Unfollowing single threads?

Hi, I am probably missing something TOTALLY obvious here…but is there a way to dismiss and unfollow single threads? I can only figure out how to do it to everything in my “unread” section all at once, and even when I try to get around it by reading all of the threads that I DONT want to unfollow, buy the time I get through them other things I dont want to unfollow are updated and i have to start over. I am CLEARLY going about this the wrong way…

To unfollow a single thread, you can change the tracking type to Normal or Muted (option at the bottom of the thread)


Also, if I read any topic I am automatically following it…even if it immediately ends up being of no interest. Can I screw with my settings or notifications in order to choose which threads to follow?

Thank you so much!

You can go to Settings -> Notifications, and there are a few options with drop down menus. The second is “Automatically track topics I enter”, and by default I think it’s set to a few minutes, but you can set it to “never”.


Aaand that answers my other question thanks again!

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