Undercover Speed Dating (with Wolves) - FREE VISUAL NOVEL

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Hello! I present you with Undercover Speed Dating (with Wolves)! A four hour long branching story coming out in a few months, on steam, FOR FREE.

I made this game because it’s very topical. There has been a lot of Undercover Speed Dating going on on the news.

Also, your romantic dating options are… wolves. Man-eating wolves.

This is a game packed with raw meat, wolf puns, insightful philosophy and good moral values. Seriously.

I spent about a year writing it and drawing the animations with a friend. Really really excited to finally get it out there soon. Please wishlist if you’re interested! We’d appreciate it a ton!

The Steam Page



The art style is so cool, I am very curious about this game. Wishlisted! I can’t wait to try it :grin:

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Appreciate it!

This looks and sounds amazing!

Is the planned release date still October, like it says on the steam page?

Can’t wait to check out it, in any case. :slight_smile:

No sorry it’s moved back. We’re aiming for December now. Life got very busy :slight_smile:

Appreciate it a lot! We’re hoping for kind of a silly game that has a surprising amount of depth in the story.

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