United We Stand - Political WIP

Ooh! And more interactions with Herta if she’s still a character. (Specifically of the punching variety.)

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I second it, she does seems scornfully charming!

You are not necessarily wrong but I’ve made my argument against having the Conservative enablers of Fascism take over the center stage from the out and out Fascists while keeping Solidarity, it is that it would portray the Fascist enabling conservatives of the 1930’s as a beleaguered yet “reasonable” centrist bulwark of some sort.
The only way you can talk about European Conservatives in the 1930’s is if you have the opposing side be the 1930’s Social Democrats. But then Alex would have to change the entire game around to the “Center cannot hold” or something like that. Portraying the faults in decades of arch-conservative and regressive policy in many European nations that created the fertile ground for Fascism and Communism alike to flourish while on the opposite side those Social Democrats with a modicum of power far too often favoured a negative peace over potentially disruptive potential for positive change…until it was far too late and the writing was already on the wall.

For all the faults of pre-war social democracy, it was then, as now, conservatism as a social and political force that was far more out of control and did much more to create the fertile grounds for the flourishing of alternative ideologies of which Communism and Fascism merely turned out the most successful. Even this was by no means a given and there were dozens of competing alternatives to Communism and Fascism, some of which might have been better, some might be even worse, though it is hard to conceive of the latter, I’ll admit.

Poison Queen Mara de Jade? Am I close. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Except restraint is the wrong tactic to use against Fascists, and there are the strategic risks of them gaining the upper hand if you always let them choose how and when to escalate.

“Every man a King”, eh? Makes me think of perhaps the most prominent American populist before mr. Trump Huey Long. For Moravia, which has an actual monarchy my mc, if going that sort of populist route would add “but no Kings to rule over any man”. :wink:
Thing to remember is that most populists are ultimately in it for themselves, not the good of the nation, however much they might talk about it. If it didn’t take so much “slumming” with unwashed masses Mara might like a more pure populism to “Make Moravia Great again”.

Indeed, separatist movements can have virtually any ideological stance, if the Anhaltian leadership in particular leans more towards the arch-conservative an alliance with New Order would be more likely then one with Solidarity.

If there is to be a populist route and my mc takes it, that would be one of his favourite lines of attack on the system and the monarchy. Nothing to incite a starving mob like reading out last night’s gilded royal court menu out loud to them after all.

See, my mc is bright, but the background for the poor character has already been somewhat more established in some brief throwaway lines, they became a domestic servant to a wealthy family at 13 and held various odd and little succesful jobs from there on out.

Misses Merkel’s Ostrich politics would hardly be winner in the 1930’s. I would argue they are not and have never been winner now either and have kept Germany far more stagnant than it ought to have been, but that’s beside the point here.

While I agree with the sentiment, I, of course, don’t agree with your particular choice of character. If we go more into the personal lives of our characters then I don’t know if my mc has much of one outside of politics as being a gay man from the wrong side of town in the 1930’s was in one word crap. The only ray of sunshine in my mc’s personal life at the moment would be a certain cute Frenchman, who he’d never have met if not for his political involvement. So, in spite of very much resisting being labeled as a politician, my mc would be mostly married to his current job and “chosen” profession and really not have much of a life outside of it, mainly because his life outside of it used to be shit and he’s busy trying to move on from it and save up for university as a contingency plan.

It would obviously be different for the non-gay and the middle and upper-class backgrounds who might gravitate more to what we might today call a healthy work-life balance. But, really, much of my mc’s life before politics was working to survive and being tired and hungry most of the time, a sad reality of the European working classes of the time. As a result, I don’t think my mc has (m)any active and exciting hobbies to write home about, except for maybe reading, which is personal and quiet and rather boring to talk about in his personal life. Though Franz might have dragged him into the cult of fitness.


Well, that’s why I said delving more into educational background, with one of the options obviously being a lack thereof. The middle class background had the MC as a lawyer who went to university. I only mentioned Merkel because she studied chemistry in university, not as an example of her politics.

My original comment was actually about punching Herta, but I edited it. I’ll re-edit to make my intentions more clear.


You know, something I always wondered was if Franz is Jewish or of Jewish heritage. Schneider is a very common Ashkenazic surname after all.


I hope this isn’t too off topic but if it is let me know and I’ll fix it, but @AlexClifford1994, I just want to ask,

do you have any advice for someone making a political fiction game like this one.


yeah, I just would like the party to be more grassroots for reasons I unsure of, and it being more populist just seems to mesh well, it would also be my most comfortable path within this game. and by comfortable I mean "they’re not that great, but they’re not ridiculously bad

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I know it’s a bit late to be weighing in on the issue but I’m glad that you aren’t continuing the path if you don’t personally want to. I know I’ll be disappointed to see it go, but sometimes it has to be done.

In terms of what you can or should do, I think the removal of New Order leaves quite the empty space in the game. Playing as the National Bloc isn’t much really the same as you can’t quite achieve the same radical change on the “right” side anymore. If you want to keep it countiuning I would just try to maintain the feeling of radical change and the ability of the player to feel like they are affecting the politics of the age.


I found an mistake in the demo, so its probably been fixed, but here you go anyhow.

as a female fascist mp, who accepted the national blocs goal of stopping the sp’s admentment but then changed my mind, it say the page after wards double overs itself

I would say that the most important thing when writing political fiction is the characters - make likeable and despicable characters, otherwise the wheeling and dealing will just seem meaningless. Also, there has to be principles and problems to solve, more than just the pure pursuit of power. As you can tell from this, I’ve also tried to include a wide variety of activities to keep the reader interested and a varied cast. In my opinion the best political drama which serves in some ways as inspiration for this game is the Danish political TV series Borgen, which is great. Also British House of Cards for the more nefarious side of things (haven’t seen the US version).

And before I forget, elections! They are the most thrilling part of any political drama imo and you’ve got to do them right and make them exciting.


thank you that is very helpful.

I just found something sadly hilarious.

Mein Kampf is still sold With historical context anotations, in Germany, and here we are on English language forum saying that The Disclosure that This isnt in any way to intended to support the horrific Fascist ideology is not enought.

I personally would like to read Mein Kamph not because I’m a Nazi but because I sorta would like to see what went through Hitler’s head while he was writing it.


I own a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion for much the same reason. It’s fucking bonkers. And the people who think that it’s real…


if you look it look it up, you can read the beginning of Mein Kamph on amazon, and the only reason I know that is because I had to look up what the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was, and it was on the related list.

I just read the description of protocols of the elder Zion and I’m baffled that people could believe theater stuff

I have a PDF file with it on my flash drive from one of my old high school friends.

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Hell at one point it was available as an audio cd book on amazon, dsadly out of stock now though. But it’s good I think to look at works like that, IDK but it definitely opens your mind I think. Arg, not explaining myself well :frowning: . But for an actual example for A level philosophy I looked at Plato’s republic, and it made me confused as to why he’s so revered when his views are pretty nasty tbh. At least that’s what I got from it, the language makes for some heavy reading xd. I’m trying to listen to Niche’s beyond good and evil, but that’s a very heavy listen too.


@AlexClifford1994 Hi there! I am really enjoying your game, which I started today based on recommendations. :slight_smile: However, it ends for me RIGHT at what seems to be the start of some sexy times…so I have no closure with RO’s or the story as a whole. What am i doing wrong? Now I am invested, hahaha! Here are screen shots of where it ends for me…with FRANZ and HARRY romances (are they just bugged?) Anyway, any help is appreciated…if I need to purchase the rest of the game, I am down - but I dont see it in the playstore…thanks!



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The game is still currently a work in progress. You’ve reached the end of the available content.


Ok. I usually wouldve assumed that, but based on the recommendations I had - those folks had gotten much further in the story, hence my confusion. Thanks for the reply