Getting notifications from threads I never entered?

The last couple days whenever I check notifications I have a bunch of updates from wip’s that are tagged as ‘watching’ even if I’ve never looked at them before and it’s getting pretty irritating going through each one to rectify this every time I visit and was wondering if anyone may know what I could’ve done to cause this myself or if it’s just some strange occurrence

I just took a look at your notification settings, and this is why you’re getting updates from WIPs:

Because you have the entire WIP category listed under “Watching” you will be notified of all threads that appear in the WIP category, even if you never entered them. To change this, you can either go to the notification settings in your account as pictured above, or you can go to the individual category and change things there, as below:


That’s strange lol I don’t know how I would’ve done that but thanks I appreciate it :grin::+1:t3: