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Hello! I present you with Undercover Speed Dating (with Wolves)! A four hour long branching story coming out in a few months, on steam, FOR FREE.

I made this game because it’s very topical. There has been a lot of Undercover Speed Dating going on on the news.

Also, your romantic dating options are… wolves. Man-eating wolves.

This is a game packed with raw meat, wolf puns, insightful philosophy and good moral values. Seriously.

I spent about a year writing it and drawing the animations with a friend. Really really excited to finally get it out there soon. Please wishlist if you’re interested! We’d appreciate it a ton!

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The art style is so cool, I am very curious about this game. Wishlisted! I can’t wait to try it :grin:

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Appreciate it!

This looks and sounds amazing!

Is the planned release date still October, like it says on the steam page?

Can’t wait to check out it, in any case. :slight_smile:

No sorry it’s moved back. We’re aiming for December now. Life got very busy :slight_smile:

Appreciate it a lot! We’re hoping for kind of a silly game that has a surprising amount of depth in the story.

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After a bunch of work, I added a super flexible dialogue system to my game. My game is about going speed dating with man-eating wolves and trying to survive.

Now, instead of choosing the right response to avoid being eaten, you can say absolutely anything. The game will interpret what you said. Conversations suddenly become much more of a game - rather than selecting the best of 3 choices, like a multiple choice test, you are able to craft creative responses to solve situations how you see fit. Still haven’t updated the steam page with new screenshots though.

Link to the Steam page

I think the biggest difference between this and many similar systems (Ie, “Don’t Make Love” or something similar) is there is a touch of AI in my game. 99% of the game is still handwritten but I think that AI in small doses can allow greater player creativity without sacrificing the structure and quality of the story.

How do people feel about this? I know AI is sort of a complex topic in game dev, but again I still wrote 99% of the game and use AI mostly as a behind the scenes system. Let me know your thoughts! To me I would love playing this kind of game, which is why I’m making it.

I think if you are going to use AI anywhere, using it as basically a chatbot is the best possible use of it at the moment. Sounding vaguely human is basically all LLMs are good for at the moment, despite the hype surrounding them.


Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to go speed dating behind enemy lines, while making an unconscionable amount of wolf puns? Never once considered anything like that? Do most people not think about stuff like that?

Welcome to the first ever survival game about small talk, where you’ll literally live or die by your own words. Navigate a darkly comedic world full of tragic, man-eating wolves using nothing but your own voice to push the action forwards.

This game uses a unique artificial intelligence system to let you improvise your way through a carefully handwritten story.

You play as Arnold, one of only a few humans left after the gruesome wolf invasion. Your mission? To infiltrate wolf speed dating, make wolf small talk and rescue the human they’ve got trapped in the kitchen before any wolves discover your true identity!

Throw us a wishlist if you’re interested!

(Undercover Speed Dating (with Wolves) on Steam)