Unnatural Philosophy: 1st Night (Complete Beta - All Chapters)


This is the second playtest of my original story, "Unnatural Philosophy: 1st Night"

In it, you play a crew of scoundrel students. Choose the actions of 3 different characters as they perform a heist in the gothic dark fantasy city of Doskvol. They must obtain a signet from the steampunk laboratory in a haunted tower… Or be expelled!

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/8649

This is the complete draft. It has 6 main chapters, plus an intro, epilogue, and some special flashback sequences. The action system is based on Blades in the Dark (http://bladesinthedark.com/)

And yes, I do hope to get this story published! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


There is an error in chapter 3 when you try and do the flashback to when Ashlyn finds her sister’s stash, it says there is a 404 error and then kicks you back to the start of the game

Thanks for finding the bug!

The issue was that the scene file with the flashback had upper case characters in the name. That seems to work in the editor but not with DashingDon.

I’ve re-uploaded the file renamed with all lower case. There’s actually two ways to access that flashback - I’ve checked both and ways and they now work. I also double checked the rest of the files.

You should be able to complete the story now.


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