nice name, I like it. Not as good as Twilight, but I spent ages picking out my name. It’s a sexy vampire name, right?’”

And I spot nothing… sorry…


Okay, the demo has left me with a sense of confusion and I now feel that this bit was a little rushed. Too many questions, none of the answers, and the way events unfold and how the few npc’s react to them has a feel of “let’s just roll with it” (reminds me of the early days of Wayhaven Chronicles WIP). The MC’s options are mostly adequate, but they don’t help much with understanding of wth is going on and who are our lawyers out of the blue?
I take it that’s the desired effect? Because now that we are intrigued, we need more to go on?

Yes. Yes, it should (as I’ve already mentioned it being a problem in genderlock-related thread).

I see potential and I’m looking forward to more.

Gaylocked game! :heart_eyes:

And Twilight is super cute… :flushed:

I would say that the decision to have Xavier as an established boyfriend felt a little weird, especially since we know literally nothing about him save for his gender… :confused: (I mean, at least he wasn’t a forced RO, but still…) Also, do he and the girls know that I’m a vampire?

You do enjoy trolling NPCs, don’t you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, yes, since it’s just the beginning the idea is that information will be revealed over the course of the story. Also, I would like to point out that it was very early in the morning when I wrote this, and when I woke up I wasn’t even sure if I’d really posted it or not.

I think I can admit now that Twilight is my favourite character. He’s the most developed and fleshed out of all the ones and I mainly wrote this because he’s not around for very long in canon.

I would say that the decision to have Xavier as an established boyfriend felt a little weird, especially since we know literally nothing about him save for his gender… :confused: (I mean, at least he wasn’t a forced RO, but still…) Also, do he and the girls know that I’m a vampire?

That’s what I was thinking, so I may just take that out, and Xavier as a whole because he’s kind of superfluous. I would like to have more than two ROs, so I’ll just have to find someone to replace him. And yep, they all know you’re a vampire.

You’re going to kill him!? :anguished: Not another dead boyfriend… :disappointed:

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Not in this game, don’t worry. This is set a few years before my main story, and he’s alive in that for a little while.

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Most of what I do is for fun.

Which still means no happily ever after… :disappointed_relieved:

I won’t be too spoilery, but there’s a lot to learn about all the characters, Twilight in particular. There’s a reason he’s one of the few characters in my stories who doesn’t get a happy ending.

Gay male character
Criminal investigation
Yeah you’ve already won me over!


I’m liking it apart from the gay romance nothing wrong with it but would like to play any like gay bi or straight


I’ve added a little bit more, and most importantly, I’ve taken Xavier out because he was basically pointless. I do want to have more ROs, and I have some ideas, but I’d like to hear your suggestions on what kind of ROs you’d like to see in this game.


Oh I have few suggestions :grin: hope they can bring you some ideas.

  • The wild one. They like a dog guard. Overprotective, loyal, a person of few words, cruel in fight. They will do everything to keep the MCs safe, but they don’t know how to treat people. They have very poor social skills (they have feeling, they’re sweet inside, but they don’t know how to express), and they’ll need MCs to help them with that. I think those scenes would be so cute. Oh, and MCs have to treat them really well to boost the relationship because noone would like him.

  • The cool one. Rich (maybe), mishievous. Everything they care is thier benifit. They don’t want to involve in the MCs’ situation, but they must of course. They think the MCs are kind of annoyed, and they’ll take every chance to mock the MCs. Sometime thier mocking doens’t bring bad intension, they just like to tease the one they love. The MCs have to react to thier jokes and being little sarky.

  • The lovely one. They like little brothers/sisters to the MCs, but they don’t have to be younger than the MCs, it’s just due to thier characteristic. They are the cutiest one. They always pretend to be mature or manly, but of course they’ll fail. They like wheedling. They know when the MCs are worried (they’re shap) and they’ll do everything to make the MCs smile. The MCs have to appreciate thier endeavors, they pretend to be strong for the MCs while they’re definite not so don’t laugh at them.


Thinking about it, a good guy best friend type romance would probably be a nice romance, and I’m sure you could repurpose Xavier into this, with a better introduction scene and more story importance. :thinking:


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