UNDERCOVER: Omega (WIP) - Updated on 11/5/21

I just played the demo and I really liked it.
I like the omegaverse and am really looking forward to the update.

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I saw the title a few times in passing and thought for sure Omega was just a code word. Even giggled a bit every time I saw it. Finally got around to checking the post out and did a double take when it was an omegaverse fic lmao. I’ve never seen one before! As a trans man, omegaverse had been my favourite trope to play with as a teen. Will be checking the demo out xD

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When I first saw the word omega paired with the gender locked male tag, my first thought was, “oh fuck who let this trope escape from the shackles of BL comics/fanfics?” :joy:

Too short to tell anything yet but it’s pretty interesting so far! I like being thrown face first into crisis but the villain’s dialogues sound kinda corny to me lol is that intentional?

Anyways, I suggest you flesh out the first chapter before writing the second one because it’s so short that it feels like the second part of the prologue instead. Good luck with your WIP!


Thank you so much for the feedback!

Uaaahh!! (>w<) I’m still new to writing. I’m very sorry if their dialogue came off as corny.

Chapter one is still incomplete, that’s why the one in the demo is very short.


Good News - (Just a little status update.)

Hello, everyone! I’ve got some good news for all of you.

I finally made some progress on the revamp after a whole week of busyness. It’s not much, but it’s definitely going somewhere. Chapter One is now on 2.5k words, which is more or less half of the number of words I’m aiming for the whole chapter.

Here's a little sneak peek, which I'm putting under the cut.

It’s okay. I can do this.

It’s not like the man can do anything to me in an elevator that is full of people. Right?

After taking a deep breath, I work up my courage and turn to look back at the man who has now turned his face away. Funny how he decides to look away from me this time.

Muttering apologies to people as I try to pass them and avoiding different feet within this tight space, I finally reach the man. Though he doesn’t seem to register my presence, or maybe he’s just acting like he doesn’t notice me since he’s just standing and looking at the side.

I fake a cough, making him turn in my direction with a sheepish look on his face. So I am right with him just acting.

“You probably noticed me staring at you, huh?” He asked, making me nod in response.

“Yes, and I would have ignored it if you just looked the other way instead of smiling. More than that, you just acted like you didn’t notice me when I started approaching you.”

Thank you for reading, and stay safe! (^o^)


Are there no female RO’s?

well your MC is a male, and the game has male pregnancies, so I guess it’s safe to assume it’s gonna be exclusively m/m romance?

I’m sorry for the late reply. I read this comment two days ago, but I can’t reply since I used my tablet and not my laptop.

To answer your question, no, there won’t be any female ROs in the game.

I’m still debating on the idea, but I will probably add female ROs in books 2 and 3.

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