United We Stand - Political WIP


I’m sorry that the answer was as depressingly simple as the game isn’t finished! Hope you enjoyed what you played! By the new year, everything with my irl book will be sorted and I can begin to focus on UWS again in earnest…


Hey, I just wanted to say that I loved the Solidarity route so far (have not played the fascist one, and will not)

I really like that you included a kind of “stalinism vs trotskyism” theme, with the option to choose classical marxist-leninist strategies like “peoples front” where Solidarity joins forces with other anti-fascist parties or the trotskyist “workers united front”. I’d love to see this expanded on.

Looking forward to new stuff :slight_smile:


So is the NO path still going to be removed? And if so what path is being added?


Read post 1495 and the next few posts after that.


If you feel like it, read the early translations. That’s the closest one to what Hitler wrote. In my opinion, it is but a pile of garbage, political garbage even if interesting.
Here’s one:


It would be best to avoid bringing up old debates and conversations about such matters. This thread has been closed enough times over real world political arguments. I’d try to talk more about the game, not real life.


I think that an option to make Solidarity closer to Moscow and get funding, or military support when it comes to that would be an interesting route for the game. To ditch the whole democratic socialist thing and go full Marxist-Leninist, having the vanguard party spearhead the revolution. Especially if there could be a hidden faction (like people secretly still loyal to Moscow), or a possible faction to be spearheaded by the MC in a power struggle against Rosa Wulf’s more moderate wing.


Mm. By the time you could pull off a revolutionary general strike, you’d also be able to get elected with a constitutional majority and eliminate democracy that way.


Out of curiosity, which philosopher does Solidarity’s prime influence come from? I get heavy Luxemburg from Wulf, and given their shared name, I’m wondering if that was what you were going for?


Solidarity is stated to be a socialist but democratic party, opposing the dictatorship model used in the USSR. They are not anti-democratic; that’s part of the point of the anti-fascist coalition.


Possibly. On the other hand, as has been brought up, various socialist movements have somewhat unconventional definitions of democracy. And while Solidarity is playing the electoral game, they’re also engaged directly in street-fighting politics.


Can there be an option to take no one to the ? I have no interest in romance.


I’d say the name Solidarity may be to alude to the Polish trade union Solidarność which fought to reinstall liberal capitalist multi-party democracy in Poland as opposed to socialism (at a time of military government because of Jaruzelski’s military takeover in order to stabilise Poland). This could already be a hint of Solidarity’s more liberal tendencies, within socialism. It definitely seems to have some early Luxemburgist influence (at the end of her life she eventually came to terms with the October Revolution), some influence from Kautsky, Bordiga and given to Wulf’s falling out from Moscow upon Lenin’s death and Stalin’s election as Secretary General, it would be plausible to think of her as a Trotskyist, specially with the OGPU attempting to kill her. I’d say Solidarity most probably rejects Leninist vanguardism, Marxist-Leninist interpretation of proletarian dictatorship or the concept outright, Stalin’s 5 year plans and his ending to the NEP, revolutionary terror as a way to secure the proletariat’s claim to power, economic planning from the party bureaucracy (preferring just worker councils or soviets cooperating between them, and not the Soviet system of setting goals and planning by the Gosplan) and just Stalin in general. Rosa Wulf’s ideals are definitely in line with the same ones that led to the Krondstadt rebellion.


Possibly, but I sound a note of caution when going too far with that interpretation. Trotskyists are against electoral politics and especially against coalition politics (I say “especially” because a lot of people get confused when Trotskyists talk about united fronts - they’re not talking about electoral coalitions, they’re in fact using a vanguard-party maneuver). Wulf is running for office.


Trotskyist United Front can actually mean electoral coalition too, if it’s to prepare a revolution. It happened in Germany in 1922, the KPD joined a coalition with SPD in 2 regions and started to arm workers.
Is Rosa not opposed to the Solidarity x Social Democrats alliance and will only do it if you convince her?

Trotskyists don’t use elections to try to come to power in parliament, because parliamentary democracy is not the kind of democracy they want (council democracy). But they don’t oppose using parliament and elections to defend workers rights and any social reforms. Solidarity may be in parliament, but it still seems like a revolutionary party to me, at least if the player wants it. Maybe not so much if you go the people’s front way and defend parliamentary democracy against the fascists together with social democrats etc…

I would compare Solidarity with POUM, the spanish not-quite-trotskyist party.


True. However, Trotskyists, anarchists, Left Communists, libertarian communists… (basically non-Marxist-Leninists) generally cooperated with each other against pro-USSR factions. Rosa might not be a strict Trotskyist but Trotskyists are a varied group. Some do like to participate in bourgeois politics, but so do the Marxist-Leninists. However, I would see Wulf cooperating with Trotskyists (maybe even dabbling with it, or in the past) like in Spain, with the anarchist-Trotskyist alliance during the Civil War.

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How has the author been doing? I haven’t seen a message back from them in a while.


I just want to say that I just made my account 3 minutes ago,just for the sole purpose of telling you that this is one of the best text game I have played in my whole life. And trust me,I have played a lot. Your game simply has everything,the speeches,the fights,the meetings,the elections,the voting,everything. I was electrified the whole time I was playing this and played this again 3 times.
I just have one slight suggestion to make. Would it be good if you included Moravia’s stance on International issues? It’s the 1930s so there is no UN,but there can be a League of Nations,I suppose? It would be cool to determine Moravia’s stance on international issues or its response to wars…
Either way,I simply want to tell you that this game is awesome and I,along with the plenty of people who have posted their opinions above,would simply love it if you would continue this game. The amount of work and energy you have put in this is blatantly visible. Once again,this game is really good. Please continue the work.


That is soo persuasive and powerful! I agree, it’s a excellent game. The toils are all visible in the writing and the plotline!