United We Stand - Political WIP



I am member of a syndicate and a lawyer and my dad was a member of a syndicate and part of anti Franco regime. With friends that were in jail by political reasons and two were killed here in Ferrol when were on a public strike here in my city due mistreatment of workers in the naval shipbuilding.

I am far from being right wing. And fascism is one of the scourge of humanity and a shame.

However As a piece of art and a political portrayal of the messed 30s you can’t show one side without the other.
Communism VS Fascism tear Europe appart and the ideological fanatics poisoned the minds of half European nations. Turning nations like mine return to medieval and seeing how family dying by famine.

Hell if I hate fascism. That’s why I want they portrayed as they were and show how charismatic and poisoning they were and how racist and bad for women they were. Same I want portrayed the inner faults of communism in 30s.

As player I found more fun as fascist as rhe style is more fun to me. Socialists are more straightforward to my liking.

Still if NO is not part another should take over to balance the game nacionalism or conservatives. In my opinion only Communism is white out communism as good guys that’s why you play as one.
@cyanide you should not accusing people you don’t know. If you see something tell @moderators I don’t want this closed again. Please no need calling people things we are all adults


It’s not depicting it that’s the problem, it’s roleplaying it/creating a platform for people to roleplay fascists that I worry strays towards endorsement, or at the very least providing a platform, literally and metaphorically


Just to let you guys know, currently as well as my actual job, which is very busy atm, I am also doing a lot of work on my actual real life book and currently talking to different publishers, so not too much work happening with UWS right now. As i’ve said before, i’m not abandoning it by any means. Regarding the debate that has been going on about the NO path, I have read all your posts and am considering how to move forward. Thank you to @CaesarCzech in particular for the great detail!

I want to attempt to move the thread away from the issue of whether NO stays or goes for a while, if only because I feel like all the arguments have been made, so I want to pose this question:

What would you really like to see in the coming chapters? What sort of things would you like your MC to be able to do/see?

I think I can guess @poison_mara’s answer…


I will let you try… Lol I am so obvious? :wink:


I think something that would be time to explore a bit more is that separatist movement. I havent played the demo in a while so I might be wrong there but I dont remember having met anyone from the separatist region and I think getting to know more about that part of the country would be a good idea before we start going into bigger politicking.

I also think we should see consequences for the scene where we have to take actions against the opposite groups. We did have the option to assasinate someone so I think that those should determine the general political climate, so the more we’ve escalated things the more violent the opposition will be and how tense things are in general going from mild confrontation, to street fights, to actual politically motivated murders.



I personally would like to create a more grassroot orginisation for the party, so if we were to pull the country into a civil war (Like it happen in Spain) then we would have a more populist revolution that would hopefully be more powerful that the socialist side.


I can understand that but in the same vein, you can kill people in most video games. That doesn’t mean the developer endorses murder even though you can rp it that way.


No sane person thinks that murder is okay. On the other hand, an uncomfortable number of people do think that fascism is okay, and even a positive, which is part of where I think @AlexClifford1994’s hesitation on the issue comes from.

As for what I’d like to see included in the game

I’ll second this. I’m not sure what role you plan for them to play in the coming civil war, but I think there’s an interesting dilemma to be had if they were to offer their support to either side in exchange for drastically increased autonomy/self-rule, or even make a bid for independence in the chaos (though that might distract a bit too much from the main plot).


I agree with the idea that the separatists could be interesting to explore, and your political experiences with them. Solidarity in particular could face an important debate. Do they make an alliance with the separatists that might lose them support in the rest of country? How far do they go? What ever right wing path we have I feel would naturally have a more adversarial relationship with the separatists as nationalism is a core part of both fascism and conservatives. Another possibility is maybe some encounters with the Queen, if she is to become relevant later on. Maybe also some more interactions with the main characters of the other side. Solidarity only has some scenes at the Ball and FO had one additional scene with the best friend of the Solidarity PC.


You might be surprised by how close separatism and nationalism can be. I myself live in quebec where the great majority of the separatist movement have lost most of its legitimate leftist stance and is now mostly just populist nationalism. Fascists making deals with the separatists is very possible since seem to have the same base cultural heritage and so have much closer ties than separatist groups usually have, unlike other separatist movement where the basis for the want for separation mostly come from radical religious, cultural and linguistic differences. That means that a fascist player could easily see letting them getting autonomy as an easy way to get die hard supporters in a zone that could have been opposed to them without losing much since they would have a solid relatonship with the new government.



Good luck in getting everything worked out for your book project. Publishing is as much of a cut-throat world as game publishing from what I hear.

Personally, I think the game’s next phase should show a bit more of how the MC’s life is day-to-day. Show how every day life goes about its business and show the quality of life glimpses that make this particular moment in time what it is, outside of the politics.

The reader was just on a bit of a roller-coaster ride and no doubt a bit of an emotional and physical breather would provide the opportunity to allow the reader the chance to reflect on the world around them and just how it will be different going forward.

One of the issues in a lot of recent projects that I’ve noticed is pace. Going from one major crisis to the next wears the reader down.

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I would like to see the inside world of actress Lou , to understand what sort of difficulty for an actress like she face during that era, Lou seems to abuse drug if i am not mistaken … so i am wondering whether the MC could help her to stop it? I don’t want her to end up dead one day … and what possible future hold between Lou and Solidarity MC ? Will Lou stay after the filming end ? Or can the MC leave everything and follow her back to America?
Is it even a possibility for long distance relationship with Lou? I would think the romance with Lou is very intriguing :slight_smile:


What I want is could define better my character real life and make her more real and established some mayor flaw in our personality a reson to ended in both of groups. Seen the darkest side of the time and how corruption and highly powers screwed rhe poor that theory swearing protect.

One of mayor shocks I hae reading about 30s story is the existence of some clubs when the rich go eat will poor famine people observe the one that maintaining more time without eating will win money or a job that for all rich there was mere pocket money.

My grandma here in Spain remembered how people had come in her childhood in post civil war come to buy children to poor famines villages. Even Nowadays historians hasn’t found all those kids. Thankfully many due DNA known were they really come from after being stolen.

I know is a game and should be fun. But for me Showing how shit 30’s and 40’s were is key to not repeating history.

That and contrast the poverty with Queen and high nobility and parties.

About separatist groups I think that should be left more for the finale of game .



For some perspective on how other games are dealing with political themes, I’d recommend checking out this game called Atomic Society.


I’d love to see the MC slowly gaining influence on their party.


I’d like to see some more exploration of the MC’s background and how it may have influenced their entry into leftist politics. Did they grow up in the city, the countryside? Perhaps Anhaltian? What sort of educational background do they have, and if they are a university graduate then what did they study? Is their religious background Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, atheist, or perhaps even Muslim? (Moravia used to border what was Austro-Hungary IIRC, which had a sizeable Islamic minority)


I would like to play a socialdemocrat or a liberal, Centrist or Conservative etc. Being on the side of democracy for a change, trying to survive the age of political extremes.


You can. You just have to make the deal with the representative of either the liberals or conservatives. Solidarity is also not necessarily anti democratic and actively fight against soviet authoritarian communists trying to hijack the movement.


Adding onto my suggestion of delving more into educational background, I’ve always headcanoned my Solidarity MC to have studied chemistry before entering politics. In real life, quite a few renowned politicians possessed science degrees, such as Margaret Thatcher (chemistry) Angela Merkel (chemistry and physics), or Ameenah Gurib (also chemistry!).

Just some flavor that I thought would be nice.


also, on the New Order thing:

I’m a gay queer man, a socialist, and I have no tolerance for Nazis. That said, I love both paths on this storygame. If you really don’t feel comfortable with the fascist path, then feel free to drop it.

Regardless, I’ll still support this WIP.


Simply put, I am loving this game! Though I don’t subscribe to any particular political philosophy but still it’s quite interesting to act in the game like I am a fascist or a communist. Please keep working on this WiP​:heart: I am desperately waiting for the end result!:raised_hands: